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What Is Tomato Girl Makeup? How To Wear It Right This Summer Season?

How beautiful does it look when the warm Sunrays kiss the ripe red tomatoes? It’s soothing and makes you indulge in the simple pleasures of our lives.

The Tomato Girl makeup emulates the same vibes visually with flushed cheeks and the touch of earthy tones to your lips and eyes. 

This fruit-inspired makeup comes from a fashion aesthetic by the same name. Transcending the doors of our closets, this trend has now made its presence in the world of beauty and makeup. It’s about creating a natural look

This makeup trend is about a woman who values a good life, elegance, self-care, and a life that connects with others. Do you want to know about Tomato Girl makeup looks? Here’s a complete guide for you. 

What Is Tomato Girl Makeup?

The Tomato Girl makeup is about flaunting a fresh look that highlights the good health of your skin. As the berry girl, being kissed by the Sun, has blushes on her cheeks, this aesthetic is about a touch of soft red to your cheeks

Freckles are the elements that add a unique sex appeal to Tomato Girl looks. Many women who live by the Mediterranean Sea naturally have freckles. Don’t worry if you don’t have them, as you can always fake it.

Further, the Tomato Girl makeup is an expression of a particular lifestyle. It creates the magic of a tomato orchard in the summer afternoon. It’s also about cherishing the music of Frank Sinatra with a sip of the red wine you love!

It connects the past with the future as the makeup is natural and minimalist, with a lived-in yet fresh appeal.

You will have a better understanding of this makeup trend as I discuss the elements you need for this makeup aesthetic and the looks you can try. 

What Is So Special About The Latest Food-Inspired Tomato Girl Makeup?

Hailey Bieber is the poster girl of Tomato Girl makeup. Her dewy, fresh skin and wine-stained lips depict the story behind this makeup aesthetic perfectly

However, before you get TikTok’s food-inspired look, you need to know why the Tomato Girl aesthetic makeup is so special.

Emphasis On Your Skin That Speaks Of You Being In The “Pink” Of Your Health 

Your Tomato Girl makeup look has to be fresh and natural. The touches of red to your cheeks further speak of your good health, and they make you think of the richness of the  Pomodoro tomatoes

Thus, you get the perfect no-makeup look with a subtle touch of red blush. You can even apply a brown-toned blush on the middle of your cheeks to add a dimension to your makeup look.

If you want your skin to have a better glow, you can always apply a glowing foundation or concealer. 

Bringing The Magic And Juiciness Of Pinot Noir Grapes In Your Lips

Let the breezes from the Amalfi coast or Santorini beaches touch your lips by choosing a pinot noir shade for your lips

The pinot noir-inspired lip color depicts a story where women eat good food to their heart’s content and show their love for sweet lives with wine-stained lips. 

Freckles And The Touch Of Bronzer: Depicting The Stories Of La Dolce Vita 

Aren’t you in love with the freckles of Hailey Bieber? These freckles impart the perfect lived-in effect to the skin. 

Further, add a touch of blush or bronzer to the tip of your nose, temple bridge, and high points on your cheeks. This emulates the natural Sun-kissed effect. 

Keeping It Simple For Your Eyes And Hair 

To keep the natural vibe of the Tomato Girl makeup intact, be a minimalist in the way you define your eyes. Some soft touches of kohl and a gentle touch of mascara to define your eyelashes will be enough for this makeup look. For your eye pencil, choose softer shades of brown. 

Similarly, you don’t have to be very stringent with the way you wear your hair. You can let them fall loose, or you can just secure them with a claw clip and a few tresses at the front, caressing your face.

You can even try low chignons or simple braids to wear your hair right in the Tomato Girl style. 

Tomato Girl makeup is not the only food-inspired trend backed by TikTok in recent times. We also have the Strawberry Girl and Latte makeup looks. Further, we also have had our encounter with the Glazed Donut makeup trend.

So, how is the Tomato Girl Makeup different from these makeup trends? 

The Latte Makeup Trend

The latte makeup trend is a little glammed-up, and it is most suitable for the Coastal Grandma or the old money looks. 

As the name suggests, this makeup trend is about playing with different shades of brown. Adding a touch of brown to your lips, cheeks, and eyes speaks about an understated elegance. Further, a touch of glitter powder on your eyelids and cheeks raises the glam quotient. 

Strawberry Girl Makeup Trend

You may find the Strawberry Girl and Tomato Girl makeup trends similar. In both trends, there is a lot of emphasis on the use of blush. Also, freckles are important in these makeup trends. 

However, there is a difference in the dominating shades in makeup. For Strawberry Girl, the use of red is more vibrant, and sometimes, it gets closer to pink for a distinctly feminine appeal. 

The Tomato Girl makeup, on the other hand, has an earthy vibe. So, you will find the use of earthy hues of red and sometimes soft brown in this makeup. 

Glazed Donut Makeup Trend 

In 2022, the “Glazed Donut” makeup trend was huge, with Hailey Bieber setting the tone right. The idea in this makeup trend is to get glowy skin that resembles the outer layer of a donut. This look is achieved through a lot of layers. 

To create the super-glowy finish of the makeup look, a subtle touch of pink and brown to your lips, cheeks, and eyelids does wonders!

What Are The Essentials You Need To Create The Perfect Tomato Girl Makeup Look?

