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5 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas for 2020

2020 is really an overwhelming year for some, a lot of challenges and struggles happened last year but this won’t stop anyone to get married and be happier with someone you want to spend your life with for a very long time! And speaking of which, choosing a unique engagement ring that fits the trend (and your fiancée’s finger) can be tough.

But the good thing about living in 2020 is that the trends and styles aren’t complicated as it seems. Metal and stone choice is going to be pretty easy even if you have a different preference in shapes. But choosing the perfect fit for the perfect person is the hardest, so we are going to help you by listing the top variants for 2020 from the traditional style up to the classy silhouette every woman is longing for.

1. Rose gold is here to stay!

Engagement Ring

 Rose gold was a big hit when accessories and phone manufacturers used this color. The market demanded more, no wonder why it invaded rings as well!  One of its advantages is the color itself, it complements any skin tone that gives a feminine look that looks not so perky and quirky. If you’re bored out with the traditional platinum and white gold color, then this one’s for you. The solidarity color of rose gold ensembles that we could be trendy by staying sophisticated.

2. 1900’s Inspired :

2020 brought back the life of vintage style. From arts to design, the classy style of the 1900’s era has been always craved by any other era. It has and it will always have a romantic theme no one could ever deny, that’s why these rings are still the most chosen design for the proposal.

In addition, each decade in the 1900s has its distinct design and you can easily search for one (or more) that will suit your partner best. Aside from the old charm it gives, its style justified that it could really last a lifetime (a good punchline maybe) since its popularity has never faded out.

3. New Trend Alert! Stacked Rings :

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 If you want to brag your creativity, stacked rings are for you! This type is composed of different pieces of rings and wedding bands but when stacked together, it creates that massive and truly unique look.

Its mix and match combination will give you the freedom to show and express the personality you have and the person you are offering it to. If your partner loves an extra sparkle then make them say yes to the ring(s)!

4. A Diamond Alternative – Birthstones are here to rescue :

 Unique Engagement Rings

Diamond is really expensive and if we could just give it right away to our loved one, we have definitely chosen this option already. Luckily, we have an alternative that will give you exciting possibilities—birthstones! Birthstone rings look traditional balanced with understated elegance. One’s personal taste could be sensed by using birthstones as a ring and a great bonus for this is, it’s suitable for those on a tight budget!

The adorable shapes and sizes it could give are distinct compared to other kinds of rings and will give you a look of vintage elegance intertwined with a modern twist while showing off the real you. You can maybe mix it up a bit and show your partner your romantic side by also having your birthstone in the ring that can symbolize your two souls becoming intertwined.

5. Black is still in :

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 Black was portrayed as bad charm or darkness but just to remind you, it’s already 2020 and black became a non-traditional color that gives an edgy and chic look, perfect for an unconventional bride to be. What is more remarkable is that the black and unique engagement ring/band symbolizes eternal commitment. These rings are definitely a fresh twist so whether you go big by combining it with colored gemstones and diamonds or go, minimalist, you’d still end up showcasing a glamour look with a darker shade of sophistication and superiority above all the color. Besides that, who wouldn’t love to flaunt their unique engagement ring? We typically choose something that gives statements in one look, and going black will definitely go beyond brilliance and aesthetics—it will also show how much of an exceptional couple you are!

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