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10 Famous Winter Wedding Dresses For Women In 2022

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of your life. Starting a beautiful journey of love and happiness with the love of your life, supposed to be celebrated with all your loved ones. Lets Check out the 10 famous winter wedding dresses for women.

From the venue, food, decorations, and, most importantly, the dress needs to be just perfect. But while seeking perfection for your dream wedding, don’t become a bridezilla; it is a day that you should enjoy with your friends and family and not stress out. 

So if you have decided on a winter wonderland wedding, we have selected a few dress choices that you might like, so scroll down to have a look at them to decide what to wear to a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Dresses

If you are planning to have a winter wonderland-style wedding, then you won’t have to think much about the decorations, as the most important prop for your wedding will be the snow itself. 

If you live in a place where it snows or you are having a destination wedding in a snow-covered place, then the most important prop of your wedding is already done. 

And now comes the second most important thing, which is to choose the perfect dress fit for a snow queen. So for the perfect, we have selected a few options with different styles and settings for you. 

1. Bohemian Winter Wedding

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  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses

The bohemian style of wedding dress looks great in any type of wedding, whether it is a winter wonderland or a country-style wedding. 

In a beautiful flowy wedding dress, you will look like a beautiful winter fairy. With flowers, lights, and snow everywhere, your wedding is going to be magical..

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2. A-Line Wedding Dress

  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses

The A-line style of wedding dresses is great for showcasing your figure other than a mermaid-style wedding dress. And the great thing about A-line dresses is that they can look romantic and classic at the same time. 

These dresses can have all-over embroidery, tulle, and even feathers, or they can have classic designs or plain bodies with body-hugging shapes. You can even opt for full-sleeved or strappy sleeves for the wedding dress.

3. Full-Sleeved Mermaid Style

  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses

If you have a great body with curves, why not show it off in a fabulous mermaid-style wedding dress? Mermaid wedding dresses are a very popular choice among most brides, and rightfully so, it is the best style to show your beautiful figure. 

These styles of dress will make you look like a real-life Princess Elsa. And if you choose a light blue colored dress, then there’s no doubt about it.

4. Wedding Dress With A Coat

  • winter wedding dresses

If you are buying winter wedding dresses, beforehand, know the density of snowfall that can happen during the wedding, as the coldness of the weather depends on that. 

If heavy snowfall is a possibility, then pair a beautiful coat or jacket with your wedding dress to keep you warm. It is not only functional but also makes your look stand out from the typical bride.

5. Off-The-Shoulder Long Sleeves

  • winter wedding dresses

If you think that your shoulders are your best features, then highlight them in a beautiful off-the-shoulder winter wedding dress that has long sleeves to protect you from the cold. 

Again these dresses are of many different styles and shapes, and you can even customize the dress to fit your personality.

6. Lace And Snow

  • winter wedding dresses

One of the most iconic and vintage styles of wedding dresses is lace dresses. Even Queen Elizabeth wore one on her wedding day. 

So to feel like a queen on your wedding day, wear a gorgeous lace wedding dress with snowflake appliques.

7. Colored Winter Gowns

  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses

As time passes, more and more brides are ditching the plain white wedding dresses but instead adding colors to them. So to stand out from the white snow on your wedding dress, add some gorgeous colors to your wedding dress. 

A few of the popular colors for wedding dresses other than white are blue, blush, pink, pale yellow, red, lavender, and even black.

8. Wedding Gowns With Fur

  • winter wedding dresses

If you wanna feel warm in your winter wedding dress, then a simple option is to add a fur stole or jacket on top of your dress. 

You can wear real fur if you want, or you can wear faux fur if you are a vegan or vegetarian. But make sure that the fur you are wearing is matching with your dress. 

9. Snow Ball Dress

  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses

Ball gowns are simply just wonderful and gorgeous, but since it has a lot of fabric, they can be a bit difficult to carry on the snow. 

But if heavy snowfall is not a problem at your wedding, then, by all means, wear a ball gown on your special day. 

10. Gown With A Cape

  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses
  • winter wedding dresses

Another way of keeping yourself warm in the snow is by wearing a beautiful cape with your wedding dress. 

The cape can match your white wedding dress, or it can be the opposite and stands out in the pictures out in the snow. 

The cape can even have a hood attached to it to give something a little extra for your winter wonderland wedding.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have any doubt about these winter wedding dresses, then here are a few questions that others have asked.

1. What Is The Best Month For A Winter Wedding?

If you are looking for a winter wedding, then plan it around Christmas, from December 20th till the first week of January.

2. What Color Should You Not Wear To A Winter Wedding?

For winter wedding guest dresses, try to wear the warmer tones of cold weather colors such as midnight blue, olive green, and even burgundy. But don’t you feel limited to these colors only, play around with the colors.

3. What Color Should You Not Wear To A Winter Wedding?

For wedding guests what to wear to a winter wedding, you can wear any color except a few colors such as white, cream, ivory, and any other shades close to white. Only the bride is supposed to wear it and no one else.

Wrapping Up!

So hopefully, by now, you have a certain idea about the types of winter wedding dresses you can look for your winter wedding. But I must tell you again, enjoy as much as you can on the day of your wedding and don’t become a bridezilla and seek perfection in every tiny detail. 

If you liked this article, comment down below on the type of winter wedding dress that you are thinking of for your wedding.

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