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Top 10 Women Tapered Trousers That Every Women Should Have In 2021

As fashionistas we hate those days when, even after having a closet full of clothes; you continue to feel the blue of being underdressed.

However, that classic trouser at the back will not only be your savior but it is one of the classiest pieces of garment that will immediately take you out of the fashion slump. Now that we are finally leaving our houses with the safe intention to go to our offices, trousers should be our first pick when it comes to looking formal and chic at the same time.

If you are still not familiar with the phenomenon, and still asking the question of what are tapered trousers? 

What Does Tapered Trousers Mean?

What Does Tapered Trousers Mean

In simple terms tapered trousers are something that goes narrow towards the bottom. The reason why they are called tapered is because some of them have a pleated stretch at the waistline which would give it a seamless design. 

Here are some of the picks on how to wear tapered trousers. 

1. Paperbag Ankle Tapered Trouser

Paperbag Ankle Tapered Trouser

Your appearance will quite shine on this polished and seamless pair of paper bag pants that can work very nicely on the workplace or for an evening out. With the unfastened in shape method, you will feel exceptional and comfortable while running and these pants can be fashioned in infinite ways. This is making them a flexible addition for your work closet.


  • They are versatile and can be paired with anything.
  • They can be both high and low waisted.
  • These tapered pants can be worn for any occasion

2. Linen Tapered Trousers

Linen Tapered Trousers

Neutral tones like beige, ivory, and khaki green could be the flexible buys in your wardrobe. To get dressed up in these laidback pants, attain luxe fashion fundamentals like silk blouses, minimalist sandals, and leather belts for a convenient style.


  • No cloth is extra imperative for warmth and comfort than linens, making these pants the ultimate must-have for the seasonal wardrobe for us women.  
  • An apparent choice with informal occasions or formal ones for party days or board meetings
  • The lightweight cloth can seem ultra-polished with the shape of narrow-leg trousers or tailor-made pants. 

3. Slim Legs Tapered Trousers

Slim Legs Tapered Trousers 

You can not be incorrect with conventional slim-leg tapered pants. The no-fuss fashion is a greater approachable one than a few heavy-dressed pants.


  • You can not be incorrect with conventional slim-leg tapered pants. 
  • The no-fuss fashion is a greater and an approachable one than a few heavy-dressed pants. The material is relaxed and smooth. 
  • They are easy to take care of and maintain. 
  • These pants function as a cosy indoors elastic waist and slender fit and are available in 3 colors: military, black and khaki. 
  • This brand of pants also additionally gives loose hemming that will help you get the suitable fit. 

4. Drawstring Jogger Pant

Drawstring Jogger Pant

Finally, a couple of jogger pants we will without a doubt put on at the office! 


  • These tapered pants have a drawstring at the high waist, and out of all our favorite functions: they have ruffled ankles. 
  • The fashion is available in impartially versatile black and other vibrant shades like pastels if you are feeling a little wild. 
  • This is the reason why we cannot wait to up our game this fall.

5. The Everlane Dream Tapered Pants

The Everlane Dream Tapered Pants

Everlane really gave those pants quite a suitable name: dream pants. After all, I don’t know anyone who would not need to rock something that appears like sweatpants in the office and yet gives you the perfect formal glow-up?  It’s nearly like you are getting away with something! 


  • The pants are made with a tender double-knit material and feature a comfortable elastic waist. 
  • They may be additionally tailor-made and sometimes even wrinkle-resistant. Making them absolutely suitable in your 9-five life.

6. Straight Fit High Waisted Tapered Pants

Straight Fit High Waisted Tapered Pants 

Prints assist in breaking the monotonous fashion flow during the workweek and those plaid styled pants are the right pick-me-up while you want an additional enhancement of power just to get through the hours.  


  • It is a mid-upward push in shape that is extremely flattering.
  • The woolen fabric is likewise machine-washable.
  • These pants are a realistic alternative for the lady on the go.

7. High Rise Cameron Pant

High Rise Cameron Pant

It’s now no longer constantly smooth to discover flexible pants in the petite sizes, that’s why High-Rise Cameron Pants are an awesome wardrobe staple


  • With a slender shape with the hips and thighs in addition to a cropped leg.
  • These effortlessly flatter all the petite bodies. 
  • You may even put on them with high styles of footwear from minimal flats to high heels
  • Thanks to a material that’s a mixture of polyester, and elastane, they have sufficient heat for winters, but mildly sufficient for the spring and the summer. 
  • Better yet, they can be washed in the machine. 

8. Pull On Tapered Pants

Pull On Tapered Pants

These pull-on tapered pants are satisfactory for the days when you want your appearance to be sophisticated, however need a sense of comfort in it too. While they don’t have a zipper, they do not lack fashion or comfort. 


  • Available from sizes  0 to 18, those pull-on pants are comfortable, but have a real get-dressed pant aesthetic. 
  • The fake zip fly and zip wallet create a professional- silhouette. 
  • The ankle-hem permits you to reveal your favored pair of shoes, regardless of how excessive or low the heels are. 
  • Designed to be worn each day, whether or not you stroll to work or take public transportation, the mixture of linen, elastane, and viscose gives the accessibility to stand up, take a seat down, or walk around comfortably. 

9. Printed Tapered Trousers

Printed Tapered Trousers

This is probably the best women tapered trousers. These are not your regular run on the mill printed trousers you wear for your office, these are vibrant colors meant to explore the wilderness within you.

Take those shiny yellow pants along with a picnic blanket to set up at your nearby park and bask beneath the sunlight.


  • These printer wonders can come in cotton material or polyester. 
  • They work wonders for any daytime activity.
  • They have cropped ankles which will allow you to showcase your shoes, no matter the elevation 
  • These are comfortable with fashion. 

10. 90s Tapered Trousers

90s Tapered Trousers

Yes, we did!

We saved the party for the end because nothing shouts more party and cottage core at the same time than these pants. These 90s high waisted women’s tapered trousers are enough to turn heads even in the office and on the sidewalk.


  • They come in a variety of colours hence can be worn for any occasion
  • These trousers have pleated waist line and a seamless view which comes out nothing less than a fashion magazine 
  • They are comfortable and the design will give you a tall silhouette finish. 

Who Wears The Pants In The House?

To be honest, trousers are underrated gems of our closet. We still cannot fathom the number of ways we can style them because they have sigma to be too formal attached to them.

Well hopefully the tapered trousers were able to alter that idea and gave you some excellent attire ideas for your next brunch date.

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