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What Does Your Engagement Ring Stone Colour Mean?

Want to buy an engagement ring for your partner? The first thing you need to understand is that color speaks volumes. It’s good to know the modern trends in the industry before you choose one for your partner.

Colors carry many meanings and once you read into them, they can pull at your heartstrings as much as the ring itself! Once you have received your ring and it has a colorful gemstone in, you will have one of the most coveted and ageless trends. You need to create a lot of memories in the mind of your partner using the available engagement ring stone colors.

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Different Colour Gemstones and Their Meanings :

Unless you have previously looked into it, you will be unwrapping a beautiful meaning behind your gemstone. This list will also help if you have yet to buy your loved one their engagement ring and wish to keep it a surprise. It will help you to avoid making the wrong decision when choosing the color for your engagement stone colors.

Pink :

Pink is a popular and stunning shade that is often chosen for its feminine tone. Pink represents beauty, unconditional love, and empathy. You can choose them when you want to tell your beautiful queen that she possesses the above characteristics. These heartfelt qualities are wonderful if you want to express them through a precious stone. Also, a pink ring is believed to safeguard the love between the couple if you like your myths! In fact, pink is one of the most common stones when choosing engagement ring stones. You will find these colors in engagement ring shops more than ever before.

White :

Most diamonds couples choose will be white. This shade is often linked closely to light and has its representations of truth, purity, goodness, and honesty. It is a very good way of communicating these truths to your partner. Perfect for couples that have just gotten engaged, it symbolizes a fresh start on the road to new beginnings. Make sure that you use it in the right instances for you to pass across the right message.

Red Gemstones :

Red, as you may have guessed, symbolizes passion, love and also happiness. It’s a wonderful choice for couples who enjoy the vivacity and warmth of the red shade. Maybe your special lady has a love for all things unique? If that’s the case then red is a great choice as it stands out from the crowd. Perfect for representing joyous and stable relationships.

Black Gemstones :

Even more unique are black stones. These normally come with the symbol of finesse, elegance, status and a deepness of one’s character. It’s one of those insightful, thought-provoking shades, but it will have your ring glistening like a star-littered sky in the dead of the night. If you want to emphasize the strength and stability of your relationship, this is a great choice.

Blue Sapphire :

A unique yet stunning shade, this stone represents loyalty and honesty. Choose this stone if you want emphasis on the strengthening of your bond.

Aquamarine :

Glowing like a blue ocean as the sun reflects on the water, aquamarine is also known as blue beryl. Its vivid brightness is instantly recognizable and stands for courage and communication.

Now you know the meaning behind these colors, you are better prepared to look for something that truly represents your relationship.

Conclusion :

From the above discussion, you will discover that colors speak a lot. Some of the common colors for the engagement ring stones include pink, white, red gemstones, black gemstones, blue sapphire, and aquamarine among others. You need to choose one depending on the nature of the relationship that you are in. Always strive to communicate the right message by choosing an appropriate engagement ring stone color. Knowing what you are doing will definitely take your engagement to the next level.

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