Monochrome Layers

Mistakes You Make When You Try the Same Color Style

Mistake Number 1

Not Implementing Texture – Monochromatic without the right texture can look “boring”. If your clothes aren’t interesting by colors, they must be interesting through texture.

Mistake Number 3

Not Playing with Contrast – When we say monochromatic, we do not always mean wearing the same color. One primary color can have thousands of shades, why not play a little with contrasts.

Mistake Number 4

Overlooking Silhouettes – The Difference of a monochromatic minimalist outfit looking good or bad is the silhouette. The way you layer the colors can make or break your outfit.

Mistake Number 5

Not Including Accents – Once in a while add a pop of color in your minimalist monochromatic layer. This will add character to your look.