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15 Best Viking Hairstyles For Women To Look Bolder

If you are a fan of shows like The Viking, Ragnarok, and Norsemen, then you are quite familiar with the different hairstyles that the women in the show depicted. These hairstyles are very distinguished, with braids and side shaves.

With updo buns and long ponytails entangled with different types of braids like snake, fish, and bubble braids. These types of braids and hairstyles are a staple for viking women. 

But in the modern age, hairstyles are widely popular by everyone of every different culture.

Best Viking Hairstyles Women

Most of the hairstyles listed in the list below are inspired by most of the Viking shows that are very popular nowadays. 

If you want to try out these women viking hairstyles for yourself, then look at the list down below to know all the viking hairstyles women.

1. Bubbles & Braids

Bubbles & Braids

These bubbles & braid look very difficult to make, but if you are nifty enough and have patience, then you can tie it up. These bubble & braid hairstyles are created along with a ponytail. 

To make this look, you need to first create a section down the middle of the hair to create the bubble hairs. By backcombing, you need to create a bit of volume in your hair. Then create the bubbles individually by tying each up. 

Once all the bubbles are done, you need to tie these bubble braids up in two or more french braids or even ponytails. Now that the hairstyle is done, you can make it messy or have a clean look.

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2. Side Shaved Bob

Side Shaved Bob

If the words bold and confident go perfectly well with your personality, then you can very well carry off the haircut of a side shaved bob cut. It is a rather simple type of viking hairstyle women can get easily.

Here are a beautiful side shaved bob, along with one long hair, that you might want to have and easily try one of these out. 

3. Multiple French Braids

Multiple French Braids

There are several types of braids that are associated with the Viking culture, so there is no rule book regarding any type of braid. These braids can be simple multiple braids, or they can be multiple braid situations. 

These multiple braids women viking hairstyles make your hair look voluminous and eye-catchy at the same time.

4. Front Fishtail Braids

Front Fishtail Braids

To have a hair headband-like hairstyle, you need to make an upper front side fishtail in a way that it crowns your forehead. This hairstyle is very popular among the fans of the tv series ‘Vikings,’ with the character of Lagertha. 

5. Half-Up Bubbles With Layered Braids

Half-Up Bubbles With Layered Braids

This is a type of bubble ponytail that is in a half-up fashion, along with small female viking braids. These bubble braids are very distinct and are tied with small rubber bands. Make a half-bubble ponytail in your hair, then if you want, you can make it into a ponytail or leave it open.

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6. Ponytail With Small Braids

Ponytail With Small Braids

If you are into making a ponytail with small braids, then there are two ways of doing it, one is a messy ponytail, and one is a clean ponytail. But you should know that nothing is simple when it comes to the Vikings, then why should their hair be? 

You can make the braids either in the middle or on each side and then tie it up in a ponytail. The braids can be simple ones or french braids. You can easily pull the look off as elegant. 

7. Braided Half-Up Knot

Braided Half-Up Knot

We all know what a half-up knot hairstyle looks like but mixing it up with a Viking feel, you need to start with a braid and then in a half knot. These styles are now considered more bohemian nowadays, but these are originally Viking looks.

8. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail looks are very easy to create than any other braided look here. These ponytail looks can be very sporty or elegant, and wedding hairstyle looks. There are many ways you can go about this look, a few styles are shown here. 

9. Snake Braided Back

Snake Braided Back

The snake viking braids women are very intricate and have a very eye-catchy look to them. This look can be complicated and also quite simple in its look. Depending upon the complication you are willing to undertake, choose the snake braid you want to make. 

10. Intricately Braided Updo

Intricately Braided Updo

You can very well understand by the name that the braided updo look is very intricately created. With these braided updos, Viking hairstyles women create for certain formal occasions like weddings, parties, and even bridal showers.

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More Viking Hairstyles For Women

Here are a few more women Viking hairstyles that are very popular among women nowadays. 

  • Side-Shaved Fishtail Braid
Side-Shaved Fishtail Braid
  • Side-Shaved Dreadlocks
Side-Shaved Dreadlocks
  • Braided Half Up
Braided Half Up
  • Fishtail Braid & Curls
Fishtail Braid & Curls
  • Bubble Braid Mohawk

Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have any more queries regarding viking hairstyle women, here are a few questions you might want to know. 

Q1. How Do I Get A Viking To Look?

There are a couple of ways you can get a good Viking look, To get a Viking look, you need to grow your hair and have it in braids or a half top-knot style of hair. 

Q2. How Did Female Vikings Wear Their Hair?

Since a women’s hairstyle is normally long, the hair is tied in a half-knot fashion, a style with single or multiple braids. These can be fashioned in many ways, like a head scarf, in a ponytail, or kept open. 

Q3. What Is Ragnar’s Hairstyles?

If you are a fan of the show Viking, then you are well aware of the character Ragnar Lothbrok and his unique hairstyles. The character has unique braided or top-knot ponytails or even shaved sides. 

Wrapping Up!

With these Viking hairstyles women have a rather bold look that is quite fascinating to look at and very interesting. Although these hairstyles are complicated, they are very beautiful if you do it correctly.

These styles are very bold, confident, and wilder looks, so it takes a lot of confidence on your part to try them out.

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