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VSCO Girl Fashion – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to What You Need to Know

Are you starting to fall in love with the VSCO girl trend without knowing how to start getting the look?  

In the world of fashion aesthetics, there are a few which stand out. During this discussion, VSCO girl fashion is one of them!  

If you want to get the look, look no further!  

In this Ultimate Guide to VSCO Girl Fashion for Beginners, we’ll look into everything there is to know about this trendy look.  

From the emblematic scrunchies to the now-obligatory Hydro Flasks. It’s time now to upgrade your wardrobe and be a part of this VSCO girl culture with style and grace!  

What is VSCO Girl Fashion  

VSCO Girl fashion has become a “trend du jour” due to its rise on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.   

This fashion style has become famous among young people around the world, and the way to do clothes, hair, and makeup is typically informal, nonchalant, and ecological.  

The name “VSCO” is a combination of the VSCO (Visual Supply Company) brand name and the photo editing app “VSCO,” which is popular for making photos look vintage with a visual style of beaches.   

This approach has given birth to an entire fashion subculture focusing on comfort, sustainability, and natural good looks.  

VSCO girl fashion, in its essence, revolves around the combination of cool and playful images. It rejects designer brands and reaches for vintage pieces or environmentally friendly brands.

Unlike consumer-inspired fast fashion, this rejection aligns with the principles of many young people, who are becoming more eco-conscious.  

Popularity and influence of VSCO girl on social media  

Social media is the reason for this trend’s success, and one cannot deny this fact.   

The hashtag #vscogirl currently has over 5 million posts on Instagram, showing how strong and influential it is on social media.  

They Are A Close Community  

One of the main factors that makes the fashion of the VSCO Girl viral is the closeness. The look is laid-back every day and has an emphasis on comfort rather than designer brands.

It is attractive to the little girls who are trying to fit in the trendy and unconcerned style without busting their budget.   

In addition to that, vloggers, models, and other personalities have also become part of the trend; thus, it continues to reach a larger number of audiences.  

Values of a VSCO girl  

In the meantime, VSCO Girls stays true to certain social values that are in trend now, such as ecological awareness and positive body image.   

Some aspects of their style line up with the sustainable fashion elements that consist of thrifting or using reusable water bottles. In fact, these elements are highly rated today.  

The Controversy  

Besides being just a trend of fashion among modern teenagers worldwide, VSCO Girl fashion has also raised the issues of cultural appropriation due to its allegedly being attuned to the lifestyle of predominantly white young people.   

This is an important reminder that the industry should be better at representation and diversity.  

Yet it cannot be denied that the VSCO Girl movement includes the utilization of platforms such as social media to create a social media community with an influence that goes beyond just their fashion choices.

They have been using their platform constructively to amplify the issues of climate change and the acceptability of our bodies.  

Key Elements of VSCO Girl Fashion  

If you want to do the VSCO Girl, then you should know about some key elements that you need. These iconic must-haves will be the ones that will give shape to your outfit and will help express the style of VSCO.  

The up-sized graphic tees and hoppers 

One size fits everything, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, are among the most known elements of the VSCO girl fashion trend.

These pieces of clothing are invaluable for anyone seeking to pull off the down-to-earth, relaxed, and cool look that is symbolic of the VSCO aesthetic.  

Keep It Lose  

Knowing the difference between an oversized and a loose-fit t-shirt is the most important thing. Go for the ones with a relaxed silhouette and lose fit. This is the reason you should not wear a tight-fitting or structured type of top.   

If you want your outfit to be floaty, you may want to pick up tops made from light fabrics like cotton or linen.  

Slogans Speak Volumes  

Two-dimensional graphic t-shirts featuring slogans, logos, or prints are predominantly worn by VSCO girls. You can either go for basic rock band tees or cool graphic prints, or you can simply go for the stripes or polka dots.   

The choices might be endless when it comes to oversized T-shirts, depending on your level of fashion.  

Curls and hair ornaments. 

Hair clips and scrunchies are expected pieces in the VSCO wardrobe. They have added playfulness and brightness to the trend perfectly, and that is why these cute hair ties are so popular.   

They are not only hilarious and give flair to your hair, but they are also a green version of regular hair ties.  

Scrunchies All the Way  

The laid-back and effortless style is one of the most distinct traits of the VSCO girl fashion. Scrunchies, as such, would look very typical of the trend: relaxed and casual.   

Besides, it is made from different kinds of fabrics such as cotton, velvet, and satin, enabling you to choose the piece that matches your outfit or mood. The significant patterns of VSCO girls are stripes, tie-dye, floral prints, and pastel colors.  

Besides being fashionable add-ons, scrunchies are pretty much also natural. Their soft character is good for hair, and they can prevent breakage or damage that happens when you use tight elastic ties.   

