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15 Unprofessional Hairstyles Women Should Avoid

What does an unprofessional hairstyle mean? Looking decent and sophisticated is a must if you are heading out for a meeting or an interview. In this context, you must be extremely cautious regarding your hairstyle. A perfect, simple, and professional hairstyle define your attitude as well as taste.

Unprofessional hairstyles are those which make you and your attitude look casual in a professional setting. For example, in a meeting or interview, such hairstyles indicate your reluctance towards your responsibilities.

Every hairstyle has a different message, intention, and image. Of course, being an inhabitant of the modern world, you have the right to make any hairstyle you want. But having the courage to wear them necessitates inward admiration and acceptance and also external appreciation and approval.

Steering clear of these hairstyles is mandatory to gain the right impression and trust. Rainbow hair colors, messy styles, and edgy or sloppy hairs are a big NO to official events.

15 Unprofessional Hairstyles Women Should Avoid

Let us have a look at some unprofessional hairstyles that you simply avoid while attending an interview or a meeting.

1. Rainbow Colored Hair

Rainbow colored hair

If you work in a traditional environment and need to dye your hair, plenty of natural colors will maintain your professional attitude. However, you do not need to have rainbow-colored hair to look unique at your workplace.

Indeed, your hair color is your personal choice, but you require adhering to workplace norms. For example, multi-colored hair strands or funky colors look highly unprofessional if you work from the office or attend an interview.

2. Chunky Cornrows

Chunky Cornrows

These straight black braids are definitely a misfit in an office environment. Employers in most countries perceive corn rows as inappropriate, deviant, and unprofessional. As a result, it is simple to see why cornrows have been so popular in the last decade.

3. Lose Updo

Loose updo

A loose updo with shiny, sparkly hair clips is ideal for weddings, prom, dates, or parties. However, if it is your workplace, your employer will yell at you. The key reason loose updo is considered to be unprofessional is its messiness. The hair locks keep hanging down, which gives an unpleasant look.

However, it is possible to easily change this style to an elegant yet stylish professional one. Tone down the teasing, smooth back the loose strands, and use some sprinkles of water to set the front and side hairs.

4. Dreadlocks


It is one most unprofessional hairstyles that you will never want to do. Employees with dreadlocks are typically frowned upon by employers owing to the negative impression that they are inexperienced. Additionally, in white-collar jobs, dreadlocks pose deep concerns in terms of job security.  

Even in various provinces across the world, dreadlocks are considered to be unhygienic by white-collar officials. There have been several instances where employers gave the worker the choice of losing their job or changing their hairstyle.

Don’t get disheartened, but this is the fact! Dreadlocks tend to look unprofessional and messy. Thus, before going for a job hunt or a team meeting, plan and grow your hair. If you have no option, wear a professional wig to handle the situation temporarily.  

5. Bold Undercuts

Bold undercuts

This short-medium hairstyle contrasts the top with the side hair. The top hairs are left long, but the sides and back are buzzed short. This style may look bold and edgy, but you might miss a promotion.

This hairstyle is nowhere in line with the professional regulations that you should follow diligently at work. One needs to look polished at work, and you cannot achieve this with a vibrant-looking undercut.

6. Pigtails


Pigtails look genuinely adorable, but your superior might confuse you with a kid who is job shadowing. Also, this schoolgirl style will put you embarrassed in a meeting of high officials. Big swooping pigtails may also give the impression that you are not taking organizational grooming codes seriously.

Think of yourself as an employer. Would you like to strike a coworker in the face with your pigtails? So if you want to craft your professional image at work or convince clients to accept your deal, avoid this style.

7. Space Buns

Space buns

This 20th-century Mexican hairstyle is perfect if you are going to watch Star Wars or attend a music festival. Nevertheless, for professional purposes, again, this hairstyle is a big no-no. Please note that the term ‘fancy’ is excluded from the list of professional hairstyles.

If it is an interview, you will indeed get rejected if you appear in the interview hall with space buns. With a perfect-fit shirt, blazer, and a trouser, space buns would look ridiculous.

8. French Braided Pigtails

French braided pigtails

No, not even a neat French braided pigtail will get a YES. This hairstyle looks extremely cute for women with small and round faces. However, it is better to reserve this one for the weekend gym.

Is it suitable for team meetings or group discussions? – No, not at all. You may look sweet, but your impression will be affected. You may even receive negative feedback from your superiors for not obeying office etiquette.

9. Goblin Hairstyle

Goblin hairstyle

In case your mind comes up with this kind of hairstyle before a meeting, strictly refuse. Goblin hairstyles look super cool if you are on a rock show or a disco floor. Needless to say, this style will ruin your image in any professional association.

Even if your office does not mention any grooming code for the upcoming meeting, do not even try this hairstyle. Not only will the officials restrict you from joining the forum, but also they might suspend you.

10. I Literally Woke Up Like This

The excuse of having unbrushed hair and saying, “I woke up like this,” is an old excuse that is not going to work in a professional environment. So even if you are running late for work, at least try to brush your hair on the way over.

11. Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair

Are you going to Coachella? If not, put your crimping iron aside since it is one of those unprofessional hairstyles that you cannot have in the workplace. This hairstyle doesn’t go with any occasion other than a festival.

12. Greased Hair

No matter where you are going, it is not okay to have greasy, oily hair until and unless it is intentional. Having greasy hair means you haven’t washed your hair for days. Even a whole bottle of dry shampoo won’t be able to rescue you from that, making it totally an unprofessional hairstyle for work.

13. High Side Ponytail

Until and unless your office is celebrating an 80s-themed party, making a high-side ponytail is not something that is appropriate in the workplace, This is why it is also considered to be an unprofessional hairstyle in an office.

14. Big Hair Clips

Big Hair Clips

Just like certain hairstyles are considered unprofessional hairstyles, at the same time, certain hair accessories are also considered to be unprofessional in the workplace. One such accessories are big chunky hair clips to clip your hair. These hair clips look very unprofessional in the workplace.

15. Too-Short Bangs

It is obvious that baby bangs are a trend that is going on right now, but even then, it is a hairstyle that is not something that your boss might find trendy or edgy. So it is better to avoid any such unprofessional hairstyles in the workplace if it is possible.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know all the unprofessional hairstyles, look at some critical steps to create a professional hairdo. First, stick to classic hairstyles such as sleek ponytails, buns, and regular three-strand braids.

Furthermore, delete the word ‘fancy’ and keep your hair tamed. Thirdly, try to abstain from edges unless your workplace is exceptionally progressive. Last but not least, ensure that your hair looks clean and tangle-free.

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