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Witchcore Outfits – All The Double Trouble Toil & Tubble 

“Double bubble, toil, and tubble.” Can’t seem to take my mind off this excerpt from Harry Potter & the Prisoner in Azkaban when I think about the witchcore outfit.

So, let’s take the dark and borderline academic aesthetic of the series and add the magic of fashion sense to it. Then you can get the recipe for perfect witchcore outfit ideas.  

Honestly, finding elegant, sexy, and fashionable witchcore outfits that you can also incorporate into your everyday wardrobe was indeed fun!  

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the different witchcore outfit ideas!  

What is the Witchcore Aesthetic?  

Have you ever heard of this concept of modern witchcraft? It is much more vibrant and less evil than what we know as “evil witches” in folklore and fairytales.  

They deal with a lot of spirituality, energy, and crystals. Nature and ancient languages also play an important role.

Plus, harnessing the power of the universe, including celestial objects. Therefore, you will also see a heavy influence of astrology or astronomy on modern witchcraft.  

One can also call this lifestyle a non-conventional means of practicing mindfulness. Therefore, practicing witchcraft and adhering to that lifestyle could also be a means to heal themselves.  

When someone follows a lifestyle that makes them want to breathe in that aesthetic more, one such way of expression is through clothing. Especially when one has an affinity towards dressing up and looking good.  

Things to Remember!  

Following a witchcraft core aesthetic is for everyone. However, some witchcraft practice of spirituality has deep roots in other ancient cultures and ethnicities.

These include ancient practices borrowed from Indus Valley civilization, Mesopotamian civilization, and even Greek civilization.  

Therefore, you should do the right research before you dawn on any item. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to be accused of ignorance or any form of cultural appropriation.  

Although they are influenced by movies, books, and series based on witchcraft, they are not a customized version of a witch. Therefore, try not to think too much about Halloween consumption.  

Now, let’s begin!  

Witchcraft Outfits to Try – Even if it is Not Fall Yet  

Having your wardrobe attuned to this aesthetic feels extra special when it is the spooky season. However, why not take advantage of the moody summer showers and get dressed in our best attire?  

Here is a witchcraft outfit capsule for you!  

Before we get into the list, remember that most outfit ideas have a heavy influence on accessories. Whether it is crystal finger rings or vintage witchy necklaces   

Outfit No. 1: The White Witch  

This outfit has more of an ethereal touch than it has a dark academia influence. Or you can call it more of a light academia witchcore outfit.  

I found two distinct outfit ideas. One could get your corporate ready, and the other is best for your Sunday brunch look.  

The Corporate Look:  

There was always a gothic touch in witchcore outfits, whether you talk about the Victorian ruffle collar or satin shirts with frill work right down the front.  

You need to get one of these shirts and pair it with any tailored trousers. Since this is more of light academia withchcore, opt for light or pastel shades. Your trousers could be monochrome or a stark contrast with a dark color.  

For an extra witchcore touch, add a broach right at the juncture of the collar. The shoes will be simple Mary Janes because you also need comfort alongside the style.  

For accessories, why not go silver? They could be plain silver rings, or you can cut the monotony by balancing a few vibrant crystal ones.  

The Sunday Branch Look:  

So, we are going to go Hermoine Granger on this one and up our casual game.  

A beaded bag (because a casual witchcore outfit without one would be incomplete) is a must have accessory when you are trying this aesthetic.

Preferably sling, and in a darker tone. If you want to add some color to it, add some embroidery work on it.   

A long skirt with floral print – A simple top with bell sleeves, or a laced top with the same sleeves. You can get a simple outer layer with those sleeves. This way you do not have to go buy new tops. Simply wear a tube top, and layer up!  

For shoes, you can pair some kitten heels. However, if you must walk, canvas shoes. Since you are already carrying a beaded bag, pair some minimalist beaded necklaces and beaded earrings to complete the look.  

Outfit 2: The Dark Academia Witch  

For someone who already has an affinity towards dark academia, dark witchcore outfit ideas would definitely tickle a weak spot.  

Plus, if you are in love with dark colors, then these are the perfect outfit ideas for you.  

Again, we will give you two outfit ideas. An athleisure outfit to run errands, and a night outfit idea.  

The Athleisure Witchcore Outfit  

As promised, this outfit will have a dark academic flair. Therefore, pick any witchy graphic t-shirt that deals with witchy books and movies.

My favorite is a t-shirt that says “Herbology” with a few magical plants sprinkled here and there.  

