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How to Throw a Summer Party

We’ve all been cooped up and bubbling for far too long. Now the UK can finally socialize freely once more, this summer is the perfect time to throw a party. 

Whether you’re planning a staycation getaway shindig or a simple garden party, here are our top tips on how to throw a perfect summer party.

How to Throw a Summer Party

Finally! Summer is here and it’s time to relax and soak up the sun with your closed ones. You can also go for the outdoor date nights this summer and enjoy the vacation wholeheartedly. 

Now, here are our well-researched tips that will help you to know how to throw a summer party perfectly!

1. Pick a theme

1. Pick a theme

Choose a theme and stick with it. It’s the easiest way to create a cohesive, beautiful, and memorable party for all your guests.

Whether you choose modern or rustic, go all-in on your theme. You can also end up hiring pop-up party marquee tents for your outdoor summer party.

2. Organize your guestlist

You will probably want to socialize with everyone you know but consider your guest list carefully. 

Organize your attendees based on people who know each other and those you believe will hit it off instantly.

3. Plan the menu

3. Plan the menu

Food is the most important element to making your party perfect. Opt for simple, delicious food for maximum impact. Don’t forget snacks such as chocolate bars and the like for later on in the evening.

4. Serve summer cocktails

Everyone needs refreshment during the warm evening. Ensure your drinks list complements the mood and the food. 

Refreshing gin and tonics, spritz, and ice-cold cocktails make the perfect summer party drinks, whatever the weather may be.

5. Create conversation zones

5. Create conversation zones

Guests will generally gather around two areas at a party, the food, and the drinks. Avoid this by creating conversation zones.

Set up comfortable seating areas around fire pits or with elegant mood lighting to bring people together. 

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6. Get the lighting right

Lighting, or the lack of it, can make or break a party. Make sure your guests are lured into your party by warm, soft lighting that complements your theme. 

You could go with festoon lights, exposed Edison bulbs, or low-level garden lighting, and don’t forget candles for a subtle glow.

7. Sort out a summer playlist

Music really makes a party pop. Do you want your guests dancing all night? Or smooth summer beats for a mellow mood?

Create a playlist that lasts as long as you intend your party to, so the music doesn’t stop abruptly. 

8. Keep the party going

As your party winds down, introduce a new cocktail, fresh playlist, and more food to keep the party going all night.

No matter how you choose to celebrate with your friends and family this summer, do it in style with our guide above.

The Final Thoughts 

There are certain things that you need to consider while throwing a party, such as keeping the menu sweet and simple, good music can change the atmosphere of the party, drink station, appetizers setup, and much more. Therefore, this is all about how to throw a fantastic summer party and if you have more questions to ask, you can mention them in the comment section below.

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