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Do You Want To Look Sexy In Sweatpants? (10+ Styling Tips For You)

Do you want a bottom wear that makes you look sexy and feel comfy? It’s time you add a pair of sweatpants to your closet. Further, if you want to style it right, it can be the ultimate go-to outfit for all seasons.

It does not matter whether you want to create the vintage Audrey Hepburn charm or a girl-next-door Emily in Paris look. A pair of sweatpants can celebrate your sassiness with an S in bold. Trust me, girl!

So, do you want some cool styling ideas for sweatpants? Let’s explore. 

How To Style Your Sweatpants For Different Occasions

From the basic black and white sweatpants to the more colorful ones in blue, pink, and green, you can pick a pair that matches your fashion aesthetics.

Here, I have curated some styling tips that allow you to be as creative as you want with your daily dose of fashion

1. Wear Your Sweatpants With A Crop Top

Do you want to look sexy in sweatpants? You can go for a combination of a crop top and sweatpants. The crop top will let you flaunt your midriff and make the mercury soar higher. 

Further, you can be as creative as you want with the design of the crop top. Go for a wrap-style or the basic round-neck crop top to feel comfortable and look chic.

Wear the crop top and sweatpants in contrasting or complementary shades to elevate your sex appeal in the ensemble. Further, the sweatpants will be tapered around the ankle. So, choosing a crop top with full sleeves will be a great idea to balance the look.

Team your outfit with a pair of casual sneakers or ballerinas to put your best foot forward. 

2. Team Your Sweatpants With A Bodysuit And Trench Coat

Who can avoid the allure of an elegant trench coat? Especially if you are a follower of Holly Golightly looks, this is the combination you should go for this season.

To create this look, you can team your ribbed bodysuit in black with white, cream, or beige sweatpants. Now, layer the bodysuit with a trenchcoat in a neutral shade to get ready for a winter outing.

To add some more groove and sass to your style statement, team your outfit with a pair of black leather boots. 

3. Wear Your Sweatpants With A Formal Shirt

Sweatpants and formals? Does it sound like an oxymoron? Not anymore, if you know how to style the pair right.

Club your favorite sweatpants in neutral shades with a striped formal shirt for a Friday in your office or an outdoor business meeting where you can wear smart casuals.

Espadrilles and elevated sneakers go well with this combination. So, the entire ensemble is formal and comfortable. 

Don’t forget to carry your laptop sling bag in style to add some extra charm to this specific look in sweatpants. 

4. Wear Your Sweatpants With A Muscle Tee

Do you want to create the 80’s charm in your casual fashion? You can do it easily if you have a pair of sweatpants and a muscle tee. However, here, you need to be a little specific with the cut of your sweatpants. Keep them wide-legged to balance out the sleeveless muscle-tee.

Tuck in the muscle tee and accessorize your outfit with a crossbody bag and a pair of sneakers or platform shoes. A crossbody bag will be like the icing on the cake. 

This look is going to be excellent if you are heading to a movie date or casual day out in the summer.  

5. Styling Your Sweatpants With A Fleece Jacket

A fleece jacket has a very vintage or cottagecore charm. So, when you pick a fleece jacket in neutral or earthy tones, you have to pair it with sweatpants in complementary shades. 

For example, if your fleece jacket is white or cream in color, your sweatpants should be brown or rusty. 

Complete your look in a fleece jacket and sweatpants with leather boots and a beanie cap (if your jacket is not hooded). 

6. Flaunting A Cowgirl Look In Sweatpants

Aren’t you in love with cowgirl fashion, creating a rage in the fashion ecosystem this season? It’s time to recreate that look with your tapered sweatpants.

Wear a full-sleeved sweatshirt or sweater with animal prints to complement your pants. Further, to infuse the cowgirl vibe, you need to team your outfit with a pair of chunky boots. Also, don’t forget your cowgirl hat to add some grace to your appearance. 

7. An Oversized Blazer Will Look Great With Sweatpants

It’s time to add some formal air to your getup in sweatpants. You can team your bottom wear with an oversized blazer for a business meeting. 

If your blazer is quirky, you can also match it with your sweatshirt for an autumn or winter day out.

Choose peep-toe shoes or wedge sandals to complement your outfit.

8. Sweater And Sweatpants: For That Winter Days

It’s winter, and you want to keep it geeky. You can ace your fashion game by teaming your V-neck sweater with sweatpants. Pick a sweater with full sleeves to create the perfect balance in your overall appearance.

If you want a seamless look for the sweater and sweatpants combination, you can match the colors of your top and bottom wear. However, for a more striking appearance, you can go for contrasting shades.

This ensemble is ideal for winter. So, team it with a pair of sneakers or boots to head to any day or afternoon outing. 

9. Wear Your Sweatpants With A Sweatshirt

Do you want to exude the groovy charm of the 70s through your outfit this season? Wear a turtleneck sweatshirt with a pair of sweatpants.

Fashion in the 70s was boisterous. So, go for bold colors and patterns for your sweatshirt.

Accessorize the turtle neck T-shirt and sweatpants combination with a wide-rim hat, waist pouch, and sunglasses. 

10. Flaunt A Sporty Look In Sweatpants And Hoodies

Are you a great fan of hip-hop fashion? You can recreate that vibe in a hoodie and sweatpants. If you are dressing up for autumn or winter, go for a hoodie with kangaroo pockets. You can keep your hands warm in those pockets and make a fashion statement.

The hoodie and sweatpants combination looks good with sneakers and boots. 

11. Team Your Sweatpants With A Flannel Shirt

Do you want your fashion statement to exude the vibe of an autumn afternoon? You can wear your sweatpants with a T-shirt and flannel shirt combination for the embrace of warmth and elegant looks. 

Choose sneakers or boots as your footwear to get ready for casual occasions. 

Final Words 

Sweatpants are for all seasons. Like vintage fashion, these simple outfits never go out of style. Further, these pants beautifully fuse fashion with comfort. So, wear a pair with your favorite shirt, top, or jacket and make heads turn for all occasions.

Do you like any of the styling tips I have shared in this guide, or do you have some more creative ideas to look your best in sweatpants? Don’t forget to share! 

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