Paired with some ripped jeans and a pair of vans.  

This is a perfect ensemble for someone who doesn’t like dark witch core outfits and leans more towards earth with a look.  

For another more feminine athleisure witch core look, pair a dark-colored cardigan with with core graphic art, add a gothic collar shirt, or just a collar extension underneath. This will fulfill the dark academia itch.  

Go for either a plain black skirt, or a striped skirt (…giving the full boarding school vibe). You can either wear stockings underneath, or even knee-high socks with a pair of boots.   

The next look wasn’t a very summer friendly. However, if you live in a warmer area, switch the socks with sheer black stockings, and the cardigan with a simple oversized t-shirt. With the collar extension, you can give an illusion of layers (a fundamental of witchcore dark academia).  

The Witchcore Party Look  

Now, let’s step aside from academia and embrace some fun. Here are two witchcore outfits which can be your next party look.  

The Satin Lace Chic  

This is the outfit that brings out the dark, feminine, and sexy nature of the witchcore outfit. So, keep this ensemble in mind whenever you need to really impress someone *wink* *wink*.  

For this, you will need the following:  

A satin skirt, preferably mermaid type, with a slit. For this type of outfit, we embrace the body-hugging items!  

You pair it with a lace bralette top. Now, no witchcore outfit is complete without a layer. For this you can either go for a shoulder lose cropped cardigan, open at the front. Or a mesh cropped mesh outer layer.  

To bring out the most witchy delight from this ensemble, remember to keep it dark and monochrome.  

For shoes, you can pick combat boots as they will balance the over-the-top feminine vibe.  

Corset & Mesh  

Another sexy witch core outfit idea that blends two of the gothic dark witch elements into one.  

For this look, you will need a mesh dress, or a mesh top paired with your favorite skirt or pants. Complete the look with your corset top! This layering will give your mesh underneath a subtle definition, especially if you have bell or puffed sleeves.  

For shoes, dawn your highest heels to give your legs some definition.   

Plus, remember that any withchcore outfit is not always about the dresses you wear. A true aesthetic shines with the makeup, and what better way to bring out the witch in you than experimenting with some makeup?  

Look through some of the best witchy and dark-feminine makeup looks!  

How to Incorporate That Witchcore Lifestyle  

Sometimes, these aesthetics are an extension of our own lifestyle. I mean, you wouldn’t want to dress up as a modern witch if your entire aesthetic is that of a “clean girl.”   

Embracing the witch core lifestyle is about infusing everyday life with elements of magic, nature, and a deep sense of personal empowerment.    

So, here is how you can incorporate this lifestyle even after creating a wardrobe capsule of your best witchcore outfits.  

Afterall, aesthetics not only an art of expression, but also a therapeutic solace in one’s mundane & busy life.  

Start with Your Morning Rituals 

Witchcore is deeply connected to the routine of rituals. Begin your day with a mindful morning routine. This allows you to channel your inner productive and spiritual self!  

Feeling that calm before you decide how to   

Light a candle or burn some incense to set the mood. Brew a cup of herbal tea, selecting herbs that align with your intentions for the day.   

For instance, chamomile for calm, peppermint for energy, or lavender for relaxation. Take a moment to meditate, focus on your breath, and set a positive intention for the day ahead.  

Create a Sacred Space  

Designate a corner of your home as a sacred space. This could be a small altar or a quiet nook where you can retreat to meditate, read tarot cards, or simply relax.

Decorate it with items that resonate with you—crystals, feathers, candles, or even a small plant.   

This space should reflect your inner world, a sanctuary where you can recharge and connect with yourself.  

Embrace Nature  

Modern witches love nature’s part in creating magic and celebrates the natural world. So, connecting with nature is therapeutic and an important part of the witchcore routine.  

Spend time outdoors whenever possible. Take walks in the woods, collect interesting stones or leaves, and incorporate them into your home decor.   

Gardening is another great way to connect with nature!  

Whether you have a sprawling garden or a few potted herbs on a windowsill, tending to plants can be a grounding and magical experience.  

Incorporate Magic into Everyday Tasks  

View mundane tasks through a magical lens. Stir your morning coffee clockwise to bring in positive energy.   

Cleanse your living space with sage or palo santo to clear out negative vibes.   

When cooking, infuse your food with intention, thinking about the positive effects you want each ingredient to have.  

…and, of course, dressing the part!  

So, could we give you a fair idea of different witchcore outfits you can try today? Please share your experience in the comment section or our social media pages if you did. 

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