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5 Best Taper Haircuts A Man Can Rock In 2023

Long gone are the days when men could go unaffected by their haircuts. With beauty trends skyrocketing due to Gen Zs being more active on social media, modern men will look good with a taper haircut.

Here, the taper refers to a men’s hairstyle where the sides are cut shorter while the top remains medium or long. It’s similar to a fade, where the sides are cut short as well, with these two often going well together.

To get such haircuts in 2023, read this post to learn about the five best haircuts recommended for men.

Best Taper Haircut For Men In 2023

With different types of taper haircut to choose from in 2023, here are my 5 recommendations that will define 2023:

1. Low-Fade Taper Haircut

Low-Fade Taper Haircut

If you like to keep things short and clean, focusing on the minimalistic aspects, then a low-fade taper haircut design will be perfect for you.

In this hairstyle, our slides start fading near your ears. Therefore, only the area around your ears, especially your sideburns. All hair on your sides is kept at shorter lengths, preferably trimmed and transitioning to a fade gradually. You can keep fringes on top to achieve a sensibly pleasing hairstyle!

This is directly opposite of what a long pixie cut means for women.

Here are some tips to get this short hair taper haircut men:

  • The fading point is situated lower than other styles of fade haircuts. It should not extend beyond the area around your ear and your sideburns.
  • You can keep the hair on your sides and back longer or trim it down.
  • The transition of your hair above and the fade on the side should be natural.
  • You are free to style your hair on top and back in any style you want. You can either keep them short or keep your top and back long to create pony hairstyles.

2. Mid-Fade Taper Haircut

Mid-Fade Taper Haircut

Similar to the short-fade taper above, the mid-fade is more or less the same hairstyle. The only difference here is that the size of the fade is bigger than a short fade.

Here, unlike the aforementioned hairstyle, where the fade only stays around your ear and sideburns, it now extends to an inch above your ears. Therefore, your fade now takes up almost half of your head sides.

Like a typical fade, the hair on your slides gradually fades from top to bottom. You must keep the hair on your top and back long, getting it cut at any length. However, you only need to ensure that it’s longer than the sides. The gradual fade on your slides is the main attraction here.

Here are some tips to get the best out of this taper haircut for men:

  • You can keep the hair on your sides and back longer or trim it down.
  • The fading transition of your hair above and on the sides should be natural.
  • You are free to style your hair on top and back in any style you want.
  • If you are getting this haircut, ensure that there is a clear hairline that separates the hair on your top and on both sides. This line can be straight or curved to match your natural hairline and face shape.
  • You can wear brown outfits or black outfits for men so that it can complement your looks and hairstyle well!

3. High-Fade Taper Haircut

High-Fade Taper Haircut

If you want to look cool this summer of 2023, then a high-fade taper haircut is your best bet. This style is bold and is sure to grab the attention of women around you!

Unlike the previous fade haircuts for men, the fade here is about two inches below your hairline. Therefore, if you go for this taper haircut, most of your side hair will be faded. In addition, since there is lesser side hair towards the top now, the fade will not look as succinctly gradual now.

However, there can be some cons to having this haircut. First off, it’s an informal and casual look, which might not be accepted in white-collar workspaces with formal dress codes.

If you are looking for haircuts for straight hair, you can ask your barber for this haircut. Want this haircut? Here is some taper guidelines hair:

  • Since you will be fading your sides, this hairstyle goes well with other hairstyles like a top quiff or a comb over on top.
  • This hairstyle is most suited for people with darker hair since their darker hair color will distinctly contrast the fade. Therefore, this haircut is not recommended for people with lighter-colored hair, like blondes.
  • If you want to maintain this edgy look, then you must ensure that you are maintaining it well. You might have to visit the barber every 3 weeks, depending on your hair growth.

4. Curly Taper Haircut

Curly Taper Haircut

Messier hairstyles have become all the rage in 2023 amongst the youth. These carefree hairstyles are slowly gaining momentum – mostly because women seemingly go gaga over men with curly hair.

Therefore, if you have wild curly hair on top, mixing it with a taper haircut will work wonders for you, elevating your already good hairstyle to 11. All you need is a taper fade on the sides, and you are good to go!

Ask your barber to trim the sides of your hair and fade them gradually. However, you must ensure that the curls on the top are well-maintained and not too long. Cut them a bit to make them look like they have medium volume.

This haircut has become so popular in 2023, that it was spotted at Met Gala 2023!

Here are some pointers that you must tell your barber when you get this taper haircut:

  • It’s best to cut your curls on top a bit to make them less unruly and make them wavier.
  • You can style your curls in any way you want. However, try not to use too many products, as they can loosen up your wonderful curls.

5. Burst Taper Haircut

Burst Taper Haircut

If you want an edgy, modern, and trendy haircut for 2023, then you cannot go wrong with the burst taper. If you go to a good salon and ask for this haircut, they will know exactly what you want since it’s in trend right now!

Many say that this hairstyle is a combination of the taper fade along with a mullet. While they are far from the truth, their description is still passable. Here, only the sides around your ear are tapered and faded, leaving the taper long hair top and your back long – similar to a mullet haircut.

However, the hair behind your head is not kept too long. It should not extend toward your neck area. You can opt for various cool back taper designs to stand out more!

Here are some long hair taper recommendations for maintaining this haircut:

  • You can opt for not getting a complete fade on the sides to make the contrast between the top and side hairs pop out more. It’s this distinct contrast that makes your top hair “bust” out more – hence the name.
  • Maintaining this hairstyle can be a chore since your top hair will grow out quickly and make a mess. Visit your barber often for regular upkeep.

Conclusion: Have You Decided Which Taper Haircut You Want?

With so many types of haircuts available for men available to you, choose one depending on the shape of your face. Therefore, after understanding what face shape you have, consult your barber to select the best taper haircut for you!

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