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Tongue Piercing – A Styling Guide / Explanation

Getting a tongue piercing can bring a big change to your look. Even if you have friends or family members that have tongue piercing, there are possibilities of jewelry choice, placement and style that will define only your personal look. They are considered to be a sneaky piercing as well, as they stay hidden when you’re not talking or eating. But they attract attention when your mouth is open.

For tongue piercing the choice you will only have is a bar. It looks like a stub from top but it is actually just a bar. There are many types of tongue piercing, which we will go through in this article. It is indeed a great way to express your rebel self.

Tongue piercings are like decorating your tongue as it sits on your tongue like a pearl inside a clam. There are plenty of options for your choice of jewelry for tongue piercings, but they all have one thing in common and that is a bar.

At the beginning it will be hard for you to talk, and eat. Basically it will take time for you to get used to something always inside your mouth. But once you get habituated, your speech will be back and will become a no-fuss piercing that you will enjoy for the rest of your life., if you don’t decide to take it off.

In this article I will be telling everything about a tongue piercing. We will talk about what it is, how it is done, history, process, aftercare, side effects, costs.

Without further ado! Let’s dive in.

What Is Tongue Piercing?

What Is Tongue Piercing

A tongue piercing is a body modification that includes jewelry penetrating your tongue. There are many types of tongue piercing, the most common tongue piercing is the midline piercing, that goes vertically through your tongue with the help of a needle from top to the bottom in the centre of the tongue.

Horizontal tongue piercings are also available, for those who want to stay out of the crowd. The needle runs through the tongue but this time side to side. Experts say that a horizontal tongue piercing is not a good idea as it permanently damages the tongue muscle, nerve and teeth. Carved barbell is mostly prescribed by the piercers when it comes to wearing simple jewelry on your tongue.

Any type of tongue piercing including horizontal and vertical is possible on your tongue.

  • History Of A Tongue Piercing

This was first started by the Mesoamericans such as Aztecs. The reason behind doing it was to honour the gods and by gaining pain showing one’s honour tongue piercing practice started as a religious ritual, more than just decorating your tongue.

In the 14th and 16th century, tongue piercings originated as a practice among the Aztecs and Mayans to have blood sacrifice. It was very usual for them to penetrate their tongue and let the blood flow.

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Types of Tongue Piercing

Types of Tongue Piercing

  • Tongue web piercing.
  • Pill tongue piercing.
  • Frowny piercing.
  • Frog eyes tongue piercing.
  • Smiley piercing.
  • Snake eyes piercing.
  • Venom piercing.
  • Uvula piercing.
  • Middle tongue piercing.

Tongue Piercing – Process

Tongue Piercing - Process

Let’s start with this, you must and should look for a professional piercer, when it comes to piercing any part of the body. Don’t think about the money, because at the end of the day you want a good looking, non-infected tongue piercing that people praise and not get grossed out.

Your piercer should wear gloves while he handles the piercing tools and the inside of your mouth. Make sure the jewelry and everything else is properly cleaned with alcohol or some solution that helps to wash all the germs out from the utilities.

Your tongue should be cleaned too, after the sanitising process, here comes the part where you will be marked with a piercing marker and then the main process starts. The needle which is sanitized and a clamp with which the piercer will hold your tongue to pierce it with the needle.

The last and final step will be you wearing the industrial barbell, which should also be sanitized. And there you are with a goddamn good looking tongue piercing.

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Tongue Piercing – Side Effects

Tongue Piercing - Side Effects 

With beauty comes pain, therefore if you have a wound on your body it is quite obvious to have the possibilities to get infected.

  • Swelling 

If your tongue swells up, or you have a keloid tongue piercing, understand that you are about to have an infection. The swelling does not easily go away. And it is a common tongue piercing side effect. If you are not serious about the precautions and follow the procedure then these kinds of complications are going to come your way. 

  • Infection 

An infected tongue piercing is very dangerous as it can take a bad shape. It may start bleeding. In this case you should definitely and immediately consult your piercer and doctor. 

  • Dental Erosion 

It can damage the gums of the inside your mouth and the teeth as it rubs against the metal you have on your tongue piercing. 

Tongue piercing – Costs 

It depends how experienced a person is, and what his reputation his studio holds. Cheap prices are always offered by those who have less experience in this field and are just doing it for the sake of business. Therefore trust people with knowledge about piercings.

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Tongue Piercing – Aftercare

Tongue Piercing - Aftercare

The tongue is the only part of the body where you won’t be feeling any pain at all, thanks to its responsiveness to tastes and touch. Because the needle goes through connective tissues and through any cartilage or skin. Therefore you will hardly feel the penetration. The uncomfortable part is the clamp and not the piercing itself.

The pain is so less, that experts say biting your tongue is much more painful than that. A vertical tongue piercing is a bit painful as the needle goes through the muscle. No piercing is without pain though.

Here are some tips to take care of your tongue piercing:

Tip – 1

Don’t play with your piercing jewelry inside your mouth.

Tip – 2

Clean it with sea salt solution.

Tip – 3

Don’t eat anything with chili as it will irritate the piercing.

Tip – 4

Try to have a liquid diet for a few days after getting pierced, as solid particles may get stuck with the jewelry.

Tip – 5

Don’t use any cotton to clean the inside of your mouth, the tongue I mean. Use a spray bottle where you can store the solution and spray it directly on top of the tongue.

Tip – 6

Drink plenty of water, and wash your entire mouth with it before drinking it down or throwing it up.

Tip – 7

Don’t drink anything hot as it will irritate the spot.

Tip – 8

Be careful when you brush your teeth.

Tip – 9

Wash your mouth with mouthwash too, it helps to keep the area clean.

Tip – 10

If you feel any pain, consult your piercer and doctor after that.

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Here you go with all you need to know about tongue piercing. We have discussed this topic pretty elaborate and chronologically.

All kinds of piercing are good but they come with consequences. To prevent those I have given tips to heal the tongue piercing.

Leave a comment in the comment section and share your experience with me, as I love reading first time experiences and would love to reply back.

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