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Different Types Of Pants For Men And Women In 2021

The word ‘fashion’ is an ever-changing concept. For each type of fashion, there is always a specific purpose. For example, in a work environment, you should not want to put on shorts or joggers. Here, different types of pants will come into play.

Over the last 1.5 years, hanging out or going to work is a distant memory. Irrespective of gender and all forms of age, people are now more familiar with PJs and sweatpants.

However, for every man and woman, there are different choices regarding types of pants in 2021. Do you want to pick your favorite bottom wear style from the list? Come, let us have a look.

Types Of Pants That Are Trending For Women In 2021

Types Of Pants That Are Trending For Women

Women’s bottom wear has transformed quite a lot within the last ten years. Most of the styles of the 90s are no more in place. But some evergreen styles are again coming back in 2021.

See all the liberating, comfortable, ruthlessly stylish, and trending types of pants for men and women below. Each of these deserves to seize places in your Wardrobe in 2021.

1. Wide-Leg High Waist Pants

Wide-Leg High Waist Pants

These pants are on the most trending list these days. It is perfect for any kind of occasion – both informal and formal. You can easily glam up your style by wrapping around your flaring bottom and mid-riff pants.

Be it a cropped tee or a simple blouse, you can pair these types of pants with most of the trending tops.

2. Ribbed Knit Baggy Trousers

Ribbed Knit Baggy Trousers

Athleisure is emerging as one of the most demanding fashion trends ever since we are locked up at home. These cozy, ribbed knit baggy pants have come forward as one of the stylish bottoms wears.

Don’t assume that this pant is only suitable to wear indoors. You can easily pair a knitted top with these flattering neutral-colored pants to glow up at any time of the day.

3. Culottes


Culottes were a significant fashion trend during the 1930s in the form of skirt pants. As we mentioned earlier, not all 20th-century styles have become obsolete; Culottes are still very popular.

This breezy, spacious, and snugly type makes your style versatile wherever you are. You can flawlessly flatter your curves apart from wearing them for long hours.

4. Vinyl Leggings

Vinyl Leggings

In short, vinyl leggings are- leggings with a glossy finish, concealed elasticity near the waist, and imitation leather. A ruffle blouse or a fitted knit top goes best with the vinyl pants.

If you search for a low-key, casual outfit, the vinyl pant is the best choice for you. Vinyl pants seem uncomfortable due to their plastic look, but in reality, they are as cozy as tapered jeans.

5. Peg Trousers

Peg Trousers

Its tailored structure, roomy shape, and easy-fitting design are loved by every fashion enthusiast. Although it is on-trend, its popularity can be connected to that of the 1980s and 1950s.

These types of pants have reappeared as one of the most trending women’s bottom wears. You can draw attention in a mass by combining peg trousers with cropped blouses, dramatic sleeved tops, and well-fit boxy tops. 

Types Of Pants That Are Trending For Men In 2021

Types Of Pants That Are Trending For Men

The right types of pants give every man confidence to enjoy the adventure, get the desired job, or charm the first date. From casual chinos to joggers, there is a wide range of pants for men to choose from.

Because of this multidimensional variety, it could be tiresome picking up the best trouser style that goes with your overall attitude. So without wasting any more time, let us move on to the trending types of pants for men or boys in 2021.

6. Chinos


Chinos serve various functions in terms of creating styles. You can combine this with already existing upper wears to create a casual look. Due to their lightweight texture, you can wear them during hot summer for outdoor activities.

Chinos have been one of the top choices of many Hollywood heartthrobs and sports stars for more than a century. These are more favorable than the jeans that make them an excellent choice for the summer months.

7. Wool Trousers

Wool Trousers

When it comes to wool options, you will get plenty of textile options. From gabardine to mohair, each of these types of trousers fulfills different unique objectives. If you are willing to get a classic plain look, you are required to consider pairing a knit sweater with darker woolen pants.

Mohair is the ideal choice if you plan to travel for long hours as it is incredibly comfortable and preserves its shape. Needless to mention that, the fabric of wool bottoms is suitable enough for chilling winters.

8. Relaxed Leg Pants

Relaxed Leg Pants

Relaxed leg bottom wears are a traditional sample that has arrived back into style after almost two to three decades. It is possible to add these types of trousers to your closet effortlessly.

It is crucial to make sure that the length is accurate to take it up to the mark. A casual or smart piece works superbly with relaxed leg trousers o fit the professional and streetwear style.

9. Joggers


Joggers are a casual style, although you can give it a bold look if you pair it with bright shoes, unique accessories, and blazers. Brighter hues work better than neutral tones if you would like to create a commendable look. 

There is no harm in adding your twist and look quirky as well as daring.

The Final Thoughts

Picking out your favorite bottom half could be tedious on exhaustive summer days. You have to investigate the material more apart from the design and style to look fresh in a humid climate.

With our extensive list of options available above, why don’t you go ahead and choose yours with utmost confidence and zeal? We are pretty much sure that you can shock the people around you by considering our suggested trouser combinations.

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