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What Are The Best Womens Summer Outfit Ideas? (Know The Aesthetics And Outfits Ruling The Trend)

As the mercury goes up, we tend to choose clothes that soothe our eyes and exude a happy vibe. Womens summer outfit ideas this season are no exception.

This year, the presence of multiple fashion aesthetics like Mermaidcore, Coconut Girl, Tomato Girl, Coastal Grandma, and Strawberry Girl is also making styles to beat the heat more eclectic.

Thanks to TikTok and social media forums, we know how we can truly be creative with our choices without compromising the comfort quotient.

We have names like Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, Meryl Streep, and Halle Bailey as the poster girls of summer fashion this season.

Are you ready to delve deeper into the art of summer fashion? Let’s discuss the aesthetics that are shaping everyone’s summer closets and the things we need to keep in mind to pick the right outfits. 

Aesthetics That Inspire Womens Summer Outfit Ideas This Season 

This year, the spectrum of womens summer outfit ideas is vast. On one side, we have the minimalist Coastal Grandma and on the other side, we have mermaidcore that can be simple and the most opulent at the same time

A brief discussion on these aesthetics will help you build your summer wardrobe on your own.

Mermaidcore Fashion Aesthetic

It is natural to get inspired by aquatic fashion in the hot days of summer. Also, nostalgia and an urge to escape to happier days have been the driving force in defining fashion for the last couple of years

Mermaidcore, as an aesthetic, has a lot of Y2K elements in terms of colors and drama. At the same time, it allows us to relate to a fantasy world where mermaids and selkies live.

With the release of The Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey has been the ultimate mermaidcore icon for youngsters. The style further got a massive boost, with Dua Lipa stunning everyone as the Mermaid Barbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. 

She even flaunted the mermaid style for many of her off-screen appearances. You can also be the perfect mermaid girl if you get the color palette and the elements right.

Green, purple, softer shades of blue, and pink are the main colors in the mermaidcore aesthetic. Further, you will find the presence of lavender and white in mermaidcore aesthetics.

Also, to add a touch of glam, silver and golden colors are used in mermaidcore outfits and accessories. 

Blue gowns, off-shoulder flowy dresses, and white ribbed skirts are some of the most popular mermaidcore outfits.

You can also wear bralettes and tank tops with crochet over top to complement your asymmetrical hem skirt, another staple in the mermaidcore aesthetic. 

Coconut Girl Aesthetic

The Coconut Girl aesthetic is another style that you can take inspiration from for the best summer outfit ideas. Backed by TikTok, this aesthetic has a beachy vibe with a dash of Y2K fashion.

Pastel shades make the color spectrum of this aesthetic, and a Coconut Girl wears crochet tops, floral dresses, shell jewelry pieces, and bucket hats

You can take a cue from Mary-Kate in Holiday in the Sun to rock your Coconut Girl style this summer. Other elements popular in the Coconut Girl aesthetic are knotted tie and dye skirts, crochet mini dresses, etc. 

Tomato Girl Aesthetic

Hot Girl Summer of Megan Thee Stallion is at the core of this Mediterranean-inspired summer aesthetic backed by TikTok. 

Further, the Tomato Girl aesthetic comes from places across the Mediterranean Sea where tomato-based recipes are cherished.

So, this aesthetic is about to get incorporated into your wardrobe from the streets of Barcelona and the beaches of Santorini.

From the name, you will know that different shades of red are at the base of this style. Further, black, white, and other neutral shades are very much a part of the Tomato Girl aesthetic. 

Are you about to set off for some Tomato Girl inspired shopping? Choose an off-shoulder cropped blouse in tomato red shade or a flounce top in white. As your bottom wear, you can choose a tiered white midi skirt or a floral pleated skirt. 

Milkmaid dresses or regular midi dresses with puff sleeves are other elements to incorporate into your Tomato Girl fashion staples. 

Strawberry Girl Aesthetic

The Strawberry Girl aesthetic and its poster girl, Hailey Bieber, beautifully fuse the elements of balletcore and coquette fashion with a touch of soft pink. True to the name, this aesthetic also encourages the use of rich red color.

Like all other fashion aesthetics, Strawberry Girl is not just about the clothes you wear. It also reflects in the way you wear your makeup and nails.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the perfect Strawberry Girl outfit, you can consider getting a pink crop top, a red crochet dress, or a white and red floral dress.

As you can see from the fashion staples in different fashion aesthetics of this season, there are some prominent similarities. Some aesthetics, like the Strawberry Girl or Tomato Girl, are very close to each other in terms of the color palette.

However, the difference in the inspiration of core beliefs makes all the differences. 

Coastal Grandma Aesthetic 

The coastal grandma aesthetic is classy and perfect for summer fashion, thanks to the inherent relaxed vibe.

Along with the clean cuts and easy tailoring, these outfits also have the use of organic cotton, linen and other fabrics that promise optimum breathability

Coastal Grandma also has a vintage touch, and it is closer to minimalist fashion in terms of the color choices and the ease of designs. 

Do you know the prime colors in coastal grandma fashion? You can have clothes in beige, cream, white, light green and blue to build your wardrobe right. 

Further, you can create looks inspired by this aesthetic in simple nautical or nice striped white shirts, white button-down solid shirts, linen pants, and white dresses. 

Things To Keep In Mind To Get The Best Womens Summer Outfit Ideas

Now that you know about the leading fashion aesthetics this summer, it’s time to discuss the things you need to consider to get the best womens summer outfit ideas. 

Comfort And Material In Womens Summer Outfit Ideas

When you are about to build your summer wardrobe, you have to put utmost importance on the choice of fabric.

