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9 Different Types Of Trouser Jeans For Women

A toast to evolving fashion! Women are not expected or rather forced to wear those damagingly tight corsets anymore; good riddance!  Also, thanks to feminist movements to bring about the dynamic change in woman’s style. Since the advent of trouser pants in women’s vogue itinerary, it has played an important part in shaping our outfits. 

In the 21st century, we see trouser pants not just as an item of clothing but also as a fashion statement. Needless to say, there has been an advent of different fabrics accentuating the texture and giving you a perfect look each time. 

Reasons To Buy Trouser Jeans!

  • They are the best comfort to fashion ratio.
  • You don’t need a particular occasion to wear them.
  • They can be worn for a dinner date as well as a business lunch.
  • They can be accessorized with anything that your fashionista mind suggests.
  • The designs and style choices are endless.

9 Different Types Of Trouser Jeans For Women

One such fabric is denim! So sit back and take notes for your next fashion eureka as I put down the best of the best trouser jeans for women.

1. Boyfriend’s Jeans

Boyfriend’s Jeans

Before you start sulking over your singlehood, no, it is not you stealing your partner’s jeans and slipping into them!

Boyfriend jeans are the newest fashion invention in the denim world which only means a loose baggy fit as opposed to skinny body-hugging ones.

With a loose t-shirt tucked right inside the front of the pant’s waistband. Ideal for street-style fashion, these jeans give relaxed and effortless fashion updos.


  • They give the best casual appearance if topped.
  • They are an epitome of comfort.
  • It is a Street Style Fashion.



  • They are too casual so you can’t wear them as a formal updo. 

 2. Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans

Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans

Straight pants are in vogue right now because of the poise and elegance it provides to almost any body type.

Not to mention it is an epitome of comfort for no matter what the activity calls for.

It is a fortune that the denim industry decided to mimic this phenomenal idea, and we get straight pants in the form of jeans now.


  • These jeans are high waisted and will hug and highlight your curve, but the loose straight feature will leave enough space for your legs to breathe.
  • Ribcage straight crop right at the ankle, giving you the canvas to accessorize with boots, block heels, or you can go for your favorite flats too.


  • They are suited for all occasions.
  • They can be worn with any blouse.
  • Endless accessories to fashion it with.
  • Excellent for curvy body type.


  • Not suited for all body types.

3. High Rise Flare Jeans

High Rise flare jeans

Is it the 70s I see making a comeback!


These flare jeans are popularly known as ‘Bell Bottoms.’ They are another addition to the high waist trouser jeans which have become popular in the last five years.

Bell bottoms have recently become an influencer favorite too. Naturally, therefore, it can make you instantly look like a model stepping out of Instagram.

Whether it is worn with a knotted full-sleeved shirt or a triangular crop top, the choices are endless.

Top them with your sleek heels, and you are ready to walk the runway!


  • It is a fashion statement in this decade.
  • It gives a vintage cottage core appearance.


  • It can make your legs look longer.
  • It is always fun to accessorize them because of their versatile nature.
  • There are endless options  to top them with.


  • It is not suited for rainy days.
  • Can be unflattering to some body types.

4. Distressed Jeans

Distressed Jeans

Your mom wouldn’t want you to wear them, and your incoherent fashionless friends would mock you for purposely wearing a torn piece of clothing.

But, don’t worry, girl! They are a bold statement, and you know that.

The amount of distress on these jeans trousers doesn’t matter. They could be one slit of the knees or artistically distressed at every hem; confidently pull it up and don’t let the unnecessary comments discourage you.

You can pair it with a black top and leather jacket to get the perfect ‘bad girl’ look.


  • These Trouser Jeans can give you a bold look.
  • It is known to be a political movement to project anger towards the societal norms of clothing. This is a trend popularized by many well known celebrities including Madonna.


  • It can be baggy or tight; whichever way you prefer it to be.
  • You can dress up fashionably with these pairs.


  • It is not suitable for winters.

5. Camille Jeans

Camille Jeans

So, the 70s have already made their comeback in our different types of trouser jeans for women.

It is only fair for the 80s to get the same chance because their trouser jeans weren’t any less of a good fashion manifesto.

