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6 Ways to Work out and Still Look and Feel as Fresh as Ever

One of the biggest challenges that we face when we work out is that we can’t seem to stay fresh. Most of us look disheveled, our clothes sweatstained and ill-fitting. When we decide to use makeup, it ends up smearing our faces and makes us look like a sad parody of a clown.

Whether you are working out at home or in the gym, looking fresh is always ideal. But don’t worry, there are ways you can work out and still look great. There is an art to working out and still look good.

Here are 6 ways to work out and still look and feel as fresh as ever:

1. Wear comfortable and form-fitting workout clothes

When you work out, wear clothes that are not only comfortable but form-fitting as well. Your workout outfit should show your style, but not at the cost of your comfort or mobility.

When choosing a color theme for your outfits, you should use more neutral colors such as mauve, tan, pink, or flesh. Your outfits should be lightweight and durable. These outfits can come in the form of hoodies, yoga pants, windbreakers, and even sweaters.

You can choose to use any form of apparel, just as long as they are not bulky or tight. Your clothes should accentuate your form. Stay away from loose shirts or sweaters, because they make you look frumpy and disheveled. Overall, the key to finding the right workout outfit is balance. It must be form-fitting enough to show off your figure, and comfortable to move around in.

2. Use the right makeup


Although some people choose to forgo make-up during workouts, this does not mean that you have to give it up as well. You just need to choose the right makeup. When choosing makeup, use oil-free alternatives. You can also use waterproof silicon-based mascara, BB cream, and lightweight foundation. The important thing to remember when using makeup is that they don’t cake up and close in your pores. These can lead to blemishes in the long run.

When you choose a lipstick to use, it should match your skin tone and the shape of your lips. But most of all, it is important that you know how lipstick is made. This is because the skin of the lips is easily irritated. It can be dangerous to use lipsticks that are not up to industry standards. So before you choose any type of lipstick, you should do your research and know the components in all the products.

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3. Take a shower before workouts

Before workouts, it is always a good idea to take a shower. It allows you to wash off the grime and oil that your body has accumulated during the day. This is especially important if you go to a public gym because the scent of an unwashed body can be very unpleasant for other gym-goers.

Never use unwashed clothes because they can become a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to body odor. But aside from being a nuisance to gym-goers, not practicing good hygiene will make your workouts very uncomfortable. So make it a habit to take a shower before and after your workouts.

4. Stay hydrated

It always pays to stay hydrated during workouts. We sweat a lot during workouts. And if you don’t stay hydrated, your skin and overall health will suffer.

Remember that staying hydrated helps maintain your skin’s elasticity and keep it moisturized. Consistently hydrating also helps prevent wrinkles from forming, and rid your skin of toxins that contribute to acne and other skin conditions.

So make sure to bring a sports drink or a bottle of water. You’ll be surprised how staying hydrated during workouts can do wonders for your skin.

5. Choose the right hairstyle

right hairstyle

One of the biggest challenges that gym-goers face is a bad hair day. This is especially true if you have a lot of it. It is easy to have disheveled and unruly hair while working out. Having an inefficient hairstyle can also get in your eyes or get caught in the equipment. Here are some perfect hairstyles for the gym:

  • High Ponytail: The high ponytail is a classic hairstyle, and perfect for workouts. It helps keep your hair out of your face and is also aesthetically pleasing because it makes your face look more angular. Just make sure that you don’t make it too high because it might get snagged during your workout.


  • Pull-Through Braid: The pull-through braid is very popular during workouts because it is very easy to set up. It also makes you look fresh and tidy no matter how intense the workout is. This is perfect for long hair because it makes your tresses look more ordered and neat.


  • French Braid Pigtails: If you want to have a more girlish look, you can never go wrong with the French braid pigtails. They are easy to maintain and keep your hair close to your head, which gives you more mobility during workouts.

6. Work out at your own pace

When you work out it always pays to do it at your own pace. Don’t feel pressured to do too much. Remember that you are working out for your own health. You’re not doing it to prove a point or to please other people. You are doing it for yourself. So don’t push yourself too hard.

If you overdo things and injure yourself in the process, you won’t reach your full potential, and you definitely won’t look good either. So take things one step at a time. Choose a workout routine, learn all there is to learn about the exercises, and work out at your own pace.


Working out and looking great to take some work. This is understandable because you will be exerting yourself. But now that you know these key, simple tricks, you can work-out to your heart’s content and still look awesome.

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