Organic fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk are extremely breathable. So, these are ideal for the warm and humid days of summer.

The choice of fabric also determines the right fit for your clothes. For example, whenever you wear a cotton outfit, you must go for a loose fit so that adequate airflow can happen. 

Womens Summer Outfit Ideas And Color Palette

Traditionally, white and lighter shades have been chosen as the color palette for summer. However, you can also wear clothes of darker shades, provided the fit is relaxed or loose. 

Otherwise, the hot air between your skin and the fabric will get trapped, and without proper ventilation, it will make you feel warmer. 

Advanced Features 

For many years, there has been an inclination toward athleisure clothing. These outfits have become a part of our daily fashion. 

In these outfits, especially the ones from brands like Nike or Adidas, you will find advanced features like moisture-wicking, odor control, etc. 

So, along with thermal management, these outfits also take care of hygiene and help to avoid bacterial attacks. 

Womens Summer Outfit Ideas: Building The Perfect Summer Wardrobe 

Are you planning to give your summer fashion a fresh new lease of life? Here are the outfits that you can add to your summer wardrobe this season. 

1. White Cotton Top With Floral Embroidery Work

Keep it simple by choosing a white cotton top as your summer essential. With some floral embroideries, it will be a versatile piece to complement a wide range of bottom wear. 

2. Tie and Dye Midi Skirt

Show your love for boho fashion, and let your summer fashion be all about free spirit by choosing a tie and dye midi skirt for you. 

It will look great with a crochet top or a white crop top. 

3. Soft Pink Crop Top

Are you a fan of the Strawberry Girl aesthetic? How about getting ready in a soft pink crop top and relaxed linen pants for a summer outing? 

4. Relaxed Fit Linen Pants

Relaxed-fit linen pants will be the perfect fusion of style and comfort this summer. You can wear these pants with a shirt or top of your choice. 

5. Red Crochet Maxi Dress

Dua Lipa, a prominent face in making Mermaidcore fashion popular, has taught us how to rock summer fashion in a red crochet maxi dress.

6. White Button-Down Shirt

It’s hard to imagine a summer wardrobe without a white button-down shirt. A summer wardrobe hero and a versatile outfit, this shirt will be your perfect choice to wear with different trousers.

You can even use it to layer your T-shirt or tank top. 

7. Halter Neck Crochet Dress

If you want to look sexy this summer and emanate some serious beach vibes, a halter neck crochet dress in a pastel shade will be your go-to outfit. 

8. Ruffled A-Line Midi Dress In Red

For any special party or occasion where you need to dress up in a classy way, you can consider wearing an A-line ruffled outfit. 

Be creative with the choice of the neckline and sleeves to look sensuous in this staple summer dress. 

9. Milkmaid Dress

For the right dose of comfort and style, you can choose a milkmaid dress. A milkmaid dress is form-fitting, giving your cleavage the perfect plunge. 

To keep the vintage vibe intact, you can go for a milkmaid dress with puff sleeves. However, if you want to add some contemporary twist to your traditional milkmaid outfit, go for a shorter length. 

10. Pleated Floral Midi Skirt

The Coastal Grandma and Tomato Girl aesthetics show the presence of pleated floral midi skirts. Depending on the aesthetic you find closer to your heart, you can choose the color combination. Subtler ones with a touch of white and black or blue will be more in line with Coastal Grandma fashion.

The Tomato Girl aesthetic, on the other hand, will find expression in a pleated floral midi skirt with red and white prints. 

11. Tiered Midi Or Maxi Skirt

A tiered skirt has an inherent feminine appeal. Also, thanks to the tiered pattern, this skirt also has a distinct texture. 

Based on your preference, you can pick a tiered midi or maxi skirt and wear it with a crop top and Mary Jane shoes to put your best foot forward. 

12. Red Off Shoulder Dress

It’s time to take some inspiration from the Tomato Girl aesthetic. You can wear an off-shoulder dress in red while heading to a summer party or a coffee date.

Wear the off-shoulder dress with minimal accessories and a bucket hat to match the summer vibe. 

13. Black Wrap Dress

A black wrap dress can be a part of your summer wardrobe as a part of the prominence of the Coastal Grandma aesthetic this season. This outfit complements women of all body types, and if you choose a relaxed fitting, it will also help you indulge in sheer comfort.

Further, go for fabrics like cotton or linen if you want to wear the most comfortable wrap dress this summer. 

14. Crochet Bralette

A crochet bralette can be a wonderful fusion of Mermaidcore and the Strawberry Girl aesthetic. You can wear it as a standalone top, or you can even team it with a crochet overtop and denim shorts to complete your look. 

15. Floral Shirt

Take inspiration from beach fashion and match the vivaciousness of summer by getting ready in a floral shirt. You can wear this floral shirt with denim jeans or linen pants. 

Further, you can wear this floral shirt as an outer layer to complement your T-shirt. 

16. Floral Bikini Top With Full-Coverage Bikini Bottom

Are you in for some fun swimming at the beach or pool this season? Flaunt your curves and exude the perfect summer vibe in a floral string bikini top and full-coverage bikini bottom. You can pick one coordinate set or go for a mix-and-match.

Final Words 

Womens summer outfit ideas this season are refreshing, and there is a lot of emphasis on simple designs and sober colors.

Also, the beauty of summer outfits lies in how you can take inspiration from different aesthetics and create your own wardrobe through the proper mix and match of elements. 

So, if you are planning to give your summer wardrobe a complete overhaul this season, you can check out the outfit ideas I have discussed here.

Also, if you have other ideas related to women’s summer outfits this season, you can share them with us.

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