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Do You Want To Have The Best Water Color Tattoo? (11 Ideas For You To Explore)

A watercolor tattoo quickly grabs attention thanks to its translucent finish. The use of colors further adds a lot of character and visual interest to the design. With a signature quaint charm, these tattoos also allow a watercolour tattooist to experiment with the designs and details.

From Ireland Baldwin to Jessica Origliasso, many celebs have flaunted this trend, and with all the elements in place, it can also be a statement piece for you.

So, do you want to have a look at the best design options? Let’s start. 

What Is Water Color Tattoo?

A watercolor tattoo stands out from other tattoo designs thanks to its unique features. You already know about the translucent finish it has. Further, you will see a rich use of colors and the incorporation of smoother lines.

However, the lines remain blurred around the edges for a more artistic vibe. 

Unlike many other tattoo genres, a watercolor tattoo design will always focus more on the look and less on the symbolism part. In fact, these always do not always need a bigger canvas for depiction. So, from the most dainty butterfly tattoo to a more elaborate bird tattoo, you can be as creative as you want with your design. 

The Best Watercolor Tattoo Design For You

A watercolor tattoo is vivid based on the color saturation used. You can go for a matte pastel shade or something more colorful.

Further, you don’t need to follow standards or defined gender identities to have a design inked on your body. It can be a distinct expression of your creative, romantic, and spiritual ideas. 

Here, I have curated the best watercolor tattoo designs for men and women. So, let’s explore. 

Watercolor Tattoo Ideas For Women

A watercolor tattoo will be the best body art for a woman who wants to voice her heart and mind. You can take inspiration from nature or dig out your creative ideas to zero in on the design.

Further, the spontaneity of these tattoos is a great match for the quintessential feminine energy. So, let’s have a look at the designs you can try. 

Watercolor Splash Background Tattoo

Do you want to have the most abstract watercolor tattoo design for you? You can try the splash background tattoo.

With a riot of colors serving as the backdrop, you can think of the most beautiful design at the front.

The background suits a wide range of designs, including the name or initials of your loved ones or the quotation that inspires you every day.

You can even keep it as it is with no defined design. It can be an extension of your vivacious persona and a permanent accessory to make a fashion statement everywhere you go. 

The best place to have a background splash watercolor tattoo is your chest or back. 

Watercolor Pink Tattoo

Paint it pink! Quintessentially associated with feminine vibes, pink is the color for you if you want to have a watercolor tattoo.

You can try a lot of designs with this color. From a regal rose to the most charming cherry blossoms, the use of pink will render every design more beautiful. 

Watercolor Tree Tattoos

Trees are associated with fertility and creativity. It also means extant endeavors for perfection. So, if you want to boost your creative spirit and be a better version of yourself, try a tree tattoo.

You can get the tattoo depiction done in the most artistic way with the use of a vibrant color palette. Use a lot of pink, blue, and green to make the design aesthetic. 

Butterfly Delicate Tattoos

You cannot leave the butterfly motif if it’s about tattoos for women. These beautiful creatures define change and evolution.

So, if you are getting stuck or want some positive changes in your life, get a butterfly watercolor tattoo on your wrist, hips, or thighs. 

Butterfly watercolor tattoos on the hips will look the most sensual. As the design swirls and moves backward, it can make your partner crazy in those intense moments, trust me! 

Landscape Water Color Tattoos

If you want a broader and more illustrative tattoo for yourself, you can try one landscape watercolor tattoo. 

There’s no one to stop you from adding wind beneath the wings of your creative spirit with this design. 

It can be the most picturesque depiction of a bird against the backdrop of flowers and mountains. It can also be a classic cityscape with all the elements in the right place. 

Colorful Tattoos With Lion Design

Lion, being associated with vigor and leadership, can manifest those elements in your life. So, get a watercolor tattoo with a lion design. It also can be your endeavor to celebrate the masculine energy in you.

As a woman or, in fact, every human being needs to have a balance of feminine and masculine energies in their lives to lead a fulfilling life. 

Watercolor Tattoo Ideas For Men

For many, a watercolor tattoo signifies opulent fashion. So, if you are a man with refined sensibilities, a watercolor tattoo must be your favorite.

Need some design ideas? You can find out here. 

Heart Water Color Tattoos Design 

Do you want to manifest love in your life? Or do you want to express your adoration for the special one?

Get a heart watercolor tattoo with a lot of colors and details. 

Turtle Watercolor Tattoo

Turtles bring stability to our lives, and they also mean sustenance. Are you losing balance and focus in your life? A turtle tattoo can be the best design for you.

Get it painted in blue, green, or pink to have a delightful design on your arm sleeve or chest. You can even consider fusing the design with adornments and detailing typical in neo-modern designs. 

Space Watercolor Tattoo

Do the celestial bodies intrigue you? Are you keen to unearth the mystery of the universe? How about getting a space watercolor tattoo?

You can have the entire solar system as your theme, or you can pick your favorite constellation. 

Humming Bird Watercolor Tattoo

Hummingbird is a symbol of balance as it denotes tenderness and vigor at the same time. So, it’s a design that both men and women can flaunt. 

Owl Watercolor Tattoo

Owl is the seer of all. It also symbolizes psychic abilities and greater wisdom. So, if you want to evolve as a pragmatic person, this can be your inspiration for a watercolor tattoo. 

Final Words 

Are you planning to get a watercolor tattoo inked anytime soon? You can go through the ideas I have shared, or you can see your tattoo as a form of your creative expression.

Irrespective of the design, the tattoos stand out due to the use of a lot of colors, fine lines, and detailing.

So, celebrate yourself with a unique design inked on your body.

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