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What Are The 10 Best Twist Hairstyles You Can Try This Season? (How To Style Them)

Twist hairstyles are celebrated for their versatility and ease of maintenance and styling. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman.

The color, texture, thickness, and length of your hair are also not concerns for styling your hair with twists. 

In fact, we know that curly hair is the toughest to manage. However, with twisting, you can easily have the best hairstyle to flaunt your curls without any mess.

Are you excited to learn various hair styling ideas for this season? Let’s explore!

What Are Twist Hairstyles?

Twist hairstyles are done using two strands of hair. You can create this hairstyle by braiding two strands of hair into a spiral braid. To further stylize this braid, you can use ribbons, dreadlocks, and hair extensions available easily.

Now, why are twist hairstyles so popular? For many years, it has been a go-to hairstyle in various Afro-American cultures. With naturally curly hair, people find this hairstyle very refreshing, and it helps to keep the appearance neat. 

In addition, it’s a protective hairstyle, reducing the chances of hair fall. 

Different Twist Styles You Can Try For Yourself

From simple twists to the more intricate and thicker ones, twist hairstyles allow you to play with the texture and volume of your hair.

You just need to keep your scalp moisturized to be creative with this hairstyle. Also, accessories for adorning the twisted braids are many. You can pick cuffs, beads, and artificial hair extensions for a more glammed-up look. 

Twist Hairstyles For Women

Types of twist braids for women are versatile. Further, there is no dearth of inspiration if you look at the women celebs flaunting this hairstyle.

From Rihanna and Beyonce to Nichole Ari Parker and Gabrielle Union, you have a lot of biggies wearing this style. 

So, let’s find some easy and stylish hairstyling ideas for you. 

Twist Braids With Golden Cuffs

Golden cuffs are the cutest accessories you can think of while styling a long twisted hairstyle. However, that does not stop you from using these cuffs in your short or medium-length hair.

First, tie your long strands into rope twists. Then, be creative with the placement of these cuffs. 

You can place the cuffs at the root, middle, or base of the twists.

Shoulder Length Twist Braids

For your shoulder-length hair, you can combine box plaits with twists. Box plaits are protective and will not damage your hair unless you are wearing them too tightly or for a long time.

Further, the box shapes on the scalp will add a modern twist to traditional twisted hairstyles.

Twisties Hair With Platinum Highlights

Do you have long hair with curls? It’s time to give it the most stylish look with tight twists. Use the strands of your hair to create rope-like formations. It will make your hair look thicker with a lot of texture.

To glam up the twists, use platinum highlights. It’s definitely one of the boldest statements you can make with your hair.

Cornrow Two Strand Twist

How about mixing the quintessential cornrow hairstyle with a two strand twist? It is a great way to add oodles of style to your hair.

The cornrow braids at the front add texture, while the twists at the back add movement to the style. 

If you want to elevate the style further, you can also add some hair jewels.

Mini Twists Hair

Do you have short hair with curls? Try mini twists to add texture and definition to your hair. Part your hair based on how you want to place the parting.

Now, tie the hair strands into tight twists to nail this hairstyle. Want a touch of color to your hair? Pick beads. 

Different Twist Styles For Men

Have the Afro-American hairstyles always excited you? Do you always try to figure out how those complex styles are done?

Don’t worry, as with smart styling, you can also flaunt your hair like them. So, it’s time to explore the best twist hairstyles for men and learn how to get them. 

Twist Hairstyle With Fade

Twists are always in fashion when it comes to funky haircuts. Further, the fade cut has seen the biggest rise this season. So, why not fuse these two elements together? 

To nail this fusion, you will have to leave longer stands for your crown. Now, keep your hair shorter around your ears. You can be creative with your hair trimmer or razor to get cool designs for your undercuts. The hairstyling trends for 2023 have been really advanced.

Further, make twisted braids for the longer strands of hair, and if you want, you can use accessories like beads and metallic highlights.

What’s more? Try a goatee style for your beard. It will be the perfect balancing factor. 

Short Hair Twists

Twist hairstyles do not need much maintenance. However, if you want the twist hairstyles that can be styled in minutes, you can cut your hair short in a taper or fade style.

Don’t listen to anyone if they say that twists are not for shorter hair strands. If you have 1 or 2-inch long hair strands on your crown, you are all set to get this hairstyle. 

Medium Hair Twists

For men trying Afro-American hairstyles, medium hair twists are the most common. With this hairstyle, you have just got the right length for movements. However, you don’t have to deal with the bulk coming with a longer length.

Further, you can easily style twists when done on medium-length hair. You can do a middle parting and comb the hair strands on both sides. Otherwise, you can combine the middle-length twisted braids with a fade haircut. 

Two Strands Twist For Men

If you want a more defined and polished look for your twist hairstyles, go for a two strand twist. Suitable for all hair lengths, it is most suitable for medium and longer hair. The style is also very versatile. It does not matter whether you are getting ready for a casual occasion or a formal meeting. It gels well with all types of outfits.

For formal occasions, you can twist your hair, sweep it back, and tie it into a ponytail or braids. 

Triangular Hair Twists

Are you looking for an alternative to box braids? Here, you have one of the best twist hairstyles with a little elevation. This hairstyle is also going to save you time for maintenance and styling. 

I am referring to the triangular hair twists. This twisted hairstyle is an exact copy of your regular twists. However, as the name suggests, thanks to tight twisting, there will be triangular shapes formed on your scalp. 

Secure the base of twists with beads if you are about to hit a party. 

Final Words 

Twist hairstyles for men and women are not very tough to get. Further, you can emulate the style irrespective of the length of your hair. Using a tool is also not always required to get this hairstyle. 

So, to copy this style, you will have to tightly twist your hair and keep it for the entire night. Now, open the twists in the morning to get the desired look. A hair-setting or styling spray always helps to define and set the twists.

So, do you like the twist hairstyles I have shared here? Or do you have any other style in mind?

Don’t forget to share! Wish you a great hair day!

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