Additionally, scrunchies give a looser grip for ponytails or buns in contrast to conventional hair ties, which can be indented or pulled on the scalp.  

Hydra flasks and reusable water containers 

Reusable water bottles are one of the most famous equipment of this trend, based on the Hydro flask.  

Why a Hydro flask  

These stylish, brightly colored bottles are the latest accessory and are helping VSCO girls build an environmentally conscious attitude.   

Although this statement comes from National Geographic, Americans account for an estimated 50 billion plastic bottles used in a year, while only 23 percent are recycled. (Source)  

If you start to use a Hydro flask instead of disposable water bottles, you can diminish your carbon footprint quite effectively and help to protect the world we live in.  

However, what is the specific reason the Hydro flask outshines the other reusable water bottles out there?   

It is made of double-walled stainless steel, and it keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Thanks to this insulating technology, this material works for everyday use and outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.  


Another factor that makes VSCO girls like Hydro Flasks is their in-depth selection of colors and designs.   

Whether they are soft pastels or bold, vibrant shades, there is something for everyone, no matter what your personal style is. You can diligently put it on stickers and customized details to personalize it for yourself.  

Besides being stylish and sturdy, we also bring you highly functional bottles. They feature different types of lids too – straw lid, standard mouth lid, sports cap – which ensure the satisfaction of people’s different needs. Depending on the activities or the drinks you decide to take.  

Birkenstocks and Crocs shoes 

When VSCO girls say fashion, Birkenstocks and Crocs come to mind. They are both comfortable, practical choices and a bit of nostalgia at the same time, so they are the ideal VSCO style. But which of the two will you go for?   

Let’s dig into the benefits and disadvantages of their brands that can be useful in Making the decision.  

The Birkenstocks  

The popularity of these shoes can be attributed to their durability, comfort, and versatility among fashionistas.

There are various types of these boots, such as the classics like the Arizona sandals, clogs, and slides, and the latest are sneakers.  

There are several pros of Birkenstocks worth mentioning here, and one is their unique comfort and support. The ground contact cushioning of the cork footbed molds and curves according to your feet over time.   

Thus creating a perfect custom fit that ensures a healthy arch and equal weight distribution across your foot. They are thus the perfect gadget for long days in school or on outside expeditions.  

As for style, Birkenstocks offers you a wide collection of choices for any personal taste. Their timeless sandals can be worn with or without specific attire, depending on the situation and fashion.   

Their clogs add fun to the appearance of any outfit. Furthermore, they also come in diverse shades ranging from neutrals such as black or brown to bright and powerful colors like pink or metallics.  


On the other hand, Crocs might not have been made as a fashion accessory in the beginning, but now they are.

These lightweight foam clogs have become a choice of healthcare professionals for their comfortable properties, but the trend of VSCO girls has made them a must-have.  

Brandy Melville clothing 

Brandy Melville has gained popularity quite impressively because it is a favorite clothing brand among VSCO girls.   

It is known for its carefree and easygoing look appeal.  

Founded in Italy in the 1990s, this music style has gained a reputation that is almost like a cult among teenagers and young adults.

The one-size-fits-all concept that distinguishes Brandy Melville from other brands is being different in the fashion process.  

A Touch of Versatility  

The brand’s garments are designed to be simple yet trendy, which makes them suitable for many body types. Thus, becoming more and more accessible to everyone regardless of size and shape.   

This idea aligns perfectly with the positive VSCO girls’ trend that encourages diversity and inclusion.

This is what Brandy Melville is all about, which includes the design of its clothes to encourage all girls to own their uniqueness.  

A couple of Brandy Melville’s must-have items for any VSCO girl would be crop tops, loose t-shirts, and layered dresses.

These items are a necessity for any VSCO girl, yet they can still always be used in any way to create a formal look or one that suits more casual occasions.  

It doesn’t end there!  

Brandy Melville also offers a wide range of skirts, both minis and maxis, that go all too well with the beachy vibe appreciated by the VSCO girls. Together with skirts, they provide different pairs of shorts. They can be denim cutoffs, airy cotton materials, and even patterned types.  

Jumpsuits, rompers, and dresses are in the store of Brandy Melville, too, since they are also elevated but keep the relaxed vibe of the VSCO girl style, having different prints and textures.  

These can be tuned up with some fashionable accessories such as scrunchies or layered necklaces as we mentioned before! 

The Best VSCO Girl!  

Being a VSCO girl in the truest sense of the word is to be relaxed. One’s wardrobe should have comfortable clothes from environmentally friendly materials and accessorize with cute ones.   

Keep these points in consideration, but remember that there is nothing wrong with using some features to tweak it a bit and make it yours.  

Have you started your VSCO girl era? Then why not give us your best look in the comment section below? 

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