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Top 10 Types Of Sweaters For Men: Sweater Buying Guide In 2023

Do you know why some men look sexier in sweaters? It’s because they have chosen the right types of sweaters

Also, remember those childhood days when your mom would ask you not to go out in winter without sweaters? Those sweaters were fun, with many colors, patterns, embroideries, and appliques. But then adulting happened! Never mind!

Fortunately, choices do not seem boring, and they are rather tempting when we talk about different types of sweaters for men. 

So, as Dua Lipa sings, let’s “Love Sweater Weather Again” and explore the options. But before that, there are a few words for you about getting the “fitting right.”

Getting The Right Fit For All Types Of Sweaters

Fitting is very crucial for sweaters for men as well as female types of sweaters. And I don’t think any of us gets sweaters “tailored” or “stitched.” So, next time you pick a sweater from the rack, remember these simple tips.

First, it’s about the sleeves. Those loose-fitting sleeves, almost covering your wrists, nightmares! So, get the fitting and the length of your sleeves right. Ideally, the sleeve hems should touch the big bone of your wrist and should not stretch longer.

Next, it’s about the length. The hemline of your sweater should be close to the “mid-fly” section. If the hemline goes down, it will give you a shabby appearance. And you cannot wear a sweater that ends above the mid-fly as you don’t want a crop top, right?

Finally, choose the fitting of the sweater according to how you will wear it. The fitting should be loose if you wear it as the outer layer in place of your favorite leather jacket. However, if you are wearing the sweater inside a suit, it should offer a skimming fit. 

Now, you will manage to pick the right sweater from the rack, and let’s check out the options. 

Types Of Sweaters For Men

Most of us have favorite brands when it comes to sweaters. We go for a Lee Cooper, Van Heusen, or Nike because we like their styles, designs, and types of knits for sweaters, fitting, and comfort. 

However, this list of top ten variations in sweaters for men will give you amazing ideas to experiment with. Here are the options I have curated for you. 

1. Crew Neck Solid Sweater

Crew Neck Solid Sweater

They say, “When unsure, buy a crew neck in black or blue.” Some things really stay, like these crew neck sweaters for men. The simple design and sleek knitting pattern still make them a popular choice for casual occasions.

You can wear it over a T-Shirt or shirt and, if needed, layer it with a jacket or coat. In bottom wear, choose jeans or chinos to complete your look. 

2. Classic V-Neck Full Sleeves Sweater With Ribbed Hem

The ideal picture of an “office-guy” is incomplete with a V-neck sweater. This is the most minimalist yet popular among the types of sweaters for men. 

Today, you will find a lot of variety in the patterns of these V-neck sweaters. The ones in solid, slub, or checks seem the classiest.

When heading to a business meeting, wear your V-neck sweater over a collared shirt and team it with a pair of trousers and moccasins. 

3. Quarter Zip Sweater

When it’s about the types of sweaters for formal, semi-formal, or smart casual looks, a quarter zip sweater is the most contemporary style you can get.

A quarter zip sweater comes with a short zip fly at the front. For a debonair look, wear it with a pair of chinos or formal trousers. And a pair of aviator sunglasses will be just perfect as an accessory. 

4. Aran Sweaters

Aran sweaters have come a long way from being the staple of Irish fishermen. These sweaters always draw attention because of their distinct patterns and variety in knitting styles. 

Nowadays, you can have a lot of variations in the designs and patterns of Aran sweaters. You can pick one in cardigan style or get one with a hooded, quarter-zip, mid-zip, or turtle neck.

These sweaters are a little baggy thanks to their thick knitting. So, wear your Aran sweater with well-fitted jeans or chinos. However, my favorite complement to this style of sweater is a pair of corduroy pants. 

5. Sweater Vests: Creating A Cottage Core Vibe

Sweater Vests: Creating A Cottage Core Vibe

Most of us have seen our fathers or granddads wearing sweater vests when the weather just gets cooler. As one of the most popular types of sweaters, these have a cottage core vibe and are now available with different knitting patterns. For an inherent texture, these sweater vests are detailed with ribbed detailing along the sleeves or hemline.

Wear your sweater vest over a full-sleeve shirt and team it with a pair of chinos in an earthy tone to make a style statement. 

6. Turtle Neck Sweater

Beatniks and their anti-materialistic lifestyle made the turtle neckline popular during the 50s and 60s. Associated with scholars and intellectuals, this sweater style again witnessed a surge in popularity with Steve Jobs wearing them.

A turtle neck sweater looks good with jeans, chinos, and different types of trousers. You can even wear it beneath a blazer or jacket. 

7. Fair Isle Sweaters

Fair Isle Sweaters

Fair Isle sweaters stand out because of their versatility in patterns and knitting. Double-stranded fine yarns are used to make these sweaters warmer.

These sweaters for men look good in shades of blue, black, grey, and beige. However, I personally prefer black or blue as they create the ideal canvas for subtle pattern-making and detailing. 

8. Cardigans With A Shawl Collar

Exuding an old-world charm, cardigans with a shawl collar will definitely feature on the list of popular types of sweaters. I think these sweaters have something very countryish yet very classy. And I love how Daniel Craig wears it in simple black or grey. 

You can even wear a cardigan sweater in brown. These sweaters, especially the ones with textured knitting, help to flaunt muscles and sheer masculine charm. 

9. Cable Knit Sweaters

From Elvis Presley to Chris Evans, cable knit sweaters have passed the test of time with flying colors. Remember Jail House Rock or the Knives Out? 

With a vintage vibe, these sweaters are also the coziest. Usually, lambswool or wools with a thick ply are used for knitting these sweaters.

A classic example of this sweater is a V-neck full sleeves cable knit sweater with a lot of textures and ribbed detailing along the hemline and sleeve hems. 

10. Polo Sweater

A polo sweater can be a good fit if you want to step out in style on cooler days. As the name says, this type of sweater has a polo neck and a short button placket. And these come with full sleeves for that extra warmth.

Thanks to the polo neck, these sweaters have a formal air, and you can wear them for business meetings with a pair of chinos or crisp trousers. These sweaters are even perfect for layering. Just wear a long coat over it and have the most dapper look. 

Final Words

Once you have picked the right types of sweaters, select your bottom wear and layers (if needed) carefully. For instance, if you wear a polo-neck sweater or V-neck sweater for a formal occasion, your staples will be chinos or crisp trousers. You can team the sweater with jeans for a smart casual or casual look.

And don’t forget your shoes. Try choosing moccasins or formal loafers so that you have a pair to complement your sweater for almost every occasion.

There you are! I think it’s time for you to pick your favorite from the rack. Happy shopping!

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