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What Is Twee Fashion? (Exploring The Aesthetic And The Fashion Trends For Women)

This season, so far, has been about going back to the fashion of the bygone eras. Another trend that’s back with a bang this season is twee fashion. 

Are you on TikTok? You must have heard of this fashion aesthetic. There are endless hashtags on this topic. 

This fashion trend was a fruit of the early 2000s fashion. The whole idea of this aesthetic is to create a dainty or delicate look. 

Do you want to know the twee fashion meaning and how it’s back in women’s fashion these days? Keep reading this guide. 

What Is Twee Fashion Aesthetic?

Many think that twee fashion is related to hipster fashion. Have you seen Taylor Swift in Speak Now? You will understand what this aesthetic means. To put it in simple words, this way of styling is sweet, and it’s very much a part of Y2K fashion.  

If you talk about the staples of twee fashion male or female, you will see a lot of outfits with Peter Pan collars. Also, there were heeled shoes and cat-eye spectacles. 

Along with TikTok, many big fashion brands have also been promoting the art of twee fashion for the last few years.

Markus Lupfer and Miu Miu are some of the names that are making people go crazy with this fashion aesthetic.

So, do you want to know about twee fashion for women this season? Let’s explore the varieties and discuss how you can look uber-stylish in them.

However, if you want to know about 90s fashion, you can read our guide to that. Many people think that twee aesthetic is the same as kidcore fashion. However, both are different in their traits and the way of styling. 

Twee Fashion Women Dresses: Exploring The Variety 

Twee fashion became huge in the 2000s, and it’s back this season. However, if we try to trace the origin, this fashion trend takes us back to the 1980s. The indie bands of that era especially promoted this fashion trend. 

Here, I have curated some of the best trends of twee fashion that are ruling the current fashion world. 

Layered Midi Dress With Frills

Are you heading to a party and want to dress up according to twee fashion trends? You can wear a layered midi dress with a lot of frills and sequin work. The sequin embellishment will add the right dose of bling to your look. Further, the frills will add dimensions to the overall design of the outfit.

These dresses are effortlessly stylish and need minimal accessorizing. Wear it with pumps or ballerina flats to step out in style. 

Printed Tights

These printed tights again establish the association of twee fashion of the 1980s. Also, these tights are present across many fashion aesthetics if you explore the fashion scenes of various eras.

There is something very playful about these printed tights. The snug fit and comfort also make them ideal for wearing on different occasions. 

You can wear these printed tights with a wide range of tops and shirts. You can even wear it with skater dresses to make a unique fashion statement. 

Tops With Oversized Collars

Collars are very important when you talk about outfits in twee fashion. Peter Pan collars are the best choice in this regard. 

You can even get additional collars in different styles that you can add to your top to make it suitable for twee fashion. 

Further, you will easily find shirts and tunics with foldover collars. If you are someone who loves details, you can also choose the ones with eyelet detailing. 

Vintage Skirt And Top

Some outfits are timeless, and despite some unique characteristics, twee fashion allows you to keep your fashion elegant.

You can pick a combination of a vintage top and skirt to spruce up your fashion this season. Wear the skirt and top with matching heels. 

Balloon Sleeved Midi Dresses

Balloon sleeves are my personal favorites, and they look excellent in tops and dresses of different styles. 

If you want to incorporate the cute and feminine vibe of the twee aesthetic in your daily dose of fashion, you can choose a midi dress with balloon sleeves. 

Wear the midi dress with your favorite pump shoes or heels to look your best for any casual occasion. 

Polka-Dotted Tights

Polka dots are always considered very feminine and vivacious. Be it the fashion in the 1980s or the staples of the 90s and 2000s, this print was everywhere.

In twee fashion, especially the polka-dotted tights are very popular. You can choose a pair and wear it with a top or tunic to get ready for casual outings. 

Pintuck Tops

Pintuck tops are a great choice, and they are back this season as a part of the twee fashion trend. The unique tailoring of pintuck also flatters your body type. The vertical pintucks, especially, make your silhouette appear slender. 

Pintuck tops look very smart with denim jeans and sneakers. So, get ready to walk in style. 

Beanie Hats

Beanie hats were one of the most popular accessories of twee fashion. The design of these hats is feminine and minimalistic.

You can have beanie hats of different shades in your collection to match your different outfits.

Wearing a beanie hat also makes styling your hair easy. You can keep your hair loose or make two usual braids to keep the girlish charm alive in your look. 

Outfits With Cute And Dainty Prints

Outfits in twee fashion are known for their dainty prints. Never go for elaborate prints if you want to remain true to this style of dressing.

So, it does not matter whether you wear a top, skirt, or dress; go for heart-shaped, polka-dotted, or tiny floral prints.

You can accessorize your outfit with matching bags or hair accessories. Even a beanie hat or those braided caps look very pretty with these dresses. 

Dresses With Frills And Embroideries 

Twee fashion aesthetic has a quaint charm. What can be more apt for a quaint dress than embroideries and frills?

Choose a dress in pink or pastel shade, and look for one that has frills near the neckline and sleeve hem to exude a girly charm through your dress.

Wear the dress with cute pumps or lace-up shoes to step out in style. 

Sheer Dresses 

Did someone tell you that twee fashion cannot be sexy? Don’t pay heed, as you can always take the alley of risque fashion and choose a beautiful sheer dress for you

However, unlike gothic fashion or timeless classics, you need to choose sheer dresses that have dainty prints. 

Styling is very important when it comes to twee fashion. Unlike bohemian fashion, which allows you to do your hair the way you want, twee has a definite say about how you will do your hair.

You can tie two high buns on both sides of your head and let some tresses at the front caress your face while wearing a twee-style sheer dress. 

Ruffled Outfits 

You can choose ruffled tops or dresses if you want to follow twee fashion and look cute. Ruffles keep the overall appeal of an outfit very feminine and dainty.

However, be careful while choosing a ruffle dress for you. Make sure that the ruffle patterns are not over-the-top, as the idea is to keep the overall look dainty and aesthetic.

You can wear your ruffled top with any bottom-wear of your choice. If you are wearing a ruffled dress, team it with ballerina shoes or cute peep-toe heels. 

Full-Sleeved Short Dresses 

If you are someone who isn’t much into midi and maxi dresses, you can always choose a short dress with full sleeves to ace twee fashion for this season.

However, be particular about the collar design. Oversized or Peter Pan collars will be the best choice for these outfits.

You can wear sheer stockings with these outfits if you are not confident about flaunting your legs or want to create a sense of intrigue. White pumps are always the best choice as the footwear to complement your outfits

Final Words 

Twee fashion is about flaunting a dainty and adorable look. With big brands and TikTok influencers promoting this trend, this aesthetic from the 2000s is back with a bang this season. 

If you want to adopt this way of dressing in your daily dose of fashion, you can check out the options I have discussed here. Do you have some other styling ideas about twee aesthetics in mind? Don’t forget to share!
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