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Tips on How to Travel in Style

Packing your things when you want to go on vacation can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Most people are used to pack things in a way that their outfits are comfortable and safe, but at this rate, more and more travelers go to places in style i.e., travel in style and pack clothes and shoes that are not just comfortable, but clothes that are fashionable too.

There are ways that you can try to avoid the stereotypical travel musts and travel outfits, like plain and printed shirts, jeans and backpacks. These are not just aesthetics, they can be safe during travel too. There are cities that are tourist-packed and sometimes during their peak hours, they can be a hot spot for pickpockets, so blending in crowed in a chic style is not a bad idea.

It is also the best way to look less like a tourist and more like a local, not only is it safe but it is also the best in travel photos.

You can look comfortable and chic at the same time, you don’t need to have your camera strapped around your neck and you don’t need a fancy pack around your waste. You can be safe, comfortable and still have an amazing vacation photo that you can look back on and you can go for the ultimate style by bringing these must-haves on your trip.

Tips on How to Travel in Style:

Sneakers :Sneakers

Although this sounds like the most common of all fashion trends, it is safe to say that it is still going strong. Sneakers are still in style and they are very much the source of all fashionable “outfit of the day” pictures. You don’t even have to bring the most expensive one or the one that’s a limited edition, you just need to bring the pair that you are most comfortable with.

Denim shirt dress :Denim shirt dress

Denim shirt dresses are a no-fuss outfit, and it is made from light materials, so they are very comfortable to wear in any temperature, even during the warm days. Another advantage of bringing a denim shirt dress is that it is pack friendly and it is light to carry. It is also very easy to wash when you get home.

Inexpensive jewelry and accessory :

Inexpensive jewelry

Bringing your most expensive jewelry when you travel is not ideal since you do not know the place and you are not familiar with the kind of people in the area that you are traveling to. Jewelry and accessories make outfits look more fashionable, so it is best to carry a few pieces and those that do not have any sentimental value. It is also best to bring those that can work on any outfit.

A bag with multiple compartments :

bag with multiple compartments

Most travelers bring their backpack since it is the most convenient and it can store almost anything that is needed when you travel, but you can upgrade your backpack into something more stylish. There are different bags with multiple compartments that can work on any outfit and can be convenient to use because of the things that you can store in them.

Jumpsuit :

Much like a denim dress, jumpsuits are very convenient to bring in any place and they can be packed light. You can go print heavy or monochromatic with your jumpsuit and it can rock any accessory that you want to match with it.  You can also throw it in the washer once you get home and it is not heavy to bring around when you travel in style. It also does not take up much space in your luggage.

Leather baseball hat :

Traveling to a sunny place? Then instead of going for the usual baseball hat, why not try going for a leather baseball hat? It is perfect for days that you do not wish to expose your hair and it will look good on you while you wear your jumper or the sneaker of your choice. The color of your leather baseball hat will depend on the colors of your other outfits, but it is recommended that you choose a neutral color.

Sandals :

Birkenstocks are sandals that most people do not approve of, but maybe because they haven’t found the right outfit to rock it. They are the kind of sandals that are not a chick, but it is the most ideal sandals to wear when you want to go around the city. Instead of going for the usual shirt and shorts, you can go with a crochet skirt or an oversized top to improve the look.

Fanny pack :

Fanny pack

The idea of fanny packs makes some people cringe, but you cannot deny the accessibility and the convenience of having a fanny pack. Throughout the years, the fanny pack that we know has revolutionized and has now transformed into something more stylish. Say goodbye to the polyester fanny pack that we saw around during the ’90s, there are now leather styled fanny packs with bold colors for a more fashion-forward look.

Leather jacket :

A leather jacket can make any normal and simple outfit look fabulous.

It has the power to make almost any outfit look cool and sophisticated. If your leather jacket is too puffy to place in your luggage and if it is too heavy to place in your bag then you can carry it around with you instead, most probably you will need it more than you expected. You can even bring it to you as you sit on the airplane since it can be cold while you travel in style. It is also ideal to bring if you are traveling to a place that is known to have a cold temperature.

Scarf :

Travel in Style

There are cities that have unpredictable weather, that is why scarves are a must. It does not only add as an accessory to your overall outfit, but it can also help keep you warm while you roam the streets. It can prevent you from catching a cold and it can be handy when you visit religious places that prohibit you from bearing any skin.

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