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5 Styling Tips for Wearing Multiple Rings at the Same Time

One trend that’s been around for decades is wearing multiple rings but just like all fashion, this trend has evolved over time. So how do you wear them today without them being considered gaudy?

Jewelry is a way for people to express themselves. With so many styles to choose from, everyone can add some bling into their wardrobe and subtlety show off their personality.

Keep reading for five styling tips on how to wear multiple rings:

1. Pick a Theme

Who doesn’t love a theme? They’re fun and a great conversation starter.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to theming your style. You can opt for a minimalist look with more dainty pieces or you can try a maximalist style full of extravagant rings.

It’s all a matter of whether or not you’re into a simple or bold look. Whatever theme you decide on, make sure to commit to it so that your look is clean and complete.

2. Mix and Match

Another fun way to style your rings is to mix and match them. You can get creative by experimenting with different colors and gemstones. You can also incorporate different metals into your look such as wearing gold, silver, and rose gold at the same time.

Let go of traditional rules and adorn your fingers on your terms!

3. Use Different Sizes 

You can style your rings by putting different sizes on one finger. You can also stack them by stone size from small to large or place smaller stoned rings on outside fingers with a large stone ring on your accent or ring finger.

4. Play With Shapes

Try styling your rings with different shapes. This allows you to play around with designs and incorporate geometry into your look.

If your other accessories include fun shapes, choose your rings based on your bracelets and necklaces. You can go for a matched look or simply compliment your jewelry with different creative designs.

5. Curate Carefully 

Lastly, the most important tip for wearing multiple rings at the same time is to always curate carefully.

It’s important to style based on your fingertips. Are your fingers long, short, slender, or on the thicker side? Take this into consideration when deciding what look to aim for.

You should also consider any hand or finger tattoos that you have and think about how you want to accept them. And always ask yourself if you want a ring on every finger or just want a stack on one or two fingers.

When curating your hands, pick your jewelry carefully and opt for quality pieces that’ll not only elevate your look but also last for a long time. You can find versatile and well-made rings at BadassJewelry.com to complement any look.

Now You’re Ready to Start Wearing Multiple Rings 

Wearing multiple rings can be a bold fashion statement and when done the right way it adds flair and personality to your outfit.

Multiple rings can add dimension to your look but you never want to force it. There are certain steps you should take when styling your fingers and we hope our tips for wearing rings gave you some insight on how to properly do so.

It’s a fun trend to take part in and one that will stick around for years to come. But before you decide to take that leap, make sure to consider our ring style guide so that you curate accordingly! After all, fashion is supposed to be fun and flattering.

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