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10 Best Timberland Boot Outfits For Women

Street fashion has emerged as a staple prodigy in the last few years of fashion. However, if not styled properly streets can look ridiculous!

Timberland, which is a well street fashion prop started with boots and now it is an entire look.

Although it is termed ‘streets’, you shouldn’t just go for the name because timberland outfit is a style that is ventured by top notch brands like Supreme and Comme de Garcons. [Like of Boys- translated from French] 

Traditionally known to be a male dominated style, timberland is now extending to women’s fashion too and we can all understand why!

I mean, we all love to rock that dashing tomboy look, moving away from the chic girly looks sometimes! 

Timberland Outfit Ideas For Women

Timberland Outfit Ideas For Women

Contrary to many popular beliefs, timberlake is actually an excellent style statement for us women.

So, here are a few Timberland outfits [that will go perfectly with your timberland boots!]  for women that will save time and make you look insta ready.

1. Leather Pants

Leather Pants

Okay, before you scooch your nose just hear me out!

Now, I know it sounds like a disastrous idea to pair sexy leather pants with the tan-mustard colour of a timberlake which is originally the colour they came in.

However, timberland boots are now being made in different colours too. Leather pants are always neutral, whether it is brown, tan or your staple black and they can be paired with any colour that suits your palette.

But, if you want that wild street look, I would suggest going with the original tan-mustard timberlake. 

2. Short Anything

Short Anything

I know this is another controversial timberlake outfit choice.

Especially, for people who are very much into the girly style choice. They can possibly never choose something with lace to wear with their pretty short sundresses.

But, that is the point! Those are not the only choices when it comes to short dresses.

A great idea to style your lace up timberland boots would be a pair of tight skirt and top. You can complete the look by throwing a long coat on top of it. A perfect love-child between tomboy and girly.

3. Fall Outfits

Fall Outfits

Fall outfits look the best with timberlakes!

Again, ladies, the shoelaces are not a problem if you can style it. To prove this, I will be giving you two fall styles and you tell me whether it looks anything but chic.

The first one would be to pair them with your dark coloured jeans and any top. But, don’t forget a light jacket and a scarf which is a must have with any autumn attire.

The next one would be to slip your favourite fall sweater dress. Top it off with some black slacks and your favourite pair of timberlakes.

4. Winter Ready With Timberlake

Winter Ready With Timberlake

Of course winter will come after fall!

Are you still not wearing your favourite furs with your timberlakes?

These laced boots will look excellent with any winter coveralls. Whether it is your oversized coats, Ponchu or even a simple cardigan.

Winters are made for you to explore timberland outfits with these phenomenal shoes.

5. Leggins With Timberlake

Leggins With Timberlake

The perfect combination for comfort!

This is the reason why you should always own a pair of leggings and a pair of timberlake. Because you can create wonders with them.

Yes,leggins can be basic but if you want to create a fashionable intimidating timberlake outfit then try pairing them with a crop top and your favourite baggy jacket.

Then, seal the deal with those timberlakes!

6. Vibrant Timberlakes

Vibrant Timberlakes 

If you want to create an outlandish and yet fashionable outfit with them. Then, I would suggest investing in some vibrant coloured timberlakes.

Now, you can even get them in red, pink and vibrant yellow!

They can really make you experiment and come up with new preppy outfit ideas.

7. Flannel


Flannel shirts are that phenomenon which refuses to die! and why should they when they are so versatile that you can style them with almost everything.

Some of the great timberland outfit ideas with flannel are as follows,

With your normal jeans throw in a flannel and tie them at the centre before putting your timberlands on. They could be of any colour.

Another style would be to wear pants of your choice and crop knot your flannel. Then let one side of the shirt fall loosely from your shoulder and the pair of timberlands to complete the look.

This will give you that perfect dashing tomboy look I was talking about at the start of the article!

8. Trench Coat

Trench Coat

Trench Coat is something every woman should have in their closet and if you don’t get it right now!

Because the next outfit with your timberland is something to fascinatedly drool over. 

No matter what colour trench coat you have, just wear any outfit underneath and you are ready to rock your timberlakes around town.

They look so good that I sometimes get confused whether the shoes are complimenting the coat or the other way around.

9. Boyfriend’s Jeans

Boyfriend’s Jeans

I mean timberlakes were originally a men’s fashion so why not!

Boyfriend’s jeans get their name for adapting themselves from the baggy men’s fashion styles.

So, if you pair your timberlands with some boyfriend’s jeans, make sure to wear a tight fit top. This will give the look a balance and confidence. Because it is nothing less than perfect. 

10. Shorts


I know it might sound a little ridiculous but in order for this outfit to work, you have to wear the right kind of shorts.

According to popular advice from fashion gurus, if you want your shorts to be timberland ready then opt for neutral coloured tight ones.

This is to ensure that you stay away from denims when it comes to timberland, especially the classic kind unless you know how to layer them up.

Chic Timberland!

Timberlands, although made by high fashion brands should never be just a subject of convenience although they are super comfortable.

Experiment more, buy new coloured boots and create unforgettable trends!

Timberland outfits are not just a matter of casual street fashion anymore. They can also make you look instagram ready in minutes.

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