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Exploring The World Of Vintage Gold Necklaces For Your Bride

Are you looking to buy wedding jewelry for your bride? A statement piece with excellent craftsmanship and cultural significance? A romantic design that elevates the beauty of your bride?

If yes, vintage gold necklaces would be the ideal place to begin your search. Vintage jewelry can be timeless, unique, and a sustainable purchase. They carry with them a story of the past. And they can be a memorable and valuable asset that you can pass on to your future generation.

If you are looking for wedding jewelry inspiration and are wondering if vintage is the way to go, this article is for you. We will look at some popular vintage necklace styles and reasons vintage jewelry is a sound investment design and cost-wise.

Brief History Of Vintage Necklaces

Vintage gold necklaces date back to the early 1990s. These can either be 100 years old or 50 years old with a rustic look. These pieces of jewelry are usually characterized by their unique design, exceptional craftsmanship, and timeless aesthetic. Not only do these look stellar, but they are also very functional. 

Don a saree or a minimalist thread-work Kurta, and you can easily pair your vintage jewelry with it. Let’s get into a bit more detail about these neckpieces, which have the potential to turn heads around in a room. 

Bride Styles For Vintage Gold Necklaces 

Vintage gold necklace designs can be simple to extravagant. But it’s on you to pick the right occasion. If you are confused about what design to pick for your bride, here are a few options.

A. Solid Gold Chains

A solid gold chain could be a good choice if your partner leans towards a minimalistic aesthetic. The beauty of these chains is that they can be worn on their own, or you could add a gold, diamond, or gemstone pendant to go with it.

You could opt for Venezia gold necklaces that look dainty and feminine but are sturdy in design. Anchor chains are another popular design style. You can choose slim to thicker chains per your bride’s preference.

If you want a gold necklace that is on the heavier side, you can explore designs like Beehive or Bismarck.

B. Pearls

The allure of the pearls is timeless. Throughout ancient cultures, these gems have positive symbolic references.

For example, in Roman culture, pearls were associated with the goddess of love, Venus. Similarly, in Greek culture, they were considered tears of joy by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Today, the qualities of purity, beauty, and innocence are associated with pearls.

With the gem’s rich history combined with yesteryear’s craftsmanship, a vintage gold necklace with pearls will make for elegant wedding jewelry.

C. Diamonds

If in doubt, a diamond necklace would be the safest bet. Diamonds symbolize love, commitment, strength, and beauty. It can be a representation of the love you share for each other.

You can choose from small, elegant diamond pendants paired with solid gold chains. These gold chains could be gold, white, or rose gold. Or you could go for elaborate diamond necklaces.

D. Rare Gemstone Necklaces

If you want to buy an exclusive piece, vintage jewelry crafted using rare gemstones would be the way to go.

You can choose a white gold necklace fitted with blue sapphires. These sapphires are one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones. They could be your bride’s something blue on her special day.

If your partner likes wearing bold statement pieces, you could choose an exquisite gold necklace with rubies. This could be an heirloom piece that could stay in your family for years.

Bride Styles For Vintage Gold Necklaces 

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Vintage Gold Necklaces

If you have doubts about buying vintage jewelry, if they are valuable and worth the investment, the reasons below can help clarify.

1. Timeless Designs

You are bringing home a classic design when buying vintage jewelry, be it solid gold chains or intricately designed necklaces. A piece of jewelry that stays relevant regardless of the changing fashion trends.

The design, craftsmanship, and materials used lend the jewelry the aura of the bygone years. You can surely find excellent contemporary designs, but a vintage necklace will hold its own across generations.

2. Quality

Vintage jewelry tends to be superior in quality as compared to modern jewelry. Today, most pieces are cast. However, vintage pieces were either hand-made or hand-finished.

The quality and durable techniques used to craft jewelry 100 years ago are rare to see today. Ensure you are dealing with retailers who place priority on authenticity and quality.

3. Sustainability

With vintage jewelry, you are cutting down on production costs. For example, you are reusing resources by buying a pre-owned gold necklace. No new mining or manufacturing is being done for your piece of bridal jewelry.

This makes vintage necklaces a much more sustainable option than contemporary pieces. You can invest in a quality statement piece and have a clear conscience, knowing you have done your bit for the environment.

4. Story

The beauty of vintage jewelry is not only in its design but also in its story. You get to bring with you a unique story and know when, where, and who crafted the necklace.

Your vintage jewelry could be a conversation starter. Imagine your partner proudly sharing the historical significance of her necklace at the reception. You will not only be buying a necklace but gift her a story that could eventually become your family’s legacy.

5. Valuable

If you are looking at jewelry as an investment, vintage necklaces will not disappoint. Pieces that have less wear and tear and are well-preserved tend to have high value and are well-sought after in the market. Vintage pieces also hold their value over time.

When buying a vintage necklace, ensure you work with a retailer who ethically sources the pieces and places utmost importance on quality.


If you are looking for a statement necklace for your bride, you cannot go wrong with vintage jewelry. You can explore several chain types, for example, Anchor, Beehive, Curb, Venezia, and Infinity. You can purchase the chain as is or look for complementing pendants.

You could also look at exquisitely designed vintage necklaces fitted with pearls, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Another’s Legacy offers a range of unique and sustainable jewelry that will make your wedding day all the more special. You could also visit their showroom in Copenhagen and have a look at timeless vintage necklaces firsthand.

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