Moscow Fashion Week Celebrates Eclectic And Minimalist Fashion

Minimalist fashion celebrates simplicity and sustainable fashion practices. The recently concluded Moscow Fashion Week has brought the trend to the forefront.

Clothes In The Moscow Fashion Week Transcended Fleeting Trends

TimShee from Russia presented men’s clothes at the Moscow Fashion Week. It celebrated Japanese minimalism and expressed the inner turmoil of a creative mind.

KISSELENKO from Russia Stole The Limelight With Its Creation

KISSELENKO elevated the minimalist fashion trend with the right fusion of clean cuts and silhouettes. It showed the use of natural fabrics in abundance.

LENA KARNAUHOVA From Russia Balanced Practicality And Elegance

This brand celebrated individuality with asymmetrical cuts and strict lines. The collection was focused on autumn and winter fashion.

IANIS CHAMALIDY Appealed The Followers Of Minimalism

The collection of IANIS CHAMALIDY was versatile with a touch of avant-garde styling. It also harped on the versatility of silhouette.