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Top 5 Silly Wedding Superstitions

A wedding Superstitions is not only a celebration of the love of two people, but it is also the time when the families of the couple come together and are part of each other’s lives. The bride officially becomes a member of the groom’s family, and the same goes for the groom and the bride’s family. Thus, getting married is a momentous occasion for the couple. And just as weddings have their own histories that are being remembered through traditions, there are some superstitions that have managed to cling to the wedding rituals.

You may find some superstitions as ridiculous and perhaps best not to be taken seriously. Still, it may help you to be aware of these superstitions. You can just respectfully watch them being followed, whilst still finding them amusing. Here is a list of some wedding superstitions. See if you agree with them or not.

Top 5 Silly Wedding Superstitions:

1. The Protection Being Provided By The Veil :

The tradition of brides wearing veils dates back to at least the Roman times. You may think that the use of the veil started as a means to surprise the groom. While that may be true, you may be surprised to learn that there’s a superstition that states that the veil is there to protect the bride from evil spirits before the wedding. The wedding veil may be an outdated concept, but it is still being followed in western and even in Asian cultures. The veil is here to stay.

2. The Colour of The Dress Matters :

It is a tradition to see the bride clad in white, especially in western cultures. In many Asian countries, red is preferred. The English, however, has an old rhyme that says, “Married in red, wish yourself dead!” The old English rhyme also mentions other colors such as green which means that you are ashamed to be spotted, and yellow which means that you are embarrassed by your fellow. Despite having read this, you may still prefer to wear a white wedding Superstitions dress purely for tradition, and not due to a particular superstition.

3. Avoiding The Month Of May :

“Marry in the month of May, and you’ll surely rue the day,” says a nursery rhyme. However, a rhyme may not be enough to stop people from not taking advantage of not one of those single 31 days. We are certain that plenty of couples have gotten hitched in May and remain unaffected by the rhyme and instead have a successful and happy marriage. Any month is a good time for a wedding, and the month of May is no exception. You can still buy classic wedding rings in Sydney or at a trusted shop in your area in the month of May.

4. The Good Fortune Brought By Cats And Spiders :

You may think that you can associate these two animals in Halloween, but you’d be surprised – and amused – to know that they have found their way into wedding superstitions. They say that it is a sign of good fortune when a spider found inside your wedding dress prior to your walk down the aisle. And don’t chastise or chase away a cat that eats out of your left shoe a week before the wedding, as this also means good luck.

5. Shoes Thrown At You :

This is highly comical and dangerous, even. This superstition dates back to the time of the Tudors in England and is solely the reason why you see, as the wedding car is being driven off, a pair of old shoes hanging onto it. Many people still believe that tying a pair of old shoes to the wedding car brings you some good luck. And for extra luck on the big day, the guests would throw shoes at you.

These are just our top five. There are other wedding superstitions not mentioned here. While some people just comply with these age-old superstitions just to fit in with tradition, there are others that do so out of comfort or what they are used to. What do you think about these superstitions?

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