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The Best Kpop Hairstyle To Try: Two Block Haircut [Updated 2022]

The two block haircut is one of the trendiest hairstyles that has originated in Korea. This hairstyle has recently gained a lot of attention and people from all over the world are trying out this look.

Many K-Pop idols and Korean celebrities have influenced this hairstyle and let me tell you it’s darn cute. Asian people have always looked unique from the rest of the world, and they keep on adding unique looks to enhance their style.

Initially, the two block haircut was started by men and was called the K-pop men hairstyle. But since it gained its popularity among the mass which is huge, girls too try out two block haircuts. They are now K-pop girl hairstyles as well.

When it comes to popular hairstyles most of the time it happens to be women’s haircuts, but two block haircuts being men’s haircuts topped the list of most iconic hairstyles in 2021.

In this article, I will be talking about what a two block haircut is, types of two block haircuts and a tutorial for those who feel comfortable cutting their own hair.

Two Block Haircut: What Is That?

What Is A Two Block Haircut

People often confuse a two block haircut with an undercut. Why? Because they fail to see the prominent change in the lower block and upper block in the two block haircut.

The two block haircut is the sharper version of an undercut, with its structure and pattern. There you go with the first block, the second block happens to stay at the crown of the head with much longer hair.

The reason why men discovered this hairstyle is because it creates a chic and clean look on men’s facial structure. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain since its short, and short hair is always easy to carry.

The two block haircut is also suitable for most face types. Age is just a number because this hairstyle can be rocked by both young and old people.

To maintain the hairstyle, you don’t always have to be at the salon, you can do it yourself by trimming the lower part, to keep it in shape.

Kpop Hairstyle Ideas With Two Block Haircut: Top 10 Edition!

Top 10 Kpop Hairstyle Ideas With Two Block Haircuts

Here are 10 K-Pop hairstyle ideas that are stunning and easy to maintain all through the season and can be styled with almost every outfit.

1. The Simple Two-Blocked Undercut

Two-Blocked Undercut

Sorry to break your ice but K-Pop hairstyles are not conventional and not many people can just pull it off as Koreans do. Their hairstyles are very unique and elaborate.

This hairstyle is the sharper version of an undercut, with much hair left as it is with just little trimming on the crown of the head.

2. Two-Block But With Side Part

Two-Block With Side Part

Hair color if done properly never looks bad, especially vibrant hair colors on fair skin tone. Natural black hair is also very beautiful but if you want your two block haircut to look a bit sexier, then apply a light shade of brown.

The brown shade must go with your skin tone, and you can style it with a side parting. Not too much leaning on one side, but also not in the middle.

3. What About A Two-Block With Spikes

Two-Block With Spikes

Spikes denote how rebellious you are, and you still show that with a two block haircut. As I said earlier, this haircut can be styled however you want.

The messy look on a cute face makes others wonder what personality you exactly hold. Keep them guessing, I say!

4. A Two-Block With Red Highlights? Ooh La La!

Two-Block With Red Highlights

A Korean two block haircut with red highlights is pretty cool. Rather than the basic hair color, a red hue looks quite good on a two block haircut. But highlighting your hair with a shade called blorange which is a mixture of red and blonde, can beat every other color.

The highlights must start from halfway up your hair strands. Never start it from the scalp. Starting halfway and ending at the tip of your hair.

5. Playing Safe With Two-Block With Round Bangs

Two-Block With Round Bangs

The two block haircut k-pop can also handle round bangs. This hairstyle gives you a professional as well as a casual look. People with broad foreheads can always go for this look. The bangs cover the forehead as well as your eyes. And that’s really attractive.

Keep the back as it is, trimmed and all. Focus on the front part of your hair as the bangs will be the only thing that will help you slay the look.

6. Two-Block With Perms

Two-Block With Layers

K-Pop hairstyle is now ruling the fashion industry. Whoever you see, you will find that they have the two block hairstyle adapted. This goes for both men and women. If you want to have some texture and definition to your hair, go with layers.

The perms, in this hairstyle, will give you medium length which will be easy for you to maintain all through. The layered two block haircut can be short or can stay long, as per your wish.

7. Two-Block With Disconnected Undercut

Two-Block With Disconnected Undercut

If you really have the patience to wait until your hair grows enough to merge two blocks with a disconnected undercut, then you are about to be the badass in your circle.

This style is about almost shaving one side of the head and the other side hoar long. This will only make you look bold, remember if you are not keeping one side of the hair short enough then the chances for hair to look shaggy will increase.

8. Two-Block With An Edgy Look

Two-Block With An Edgy Look

With a chic and slim face, you can anytime rock the edgy – short haircuts. Therefore you can also make your two block haircut edgy by keeping all the sides short. To give it a twist you should push back the front section of your hair to the side, to make it look bold.

The locks of the crown will look really good if you color it with dirty brown.

9. Two-Block With Wavy Hair

Two-Block With Straight Hair

Asian hairstyles look more Asian when they are styled sleek. Because that is their natural hair texture. Therefore you really don’t have to go burning your hair to death in order to style them.

Keeping the locks as they are is going to give your hair a very natural look. And trust me when I say this, it will turn heads in a room. If you think that the hair is not staying in its place, you can always use a little bit of gel to set your locks.

10. Two-Block With Straight Bangs

Two-Block With Straight Bangs

Since you beautiful Asian people are already blessed with straight hair, therefore it will eventually feature straight bangs. Bangs are basically for big forehead, Asians are blessed with that as well. It is how they look.

Therefore bangs help in disguising foreheads and also help to frame your facial structure. You can choose how you want to cut the sides and the back since the front section is low-key.

Two-Block Haircut Tutorial: Do It Yourself!

Two-Block Haircut Tutorial

This section is for those who love to cut their own hair, we have written down all the steps to get a stunning two-block haircut for yourself, by yourself.

Step 1

Get a huge mirror and a small mirror, a new pair of scissors, a comb, a water spray bottle, and a cloth to wrap yourself with.

Step 2

Wet your hair by spraying water or with your hands, I would suggest doing it with the bottle.

Step 3

Separate your hair into two parts, the first part is the top hair which you separate from the bottom. Clip the top part so that it doesn’t come in the way while you are dealing with the bottom part of the hair.

Step 4

Now very carefully cut the sides and the back, you can go short as you want. 13mm.

Step 5

Don’t hurry, cut little, tally, then cut more if necessary. Don’t make decisions, see yourself in the mirror every time you run the scissor on your hair.

Step 6

Now cut the lower part of the sides and the back. 6mm.

Step 7

Use a T-outliner to clean the hairline from the back and the slides.

Step 8

Now the small mirror that you have should be in front of your face and the huge mirror will be at the back of your head. Move it a bit sideways, can you see the back of your head. Now cut it properly.

Step 9

Remove your clippers.

Step 10

Now cut the tips of your hair vertically with the scissor. To make it look sharp.

And hey, if you think watching a video might be able to help you better, I have you covered. Watch this video to have the Two Block haircut at home ⬇️⬇️

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Bottom Line: You Are Just Two Blocks Away!

Here you go with an article that has everything you should know about a two block k-pop hairstyle.

Since this hairstyle suits all types of faces, it will suit you too, just follow the tutorial very carefully. It’s your hair, don’t screw it up. And it is okay if you cannot be a Kpop star, you can at least look like one!

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