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Do You Want To Add Different Wrap Dress Types To Your Closet? (9+ Ideas For You)

Do you want to make your silhouette appear slender? Go for a wrap dress. It makes the waist area look thinner and enhances your bust.

So, it’s a great choice for many body types, especially the pear and apple shapes.

Wrap dresses are also versatile based on the neckline, hemline, sleeves, and overall style. Further, the tailoring of different fabrics imparts a different structure to the outfits.

It can be flowy and flirtatious, and it can even be the piece with the most structured tailoring. 

So, from the cool and casual street style to the black-tie evenings, you have an outfit for every occasion and style.

Let’s explore the types of wrap dresses you can add to your dress this season. 

Different Wrap Dress Styles For You 

It was 1972 when Diane von Furstenberg came up with the first wrap dress for women. It was the outfit that women could wear to work. With time, this outfit further became a symbol of women’s liberation. 

This outfit evolved in the 1990s and today, every woman has a piece designed after this style in the closet. From Kate Middleton to Oprah Winfrey, many big names have further made this outfit in vogue.

As the name suggests, a wrap dress comes with a wrapped design at the front. Usually, the right side wraps over the left side of the outfit and gets secured with a closure. In some cases, you will also have a drawstring fastening to secure the wrap at the back.

Thanks to the designers and women who love to dress to impress, we have a vivid range of wrap dresses. Here are the best ones if you want to strike a balance between the evergreen style and the latest trends. 

White Wrap Dress

A wrap dress in pristine white can be an elegant outfit for you on different occasions. It can be your bridal outfit as well when done with some plush and flowy fabric like satin and sheer. 

Further, this can be your go-to outfit for any evening soiree, black-tie invitations, and other haute occasions. You can even wear it to your workplace if you want something bold and elegant.

Team this outfit with a pair of high heels and minimal accessories to complete your look. 

Wrap Dress Midi

Do you want to take the tried and tested route with your wrap dress? Go for a midi length. As the hemline falls down the knee line and above the ankle, you have the perfect style for plenty of occasions.

A midi-style wrap dress is the best for formal occasions. You have that style element intact without drawing too much attention to your outfit.

Also, because of the length, you have the ease of movement in midi-length wrap dresses. Team your outfit with a pair of wedges or espadrilles to put your best foot forward. 

Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

Do you want a wrap dress that’s transitional? You can add a long-sleeved wrap outfit to your closet.

A wrap dress with long sleeves will be the most flattering choice if you have broad shoulders and you want to make them appear narrower.

If you want to go for a vintage style, go for a long-sleeved wrap outfit with accordion pleats. 

Accessorize these outfits with heeled pumps or ballerinas and minimal accessories to make a style statement.  

Velvet Wrap Dress

If you need a wrapped outfit for special occasions, you can get one in velvet. The natural texture of the fabric will add a distinct finish and sheen to the outfits.

Further, you can be as bold as you want with the depth of the neckline.

A slide slit on this velvety outfit will further help you to amp up the glamor quotient. Outfits made of velvet have a regal charm, and you cannot wear them for casual occasions.

These outfits also have something nostalgic and old-worldly about these outfits. So, don’t forget to wear a statement diamond or pearl jewelry set to complete your look. 

Floral Wrap Dress

The beauty of wrap outfits lies in how you can wear them for many occasions and how they offer you the most versatile styling options.

So, if you need a piece for your casual hangout and you have a penchant for boho fashion, go for a floral wrap outfit.

Team your floral dress with a pair of espadrilles or casual sneakers and a cowgirl hat to step out in style. 

Green Wrap Dress

You will find a green wrap dress in different shades and for various occasions. For example, if you are wearing a wrap outfit with pleats and in a vintage style, the olive green shade will be great.

However, if you are picking a shade of green for the wrap outfit you will wear for a disco night, you can go for a neon shade.

Team your dress with a pair of wedge heels, ballerinas, or peep-toe shoes to put your best foot forward. 

Summer Wrap Dress 

Do you want to make your summer fashion refreshing? Go for a wrap dress with floral or dotted prints. 

Choose lighter shades for the outfits if you are picking them for summer. Also, make sure that your outfit is made of cotton or other breathable fabrics. 

Boat Neck Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses usually have a V-neck. However, if you want to give your outfits a modern twist, you can go for a boat neck style.

Further, you can accessorize the boat neck style with a bow or a tie-up design to impart a vintage charm to the outfit.

Boat neck outfits need minimal accessorizing, and you can team them with a pair of ballerinas for different occasions. 

Short And Flirty Wrap Dresses

Do you want to keep it flirty and sexy? Go for a wrap outfit with a height above your knees. Especially if you have a slender waist area, this outfit can be a great choice to flatter your figure.

Maxi Wrap Dress With A High Slit 

It’s time to flaunt your legs and make a bold style statement. As you wear a midi or maxi wrap outfit, go for a high slit and take the route of risque fashion.

Team your outfit with a pair of heels and stilettos to garner accolades. 

Final Words 

So, a wrap dress is going to be the choice of outfit in your closet this season. This outfit helps you stay comfortable and flaunt a stylish look. Also, you can wear them for various occasions. 

Pick any of the styles I have discussed here, or do you have any other design in mind? Don’t forget to share!

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