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What Are Witchcore Outfits? Exploring The Popular Influences And Styling Ideas

Witchcore outfits are much beyond the representatives of a Pinterest aesthetic. Visually distinct and detailed, Witchcore clothes are an extension of a societal and political standpoint.

It also expresses a particular lifestyle. Witchcore is also about defying the conventions of patriarchy and promoting self-care.

Further, Withcore became a way of dressing for a community of like-minded people who were fighting for empowerment at different stages and within various scopes

Today, Witchcore is a prominent fashion aesthetic that promotes outfits that have a gothic yet romantic vibe with a lot of lacework and a boho feel.

What Is Witchcore Fashion?

The term “Witchcore fashion” came from TikTok. This social media platform had millions of hashtags with “Witchcore” and “WitchTok.”

As the name suggests, the aesthetic depicts fashion inspired by witchcraft. Beyond the gothic black cloaks and costumes we wear for Halloween parties, this aesthetic promotes clothes that depict the best craftsmanship.

If you delve deeper, you will find two aspects of this fashion aesthetic. The darker Witchcore fashion comprises clothes exuding Victorian, dark academia, punk, and goth vibes. The lighter version further depicts a more playful style with the use of glitters, shimmers, and earthy embellishments. 

Have you read “Craft: How to Be A Modern Witch” by Gabriela Herstik? I am quoting a few lines from there.

“While we don’t have the opportunity to express ourselves outside of our homes, there’s a comfort in wearing something that makes you feel connected to your magic. Things like TikTok and Instagram pick up the pace of this self-expression.”

If you are an observer of alternative fashion, you must be aware of how fashionable and confident women have been leading the Witchcore style. 

It does not matter whether these characters adopt a darker or lighter way of dressing. You will see the presence of silk, velvet, lacework, and different adornments in abundance.

Knowing some of the popular and most fashionable witch characters in movies and TV shows will help you understand the way of dressing better.

Willow Rosenberg From Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Willow Rosenberg portrays the quintessential 90s fashion for the most part of the films. Her outfits are nerdy and very much in line with the dark academia aesthetic.

You can emulate her look if Witchcore is your chosen fashion aesthetic for the season.


Maleficent really is a powerful woman, spilling power through her acts and dress. You can easily get a look inspired by her by wearing a black bodysuit with horned headgear, boots, and wings.

If you want to know more about Maleficent costumes, you can read our guide on the Maleficent costume

The Sanderson Sisters From Hocus Pocus

The outfits of the Sanderson sisters can be your ultimate reference if you want to ace Witchcore fashion. 

They wore long gowns with a lot of embroidery work and the right touch of glitter.

Nancy Downs From The Craft

Nancy Downs from The Craft keeps us hooked with her different looks in the movie. There is a gothic charm in her choice of clothes and accessories. Also, her makeup is very much in line with the goth style.

You can call her way of dressing Whimsigothic with some element of the soft romantic style. 

The world of Witchcore fashion is moody, and it’s beautiful. This aesthetic has a distinct visual character. However, there are more reasons for this fashion aesthetic being so popular in today’s world.

Witchcore Outfits Make You Feel Empowered

Even with the elements of contemporary fashion infused, Witchcore outfits are about making your presence felt. The elaborate and bold style of dressing becomes an extension of empowerment to stand against the tide and carve their own path in life. 

This Aesthetic Celebrates Self-Expression

Bringing elements of punk, goth, and Victorian fashion under one umbrella, Witchore allows you to celebrate your true self. This part is striking the right chord with Gen Z fashion enthusiasts, who are leading a massive return of Witchcore fashion this season.

Different Witchcore Outfit Ideas For You

If you thought that Witchcore clothes lacked practical wearability, it’s time you check out the various outfit options.

Explore the options to make the best choice for you.

1. Maxi Dresses With Cape Sleeves

If you have a look at the conventional Witch outfits, you will notice the presence of capes and cloaks in abundance.

To make a Witchcore outfit practically wearable, you can choose a maxi dress with cape sleeves.

For a seamless look, you can go for an outfit with matching sleeves. For a more dramatic look, you can pick contrasting shades for the sleeves.

2. Puff Sleeves Gowns With Lace Detailing

You cannot think of Witchcore clothes without the presence of detailed lacework.

Puff sleeves are another common element to add a vintage vibe to your outfit.

Wear this puff-sleeved dress with flat ballerinas or boots.

3. Free-Flowing Vintage Ivory Dresses

The vintage-style ivory dresses go with the themes of boho fashion and Witchcore aesthetics at the same time.

Choose one this season to give your summer fashion a distinct twist this season.

The free form of the tailoring will make this outfit perfect for wearing on different occasions. It will also offer you absolute ease.

4. Corduroy Front-Button Dress With Lace Collar

Keep it formal with a maxi dress with a full button placket at the front. You can even go for a button placket detailing. 

The lace collar of the outfit elevates the aesthetic appeal of the dress and creates a visual break.

Tailored with corduroy, this outfit exudes a nice finish.

Wear this outfit with espadrilles or combat boots.

5. Velvet Mini Dress With Ruffles

Witchcore clothes always depict fine detailing. To infuse some elements of risque fashion and intrigue into your fashion, you can go for a velvet mini dress with ruffles.

The natural shine and finish of velvet will add a regal charm to the outfit.

Wear this dress with high heels or stilettos for any evening party.

