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Top 10 Types Of Belts For Men In 2021

Over time, the perception about men’s fashion has transformed just like women’s fashion. Although men’s accessory trends evolve at a sluggish rate compared to women’s, they are not far behind. Most of these have received influences from movies, fashion shows, and web series. 

However, in the last two to three years, menswear has become cooler than ever. Most importantly, in terms of belts, we have observed several styles, designs, and patterns. A wide range of belt trends has come up recently. Starting from the buckle size to the appearance, the sense of the belt fashion has drastically changed.  

Are you looking for suggestions for the best trending belts? This article will discuss the top 10 types of belts in 2021 that are worth trying. Keep reading the section below.  

Top 10 Types Of Belts For Men In 2021

Top 10 Types Of Belts For Men

Belts are more than just a fashion accessory. They serve a functional use as well. Brands that manufacture it, often take help from some of the world’s leading suppliers of Belt Blanks. This ensures the highest level of quality, durability, texture, style and trends that. A good belt is all about the quality of material. This determines its price, longevity and other important things.

A belt is a flexible band that is made of leather or similar material. I hope all of you have come across this accessory many times in your life. But choosing the right one that perfectly fits your dress is tedious work.  

There is no need to worry because here are the names of some men’s belts that have come to our attention. These are not only highly-rated but also stylish enough. Read the below section containing 10 trending types of belts to select yours. 

1. Red Wing Heritage: Pioneer Belt

Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Belt

The material of this belt is full-grain leather (100%), whereas it is a single prong buckle. You can get this belt in 3 different colors and five sizes. The tricky part is that its color would continue to get darker and refined with age.  

The product is supremely comfortable with hand-burnished edges and 1.5” width. However, the cons are that it is expensive, but the expense is worth it. In addition, the manufacturer of this belt is of U.S. origin. 

2. Tanner Goods Standard Belt 

Tanner Goods Standard Belt

This U.S. brand is a leading competitor in terms of men’s belts. It has a timeless design and is ideal for a number of looks. On the contrary, the gold hardware with a single prong buckle gives a perfect panache. The price of the item is towards the high end, but again it is worth it. 

3. Allen Edmonds Men’s Manistee

Allen Edmonds Men’s Manistee

It is made of 100% full-grain leather. The product again has a single-prong buckle. Furthermore, the number of size variants is seven, while the color availability is 3. This product is most suitable for men who put on quality and classy attire daily. 

What’s more? – it can withstand daily tear and wear. However, the disadvantage is that the color availability range is not so wide. Moreover, for bigger men, the size selection is a little problematic.

4. Telfar Logo Belt

Telfar Logo Belt

One of the cheapest and elegant looking products that every belt lover knows about. If you are a student and want to wear something stylish, then it is tailored for you. Its classic vegan leather gives utmost comfort any time, any place. 

The available colors include tan, black, as well as white. The big plus is its logo that upholds the brand name in the form of an iconic ‘T.’  

 5. Arcade Belt Co. – YOSAR Guide Belt

Arcade Belt Co. - YOSAR Guide Belt

The product is available in 3 different materials such as leather, alloy, and nylon. The buckle has a loop pattern. Despite its high quality, the primary disadvantages are its limited color variants and single-size availability.

There is a saying that this belt raises money for a specific cause. So, a big thumbs up to its material quality. It contains such high-grade constituents that you can wash it regularly.  

6. Freemans Burgundy Belt 

Freemans Burgundy Belt

Although it has one color, its burgundy tanned leather gives a unique appearance amidst a crowd. In addition, an antique brass buckle increases the sophistication as well. Although it is a high-end item, why think about the price when the occasions last for only a day?  

7. Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt For Men

Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt For Men

It is an intense-looking belt constituting genuine leather of top quality. The buckle design is of slide ratchet; therefore, it will give you the perfect fit all the time. But, do you know the best part? 

There are 38 color variants you will find while purchasing this item, along with six different sizes. Who says that the types of belts for men are narrow?

It is thus evident from the description that Its cent-percent satisfaction guarantee is indeed justifiable. The only limitation is related to the product material. Genuine leather does not last a lifetime. 

8. Marimo Leather Dress Belt

Marimo Leather Dress Belt

With a single prong buckle, it is not behind the competitors, especially Bulliat’s belt. The colors range is just excellent, with 17 distinctive hues. Do you know what the best thing about it is? -the 15 different sizes. You can flawlessly match this belt to your Chelsea Boots.   

9. Levi’s Men’s Work Belt 

Levi’s Men’s Work Belt

It has 100% genuine leather with a double prong buckle. The color variant is moderately favorable with five different colors. However, the sizes available are eight, and that is quite satisfactory. 

When it comes to looking sharp with a pair of denim trousers or a denim shirt, a belt from Levi’s is the best choice. For ages, men have trusted this brand for its double prong, no-frills, refined leather texture. But, in this case, the most considerable drawback is the material – genuine leather that questions its lifetime sustainability.

10. Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Leather Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Leather Belt

It is the most popular brand name across the world. Nevertheless, just like the brand identity, the belt also has a great brand image. With a single prong buckle and genuine leather as base material, the extensive color variations make it one of a kind. 

The casual yet classic belt is a must-try if you are a fashion enthusiast. Out of all the types of belts discussed above, we are sure that you will get attracted to this one. 

The Final Words

To conclude, there is no reason to think that men’s accessories are lagging behind women’s. As you can see above, the most trending types of belts in 2021, here is not the end; there are many more like this. Not only are they real symbols of comfort and quality, but also they indicate smartness. 

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