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What Colors Go With Black? – Expert’s Opinion

What does black symbolize? -“ black affirms, styles and designs. A woman with a black dress on, is like a pencil stroke” 

The color black was first used in Art. Let’s recall The Lascaux Cave in France, which has drawings of bulls with other animals by paleolithic artists using charcoal, and later to make it more pigmented, they started burning bones and used manganese oxide as powder.

This was the origin of black.

Black means dark and it would be foolish to ignore the allure of darkness even the purest soul gets drawn to it. 

Black is such a hue that brings the devil out of you! as well as prestige, power. 

When worn with the right complementary hues, it becomes a symbol of business, elegance, class, and definitely sexiness. In the fashion world, BLACK IS ALWAYS THE NEW BLACK.

Since black is universal, everybody owns something in black. The color black blends with almost every color. Wear any color, and pair it up with black pants, or skirt, blouse or whatever and play the song “I am sexy and I know it”.

Here are some suggestions for people who keep asking themselves and others ‘ what colors can go with black?’

Colors Complimented By The Color Black

Colors Complimented By The Color Black

When the question arises of what color can probably be suitable for ink in a wardrobe, the answer is pretty simple: any. You can pick any color with your eyes closed when it comes to pairing it up with black color.

1. Blue


Pick blue, let me be specific, go for Teal blue or indigo, or just choose denim blue. Try to keep the upper cloth in black and the lower in blue. The same goes for saree. Denim jeans are the coolest, nothing can ever compete with that, but don’t forget about faded black. Pitch black and faded black have their own aesthetic volume.

Footwear- black and midnight blue color will go with a beautiful half embroidered and half netted one-piece dress. Since both colors compliment each other a lot, therefore no other color will stand out when the combination is blue and black.

Accessories- a black hat, a black coat on top of a blue dress or shirt. Add a belt with a one-piece dress. Jewelry can be silver-toned. You are good to go.

2. Red


For red, it has three categories named emotions, danger, and popularity. Women want all of the three. The combination of black and red is old but never dead. Keep the top or the majority of the cloth red, use black matching trousers or blouse or just peek from time to time.

Footwear- a red stiletto with a dress, or black will look amazing and classy. In the case of sneakers or converse, dark colors are more in demand but if you are a vibrant person then, the red converse can be tried out.

Accessories- red and black are enough to bring out your complexion, yes both dark and fair skin tone. Since they are enough to scream ‘bold’! You really don’t need any junk jewelry to make you bolder.

3. Yellow



Choose yellow, because girl! You sting like a bee. It almost has the same theory as the color red and black does. If you are about to pair the color black with yellow, then wear jackets in yellow and skirts or tights of black color. Or you can simply wear a dress, printed with both the colors, understand which one is complimenting which one or which one is outsmarting the other.

Footwear: black heels or boots. If you wear a bright color as your footwear while the attire is all about yellow and black, the tension you have created will be divided.

Accessories: of course gold jewelry, not exactly shiny ones, but oxidized. Wear a black hat with a yellow dress. Or just one thick piece of necklace. voila!

4. Orange


Orange looks good as it tastes, the feeling of the color orange is just like autumn. Bright and warm. You can wear it the way you want to, wear an orange top, jacket with pants of the color black, or just the opposite. It looks great in both ways. It is a mixture of both extrovert and introvert.

Footwear: if you have styled yourself with an orange top with black pants, wear shoes, sneakers, or heels in the color black, period. If it’s the opposite, don’t think about it, choose black again!

Accessories: carry black handbags, don’t add any pieces of jewelry, because you are already vibrant and turning heads. Too much color will just overlap the look you have created.

5. Green


Let me clear this first, not all greens are compatible with the color black. I know! green has the best shades of all. All the light ones like lime, seafoam, parakeet all will go with one-piece made of silk. The dark ones like juniper, basil, olive, moss are just so aesthetic and if you pair them up with black, I am telling you they are actually vibing.

Footwear- put on black loafers or oxfords, with an olive jacket and a pair of black leather pants. Thank me later!

Accessories- wear a beautiful black belted wristwatch with a white dial. Carry a purse that is either green or black (of this shade). Gowns of bright green can be accessorized with black-toned chokers or just black hoops.

6. Pink


Baby pink goes with black, many of us think of pink as a very girly color. Actually, it’s not, men look cool in pink too. Pair your baby pink shirt with a pair of straight black pants and see how you have both moods on. One-piece dresses in the color of pink look very feminine especially when the print gets a bit floral.

Footwear- go for heels, whether it’s a dress or a formal outfit, or casual attire. Your outfit is already very elegant for the color pink and you have black color to make it look a bit of both.

Choosing any other footwear will show that you want to hide the mixture of femininity. Nude color heels, black color heels also peach if you want.

Accessories- a pair of black shades, and gold pieces of jewelry. A well-adjusted masterpiece.

7. Black


Remember Morticia Addams from the ‘Addams family’. Her entire outfit was as dark as her pitch-black hair. This character can never grow old because of her ‘all black look’. The all-black dress code screams boldness, gravity, elegance. It can be a gown, or a short dress, a black jacket with black trousers. It still holds its worth.

Footwear- go for black color boots, loafers, heels, sneakers, of course, match them accordingly.

Accessories –  in one sentence! Everything is oxidized silver or gold. Once you go black, never go back.


There you go with all the colors that will go with your black wardrobe. Black is such a color that goes with everything, without any effort.

Can’t find the matching shirt with your pants? cool! Just grab a pair of black color pants.

It is very important for both men and women to have at least 4 sets of black color outfits, because when in doubt black it out.

We end the topic: what color goes with black here, nice and clean.

Leave a comment down in the comment section by suggesting other colors that will go with black.

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