6. Cheongsam Dress With Floral Self-Work

Flaunting your curves, a Cheongsam dress can make you look sultry. This dress also boasts a distinct finish.

The floral self-work will further add a distinct dimension and character to the outfit. 

Consider wearing it with ballerina flats or heels to put your best foot forward for any special occasion.

7. Dark Academia Maxi Dress With Lace Panel Near Hem

Do you have a penchant for dark academia fashion? Why don’t you choose a black flared dress with lace panels or lace trims near the hemline?

To add a contemporary touch to your fashion statement, you can choose a black dress with noodle straps or an off-shoulder style.

Mary Jane shoes or pumps will be the perfect complement to this outfit.

8. Pleated Velvet Dress With Corset Bodice

A corset bodice is always an excellent choice to add a vintage touch to any outfit. It is also a great element to give your cleavage some plunge.

So, you can get yourself a maxi dress with a corset bodice. Tailored with velvet, this outfit will exude a classy sheen. Further, the pleated skirt will add much-needed movement to the outfit.

9. Off Shoulder Velvet Dress

Do you want to flaunt a bold look this season? To keep the Witchcore vibe alive, you can choose an off-shoulder velvet dress to look ravishing for a party.

The natural finish and structure of velvet will also flatter your curves.

Wear the off-shoulder dress with a pearl necklace to complete your look.

10. Dark Academia Outfit With Lace Collar And Sleeve Hem

As I have just mentioned, dark academia has been one of the most crucial factors in the Witchcore aesthetic. It would not be an exaggeration to perceive this style as a precursor of nerdy fashion in recent times.

Nevertheless, you can adopt this dark academia style into your daily dose of fashion by choosing a dark academia inspired black dress with lace detailing near the collar and along the hemline.

If you want the design to be more elaborate, you can choose flared sleeves for the outfit.

11. Square Neck Velvet Dress With Pearls

Here is another regal outfit that matches the vibe of the Witchcore aesthetic. Thanks to the use of velvet, this outfit has an elegant finish. 

The square neck of the outfit will further accentuate your bust area with the right amount of cleavage show. 

Further, the pearl embellishments add the right touch of glamor to the outfit. 

Wear the dress with high heels to put your best foot forward.

12. Flared Princess Dress With Lace

It’s time to be creative with your Witchcore fashion choices.

Go for an outfit with an extensive flare and lace detailing to ace your party look.

13. Red Balloon Sleeves Witchcore Outfits

Are you looking for a perfect Witchcore outfit with a regal vibe? You can choose a red maxi dress with a square neck and balloon sleeves. 

It will be the perfect partywear outfit for you. Wear it with pearl jewelry pieces and heeled sandals to walk in style.

14. Flared Sleeves Maxi Dress With Stitched Cape

You can choose elaborate designs and the true vibe of Witchcore fashion by wearing a maxi dress with flared sleeves and a stitched cape.

The stitched cape will add a distinct character to the overall design of the outfit. Further, the flared sleeves will add a bit of drama to the look.

15. Black Maxi Dress With White Collars

If you are someone with a love for convention, you can choose a black maxi dress with white collars. 

The combination of black and white in the outfit creates a sheer contrast. 

The design of the outfit is very much in line with cottagecore aesthetics. 

Wear the outfit with pump shoes or flat ballerinas to get your look on point.

16. Rose Embroidery Witchcore Outfits

Do you have an eye for those quaint little things? When done right, the simplest of detailing can elevate the aesthetic appeal of an outfit.

To cut a long story short, choose a black maxi dress with rose embroidery. 

Pumps and heels will be an excellent choice to wear with this dress.

17. Glitter Velvet Witchcore Outfits For Parties

Are you heading to a party? Do you have a penchant for Witchcore fashion? 

You can add a maxi dress with detailed embroidery work, sequin embellishments, or glitter.

To celebrate your sensuality, consider adding a sheer detailing to the bodice and slits on sides.

Team this outfit with stilettos or high heels to get your party look on point.

18. Vintage Witchcore Outfits With Contrast Sleeves

This outfit is very similar to the usual 18th-century woman’s dress. It almost seems like coming out straight from the pages of Jane Austen’s novels.

The cut of the outfit is simple, with a stitched yoke in contrast shades and balloon sleeves. Wear this dress with socks and Mary Jane shoes to walk in style. 

19. Cotton Plaid Maxi Dress

It’s hard to avoid the allure of plaid when it’s about dressing like the women of a bygone era. Witchcore fashion, or the lighter side of it, also shows a lot of use of plaid. 

Choose an outfit with a form-fitting bodice and flared hem to accentuate your figure. Flared sleeves in a contrasting shade will further add to the overall design of the outfit.

20. Short-Sleeves Printed Witchcore Outfits

Keep your Witchcore fashion statement simple and comfortable by choosing a short-sleeved and printed outfit for you. 

If you have an eye for detail, you can choose one with lace trim panels near the hemline. Choose simple pumps and heels to complement the minimalistic vibe of the outfit.

Final Words

Witchcore outfits are visually rich but much beyond beautifully tailored and detailed clothes. These outfits speak for your distinct persona and a different way of living that you find ideal.

If you want to adopt this aesthetic into your daily dose of fashion, you can check out the options I have shared here.

Further, if you have any insight about Witchcore clothes, don’t forget to share with us.
To read more on different fashion aesthetics, you can read our guide.

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