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Tomboy Style For Women In 2021

Contrary to popular belief, tomboy style fashion is not a comedic companion of the ‘I am not like other girls trope.’ In fact it is something that has been in the limelight and has gained its honorary name in the fashion book for quite some decades now.

If we look away from early Y2K fashion though…

Flannel shirts, mustard timberlands, baggy jeans; these are the signatures of the tomboy look to name a few. But, the quest of the ultimate look doesn’t end here. We fashionista have the zeal and the hunger to create the unique taking some of the mundane elements from our closet.

Therefore, after scouting through many articles; and going through styling videos; and endless research, I have put down a manual for the ultimate guide to get that tomboy look along with answering the most frequently asked questions about this style.

In Praise Of The Tomboy Fashion

In Praise Of The Tomboy Fashion

Tomboy fashion has been right under our noses all this time, they have just been disguising themselves under names like nerds and geeks who would rather wear a sweatshirt of their Harry Potter house than the body hugging crop top.

In its roots, tomboy fashion is the epitome of anti-girly looks. This is where we ditch the skirts and dresses and embrace the outfits which were traditionally known to be male-dominant. It was a mark of the second wave feminism until it conjured its name to be ‘tomboy.’

Here are the tomboy styles clothes you can experiment with if you are absolutely in love with the look like me.

Suit Up!

Suit Up!

To quote the iconic Barney Stinson, nothing could be better than a good pair of suits; and ladies it is not just restricted to men.

The reason why I mentioned this as our first look because this look is,

legen…wait for it…dairy!

If you want to achieve that androgenous attire but still want to keep that little sexy woman as a souvenir, no look could be better ‘suited’ than this. 

Grey; Black; Green; or brown. Always go for these colours. You can keep the vest for some other look but pair your suit blazer with the pants and you are ready to walk the pavements like it is your personal runway.

Don’t forget the Oxfords!

What Is Tomboy Chic?

Tomboy chic style is a thing and these suits are the greatest defence! Suits are not just a formal look. With the advent of experimental fashion you create all the chicest masterpieces you desire.

The Double Leather Devil

The Double Leather Devil

If the devil would have walked on Earth, she would have definitely been rocking some good leather!

Leather as a tomboy clothing style is the perfect blend between the badass girl and a bad boy. If you are confident and also harbour that little wilderness in your heart then this might be the perfect look for you.

Wear some leather pants, tight or loose, the choice is yours; and then top it with some leather jacket. For shoes you can classic canvas or all black combats. Not, speaking too soon but this might be the perfect tomboy style.

Trainers & Trousers

Trainers & Trousers

Nothing speaks tomboy more than the double T’s. But wait, how about you throw some plain white t-shirt on it.

I think we might have just created something interesting!

So, to collect the pieces of this tomboy style clothing and put them together; you have a trouser of any kind that you can fold at the edge to give that extra edge, then wear your white shirt tucked in, and lastly those trainers to finish the attire.

A classic watch couldn’t be any more than the perfect accessory to lock the look.

Shirts & Stripes

Shirts & Stripes

When we are more in a casual mood to not suit up then this might be the next best thing for that classic tomboy fashion style with a hint of a businesswoman look.

I am sure no woman has ever failed to buy a pinstripe pant and a solid coloured shirt at least once in their lifetime. Well, it is time to put them together to create this iconic look. It is really amazing to see what two simple pieces of clothes can do such wonders.

The best part about this tomboy style is that shoes can change the entire look. You can wear your loafers and get ready for a business meeting; or you pair them with your sneakers and you are rocking the perfect look for the Sunday brunch.

Since this is a morning look, a pair of shades would work as both fashion and inconvenience. You androgenous tomboy style hair would also perfectly complement the outfit.

Black- Denim- White

Black- Denim- White

Classic black and white has always been a part of tomboy style clothing but denim takes it to the next level.

To achieve this look make sure you wear a black baggy sweatshirt or hoodie t-shirt. Try to stay away from crops, bodycons and shirts because that might defeat the tomboy purpose. Then complete the look with your loose denims, a distressed one would give it an edge; and then a black pair of any shoes [not stilettos though].

Black and White would also be a great choice for a tomboy style swimwear where you ditch the bikinis and opt for more of a polyester shorts and swimwear bra. You can also top it off with a flannel shirt to complete the beach look.  

What Colors Do Tomboys Like?

As we discussed the black and white, let’s venture into some of the other colours that would suit a tomboy soul.

Fair disclaimer, I am going to get very specific!

  • Peuter/Pale Blue 
  • Military Green 
  • Steel Grey 
  • Green Ocean 
  • Stormy Grey 

So, green seems to be a popular choice.

Ciara Tomboy Style

Ciara Tomboy Style 

This was known as the girl in a boy’s clothes but as fashion progressed people have become much more accepting of this tomboy style.

The main elements are mostly loose fitted casual t-shirts and track pants. Traditionally known more for its hip hop fashion resemblance. Loud sneakers are categorized as a prominent accessory to this look.

Can Tomboy Business Be Fashionable?

I don’t think I need to spell it out after all the above styles I just mentioned. But, with tomboy style clothing like denims, leathers and trousers, it somewhat has no other option but to be fashionable.

How To Dress Like A Feminine Tomboy?

This feminine look is tomboy style for girls that will suit all our girly-girl queens. Although this is not much of a style heavily experimented, there are certain looks you can try. 

Boots, But With Heels

To start with, pair some good black ripped jeans with a hoodie top in your favoured color; and then top it all with your ankle length boots and yes, the boots can have heels.

This will give you a little bit of that 80s fashion look.

Baggy & Tight

Another popular feminine tomboy style is to wear loose fitted trousers with a tight crop, it will create the perfect blend between your girly-girl and the tomboy that seem to have been sharing your fashion mind.

For accessories don’t forget to carry a bag! Could there be anything more feminine than that?

Tribute To The Tomboy Craze

Guess it is not a mystery that we should really thank the second wave feminism queens after WWII for bringing this fashion, although then it was not really a fashion. But, then again what we wear has always been a form of statement.

Tomboy fashion has seen many style icons who have embraced that look, showing us that there is nothing that can be deemed as ‘only for men’. However, there have also been many who have been criticized by many, and yet it has remained with elegance. Now even finding its places in top fashion magazines and runways and we cannot wait to see what new it has to offer.

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