Stepping out on the street with these Camille jeans will instantly travel you back to the era of electronic dance music.

These trouser jeans are high waisted [obviously because of the 80s!] and have pleats to give that formal trouser look.

Even Dua Lipa was seen cruising around them in the summer! If that is not a fabulous reason for you to wear them for the next brunch date, then what is?


  • In contrast to the pioneer denim blue colors, they come in white.
  • They are high waisted and come in a different colour than the standard denim blue.


  • Being high waisted it will give you an uplifted tall look.
  • It will allow you to explore a different type of jeans trouser.


  • Being white they can get dirty very easily and you have to wash them frequently which might deter the quality of the jeans.

6. Sailor Jeans

Sailor Jeans

Are you still tired of the same blue-colored denim and don’t want to opt for the white Camille Jeans?

Then add some vibrancy in your trousers with sailor jeans.

These are pastel-colored high waisted straight jeans that will definitely get you out of the monotony. Plus, it will give you a plethora of hues and colours you can experiment with.

Top it with a light-colored blouse and accessorize it with a hat, and you have your own preppy look for the summer. 


  • They are high waisted jeans and can come as a loose or tight pair.
  • Most of them come in different pastel colours.


  • Because of the versatility of colour it can be a subject to many fashion experiment.
  • They are very comfortable.


  • Most of the colours are light pastel which can make these pairs prone to getting dirty soon.

7. Front Buttoned Skinny Jeans

Front Buttoned Skinny Jeans

By now, all these different types of trouser jeans for women have either consisted of straight or flared cut. Therefore, dwelling into more loose-fitted genres of fashion.

But, our skinny jeans lovers are feeling a little left out. But, not for too long as our next pick is the front buttoned skinny jeans.

These are one of Khloe Kardashian’s absolute favorites as she wears them almost everywhere!

Pair it with a tight tucked-in t-shirt or tank top, and they can be worn with all kinds of shoes, so the options are endless.


  • These high waisted jeans have buttons down the thick waistband of jeans.
  • They are tight body-hugging trousers that will give an ultra-feminine look.


  • They can give your shape a prominent look.
  • They can make you look long.
  • You can wear them with any pair of shoes.


  • They are not always comfortable.
  • Not suitable for all body type.

8. Low Waist Slung Jeans

Low Waist Slung Jeans

Don’t worry; I am not trying to bring back one of Ashley Tisdale’s disastrous red carpet look from Y2K.

In our different trousers jeans for women, we only pick the chicest of styles presented in the best fashion magazines and worn by the top supermodels.

Speaking about supermodels, we have many of our VS angels like Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner wear these in ṭheir current paparazzi pictures.

Pair it with a crop top, a short sling bag, and your favorite canvas, and you are good to go.

Don’t forget those thin yellow sunglasses!


  • They are baggy, loose, and at times distressed, which projects a very messy look but, nevertheless, a high fashion casual appearance.


  • They are comfortable.
  • They can give you a chic look without much effort.


  • They can look good only with a certain body type.

9. Bondage Jeans

Bondage Jeans

Yes, this is the most outlandish one among our best picks of different types of trouser jeans for women.

But, you may not know these were a 1970s collaboration between Vivian Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.

They are a favorite among the ‘punk’ crowd, but if you have the zeal and confidence to wear them, they will be a perfect pic for your next club outing.


  • These are baggy jeans accessorized with chains!
  • It will definitely give you an edgy appearance, and if you pair it with black pink makeup, people might even be a little intimidated by your bold fashion choices but definitely impressed.


  • They are a unique choice if you want to get out of the monotony of the normal trouser jeans.


  • They can’t be an everyday choice.

Why Jeans Trousers Are Making A Comeback! 

At first, jeans were just a convenient clothing item we wore for casual outings, but with the newest fashion evolutions, people are understanding the plethora of options these pants give for good fashionista experimentation.

Trouser jeans are the most common garment, and yet once paired properly with the right upper half and accessory, you can literally turn heads.

So, grab that old pair you left in the dusty corner of your cupboard, wear your thinking cap, and envisage how you can make it the next trendsetter!

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