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5 Things You Might Not Know About Polarized Sunglasses

We have all heard the term ‘polarized’ when referring to sunglasses, and while most of us know they offer great glare protection, some people are unsure about what polarized lenses actually do. Those who do their research insist on polarized lenses when buying sunglasses, as they understand the difference, but we think we have found a few things about polarized sunglasses that you didn’t know.

Here re 5 Things, You Might Not Know About Polarized Sunglasses:

 1. Polarized Lenses Are Not Polarized

That’s right, the lenses of polarized sunglasses are not actually polarized, rather they filter out ‘polarized’ light. Polarized light is light that is bouncing around in different directions, which we call glare and a lens that is treated with special coating filters out almost all glare. Glare can be blinding, and if you’re driving a car and glare affects you, even for a few seconds, this could be all it takes to cause an accident. When looking through a vehicle windscreen, the glare can be magnified, making it even harder to see clearly.

2. Polarized Does Not Mean UV Protection

Just because lenses are polarized, that does not mean you have UV protection, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that your polarized sunglasses will protect you from harmful UV rays. When searching online and looking at a polarized sunglasses brand, check the UV rating to be sure of UV protection.

3. Exposure To Long-Time Glare Can Cause Cataracts

Those who are exposed to strong sunlight for long periods are more likely to suffer from cataracts, which is yet another reason to always choose polarized sunglasses. If you drive for a living, for example, wearing polarized sunglasses could actually save your life, by eliminating glare, which is why professional drivers always wear polarized shades.

Many people opt for Gucci sunglasses simply because they offer some of the best protection from UV rays. Even when some brands claim to offer complete protection people should go for trusted and credible names like Gucci in the sunglass industry. If you are someone who works long hours in the sun or are planning to visit a beach for your next vacation, you should ensure adequate protection for your eyes.

4. Dark Sunglasses Without UV Protection Can Harm Your Eyes

If you wear dark sunglasses that do not have UV protection, you could seriously harm your eyes with long-time use, so it is important to check that they are UV-protected. Many people mistakenly believe that the darker the tint, the more protection the glasses offer, which, of course, is not the case. If you are unsure about UV protection, carry out some online research, which will help you to gain a better understanding of eye protection.

5. Polarized Sunglasses Help To Prevent Headaches:

Research shows that, over a long period of time, wearing polarized sunglasses is likely to reduce the occasions of headaches. To have the very best combination, look for both polarized and UV protection, which will offer your eyes the very best protection. For more reading on the benefits of polarized sunglasses, you can easily find articles online that talk about that topic.

If you would like to view stunning designer sunglasses that offer you the best eye protection while cutting out dangerous glare, search with Google and that will take you to the website of a specialist supplier. With a stylish pair of designer sunglasses that are UV-protected and polarized, your eyes will be protected at all times, and you can enjoy summer days without being bothered by glare.

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