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Ways On How To Style Your Jeans From The Celebrity Stylists

Your jeans. They’re something that is sitting in your closets as the parament residence. And we all love to wear them. From skinny to wide-legged, stretchy to boxy, there’s a jean outfit for nearly every occasion, as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake illustrated in 2001.

9 Different Look To Style Your Jeans Like A Celebrity 

9 Different Look To Style Your Jeans Like A Celebrity 

There are many different ways to style your jeans for the average person, depending on what look you are going for. 

Here are some tips from celebrity stylists who definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to styling jeans:

1. Girl Top Next Door Casual Look

For a casual look, try pairing your jeans with a T-shirt or a blouse. This is a classic and easy look. The color of your shirt can really dress up or dress down your jeans.  

Dressing up your jeans is a great way to make them look dressier for events like work or school while dressing down your jeans can turn them into casual weekend wear.

Tip: For a dressier look choose a black shirt, but if you’re going more casual, go with grey. White is always a classic and matches nearly everything. The cut of your jeans matters too. Slim and fitted are generally dressier than baggy and loose.

2. Rock The Look With Short Button Down Blouse

If you’re looking for something more professional but still casual, try pairing your jeans with a simple, button-down blouse. Add some earrings and nice shoes to complete the look.

This is a great outfit for casual Fridays that conveys you’re comfortable but still dressy. A wide, loose button-down shirt and slim jeans offer a breezy, California cool look, especially if your jeans are ankle jeans and slightly wider at the ankle.

You can even mix and match blouses with different types of jeans, so you have a unique look for every day of the week! This isn’t something that only celebrities do; we all dress up our jeans to make them more formal or casual depending on what we want to wear them for. 

Keeping them looking fresh and seasonally appropriate is one way to stay fashionable no matter where you’re going or who you’re going therewith.

3. Semi Formal Jeans Look

Another method for styling jeans is seeking inspiration from men’s clothing styles. 

For example, if men are wearing dress shirts underneath vests or women can also pull off this look with a dressy blouse and a nice belt. Adding a blazer is another way to make this look more polished.

Tip: a loose necktie and fun earrings are a great way to borrow from his closet. Heels add a feminine look to offset the overall masculinity of the outfit. Cuff your jeans to really show off your shoes!

4. Go For Chic And Flirty Look

A fun and flirty way to style your jeans is to wear a colorful or patterned blouse with them. This look is perfect for warmer weather when you want to show some skin. 

Make sure the colors and patterns of your clothing clash in a complementary way so it doesn’t look too busy.

Bring back the flairs from the early 2000s and wear a pair of dark wash flairs with your blouse. Better yet, find a pair of high-waisted flairs that really accentuate your figure and your top for a classic, flirty silhouette.

5. Be Bold And Elegant

If you’re looking for an elegant evening out style, try wearing your jeans with a silk blouse and high heels. You can also add a scarf or shawl to complete the look. 

Dainty details can really elevate your look, so think about stacking dainty necklaces or earrings.

6. Be Different With Cutoff Jeans

Another popular trend is to cuff your jeans and wear ankle boots or flats. Rolling up your jeans shows off all of your ankle boots and maybe even a fun pair of socks. 

An added practical benefit is that rolled-up jeans generally avoid getting damp or wet if the weather isn’t great. This trend works best if you’re wearing skinny or slim jeans, although girlfriend jeans can also be cuffed and still look trendy. 

If your jeans are too wide, cuffing generally; doesn’t look appealing.

7. Wide Legged Jeans 

Choose opposites regarding the dimensions of your tops and your jeans. Pair wide-legged jeans with tight or slim shirts to really accentuate the width of the jeans. 

Or if your top is oversized, wear slim or skinny jeans. Paying attention to your proportions really sets your outfit apart and makes it yours.

8. Mix And Match Denim With Denim

Wear denim on denim. The “Canadian uniform” is always in style. Matching denim can be difficult but look for a dark wash and a light wash. Or dark, crisp wash jeans paired with destroyed, acid-washed jeans for a fun, adventurous combo.

Tip: add a bright, fun color when you wear your jeans on denim. Consider a neon or another bright color that really accentuates the tones of the denim you’ve chosen.

9. Fluent Your Curve With Crop Top

Wear a crop top. They’re in style right now, and despite some cooler weather, a crop top paired with a cardigan or a boxy cut jacket can be a great yet warm combo. Pair your crop top with wider jeans and a loose-knitted, long cardigan for a boho look.

Tip: Find a basic, white crop top that can match a variety of different outfits and will match with nearly everything.

Tryout The Less Water Wash Jeans

Tryout The Less Water Wash Jeans

Just because this list has a wide variety of outfit possibilities doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy ten different pairs of jeans! Unfortunately, your jeans are still one of the more unethical articles of clothing to make, requiring a lot of water and contributing to a lot of pollution.

To avoid this, shop second-hand, shop your closet, and buy ethical clothing whenever possible. Maybe you can even trade jeans with a friend for a bit and try on some different styles before you buy to see if you like how they look and feel. 


Your jeans are a staple of our modern closets, and while immensely practical, they should also not be treated as merely disposable.

All of these tips from stylists of celebrities can contribute to your new, refreshed look for 2022! Use this list to style your jeans and broaden your wardrobe horizons.

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