It is easy to ace the Tomato Girl look with the right mix of color and sheen. Here, I have curated the essentials you need to create the effortlessly beautiful Tomato Girl looks.

Essentials For Your Base Makeup

The first step for creating the perfect Tomato Girl look is, of course, getting the base right. Here are the things you need for your base makeup.

Glowing Moisturizer

You don’t need heavy powders or chunky glitters to add a touch of glamor to your skin. All you need is a glowing moisturizer that blends seamlessly, imparting a glassy finish. 

These moisturizers are even perfect to eliminate the use of a foundation as they blur the imperfections in your skin to a great extent. So, with it, you are truly all set to wear Tomato Girl makeup sans the bulk of a regular foundation. 

Tanning Drops

Your base makeup should be glowy, but it should add bulk to your makeup. You can mix a few drops of tanning drops with your moisturizer to get a bulk-free base with a glowy finish.

It’s fun to get a perfectly tanned look without being kissed by the harsh rays of the Sun. 

Under-Eye Brightener 

You need an under-eye brightener with light-reflecting properties. It will make your undereye areas look brighter, and it’s perfect for the naturally glowy makeup you are trying to create. 

Faux Freckles

To impart a perfect finish to your Tomato Girl makeup, you can wear faux freckles. Fortunately, there are many faux freckles formulas that make the freckles on your skin appear natural by sinking into your skin properly.

You surely don’t want an artificial look with the faux freckles sitting on the top of your skin. However, be careful about the placement of the freckles to keep it aesthetic and natural. 

These faux freckles easily get removed with the use of a usual makeup remover. 

Makeup Essentials For Your Cheeks

You have to put the maximum effort into doing your cheeks if you want your Tomato Girl makeup to be perfect. You will need a bronzer, a blush, and a highlighter to get your makeup on point.


You cannot undermine the importance of a bronzer if you are planning to create the perfect Tomato Girl look. Take a cream bronzer and apply the same on your cheeks, nose tip, and temple. 


We all know that we need a red blush to create a Tomato Girl look. However, things are not as easy as they may sound. You cannot just choose the brightest red colors; and you have to also keep the look earthy.

So, aligning with the aesthetic, you can choose a terracotta shade, brick red, or peachy mauve. 

Go for a creamy blush to ensure perfect blending on your cheeks. Further, the creamy formula will not add bulk to your look. 


For the Tomato Girl look, you will need an iridescent finish. Go for a cream highlighter that will add just the right amount of shine but not make your makeup appear bulky. 

For Your Lips

You can give your lips a glossy or matte finish according to the occasion and the outfit you are wearing. 

If you want a glossy finish for your lips, you can use a tinted lip balm. Go for the sheer tint effect for the perfect glossy look you want. You will find a lot of options in these tinted balms. However, a berry shade will be perfect.

Similarly, if you want a matte finish for your lips, you can always pick a liquid lipstick of wine or earthy red shade.

Make sure that your lips do not become cakey, creased, or dry. So, take care of the moisturization of your lips when you are not wearing lipstick or lip balm. 

Get The Right Makeup For Your Eyes 

As I have just mentioned, your eye makeup in the Tomato Girl aesthetic needs minimal detailing. 

Soft Brown Eye Pencil

You can avoid applying any color on your lash lines. However, if you are someone who needs a more definite look, you can wear a soft brown eye pencil along your upper and lower lash lines. 


Use a brown mascara sparingly on your eyelashes. 


There is no need to apply eyeshadow to finish your eye makeup in the Tomato Girl look. You can just apply a few puffs of your bronzer on the eyelids. 

Different Tomato Girl Makeup Looks You Can Try This Season

Are you excited to try some makeup looks inspired by the Tomato Girl aesthetic? Here, I have curated some makeup ideas.

Dewy Skin And Berry Lips 

Just apply some glowing moisturizer and tanning drops to your skin for a glassy and naturally tanned look. Add a touch of berry color to your lips to complete your makeup. 

Brick Red Blush With Dark Red Lips 

Play with different shades of red for the perfect Tomato Girl makeup look. Use a dark red shade for your lips and tone it down with a touch of brick red to your cheeks. 

Peach Lips And Freckles On Your Cheek 

Paint your lips with peach color and wear faux freckles under your eyes to complete your Tomato Girl look. 

Bushy Eyebrows, Peachy Blush, And Lips

Keep it a little rustic and androgynous by leaving your eyebrows a little bushy. Add some softness to your look with a peachy blush and a peachy mauve lip color. 

Red Blush With Glossy Lips 

To add a sensuous touch to your makeup, you can opt for glossy red lips. You can complement the glossy lips with a red blush in an earthy tone. 

Final Words 

Creating the Tomato Girl makeup look is easy and fun. You have to pick the makeup elements right so that the overall finish of your makeup is effortless and focuses on a healthy flush in your cheeks. 

Further, the makeup in the Tomato Girl aesthetics has a very fresh yet lived-in vibe. It is natural and gives you a slice of life by the Mediterranean Sea. 

So, if you are a fan of this food-inspired TikTok aesthetic and are trying to explore its various makeup looks, you can take some inspiration from our guide.

Further, if you have any insights regarding the Tomato Girl makeup in mind, don’t forget to share them with us.

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