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What Is The Best Summer Outfit Men? (Finding The Best Pants & Shirts For Summer)

With the days getting longer and the nights getting shorter, it’s time to find the best summer outfit men. Wearing the right clothes in summer is not just applicable for outdoors.

You need to even choose the right clothes for indoors to optimize the use of in-house air conditioning and promote energy saving. 

So, picking out the right summer outfit has more significance than you can apparently feel. Also, it is not as easy as throwing in random T-shirts and pants. 

Choosing the right shade, fabric, and fit is important to pick the best elements for your summer wardrobe.

Also, brands like Adidas and Nike are incorporating advanced technology to make summer outfits more comfortable and hygienic for you.

In this guide, we will discuss the things to remember while choosing summer outfits. We will also talk about the best pants and shirts you can grab this summer. 

How To Choose The Best Summer Outfit Men?

With global warming on the rise and the glaciers melting, summer each year comes with new challenges and all-time high-temperature records.

So, choosing the right summer outfit men has become more difficult than before. Today, you have to consider a lot of aspects before buying a shirt or pants. 

Be Particular About The Color And Design 

Summer calls for white and all the lighter shades you can think of. Of course, white and these lighter shades reflect the Sunlight. However, choosing the right shade is not as simple as it sounds.

You have to understand that our body also radiates heat in the summer. So, it’s fine that white reflects the Sunrays and the heat coming from them.

However, the same white outfit reflects the heat coming from our bodies. So, we keep getting back the heat we want to get rid of.

Do you know why Bedouins, the Arabian inhabitants of the desert, wear black robes? This group of nomads says that heat exposure is the same for the colors white and black

It’s true that the color black absorbs the heat from Sunrays. However, it also absorbs the heat our body radiates. So, the heat leaving our bodies does not come back to us. 

Further, the loose-fitting black clothes promote cooling by increasing the heat in the space between your skin and your black robe. 

The research report published in Nature on 24th January 1980 titled “Why do Bedouins wear black robes in hot deserts, says,

“We report here that the amount of heat gained by a Bedouin exposed to the hot desert is the same whether he wears a black or a white robe. The additional heat absorbed by the black robe was lost before it reached the skin.”

So, a loose-fitting black or darker-colored cloth can promote cooling in summer through convection. Further, in hot and windy conditions, the cooling happens through a bellow or chimney effect. 

Having said that, white and lighter shades still remain our favorites for summer. 

Choosing The Right Material Is Crucial For Summer Outfit Men

You have to be particular about the choice of materials while picking the summer outfit men. The right fit for your outfit will also depend on the fabric.

For example, if you choose to wear a cotton shirt, you must go for a loose fit. The same is applicable to silk fabric

These woven fabrics help in faster moisture-wicking under hot and humid weather conditions. However, many sports-based fabrics today ensure better heat and moisture evaporation from these fabrics.

Having said that, it may not always be possible to get clothes made of sports-based fabrics. In such cases, you can rely on fabrics that are conventionally known for their breathability. These fabrics are uncoated:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Polyester
  • Nylon

These fabrics do not have moisture-wicking properties like the advanced smart fabrics. Still, these allow proper evaporation of sweat and heat. 

Check Out The New Technologies 

Are you familiar with the term “smart fabrics?” Today, there are biggies like Nike and Adidas investing millions in introducing smart technologies in the clothes and fabrics they make. These fabrics promote faster radiation of heat from our bodies. Thus, these fabrics ensure better thermal management. 

MIT scientists have come up with a material that allows heat to radiate from our bodies. But it does not absorb heat. (Source).

Similar and dedicated research is still going on in many other renowned organizations that can end our worries about finding the right summer outfits.

Nevertheless, thanks to the use of lab-formulated and bio-fabricated materials in clothes, the fashion world today is already able to deliver a lot of benefits. Many smart fabrics come with moisture-wicking, odor-control, and thermal-control properties

Best Summer Outfit Men (Choose The Most Comfortable Pants) 

Choosing the perfect pair of pants for summer is a necessity to keep your legs at ease for long hours. Further, you have to take care of the perfect fit and design of these pants to enjoy the perfect fusion of style, convenience, and comfort.

1. Linen-Blend Relaxed Fit Trousers

These linen-blend relaxed fit trousers are the perfect pick as all season pants. Thanks to the linen tailoring, these pants are breathable, and they have a distinct finish. 

These linen pants look good with almost all shirts and T-shirts. Further, thanks to the high comfort factor, you can wear them all through the day. 

2. Summer Chinos

If you are looking for the perfect fusion of style and comfort, these summer chinos will be the best you can get your hands on. 

These summer chinos are lightweight, and you can wear them for various occasions. 

3. Linen Drawstring Pants

Do you want an extra snug fit for your trousers? You can choose a pair of linen pants with a drawstring closure. This drawstring closure will ensure that the pants sit on your waistline perfectly.

Further, the linen pants will also make you indulge in sheer comfort.

4. Linen Cotton Traveler Pants

The blend of linen and cotton makes this pair of trousers very airy and comfortable. Further, the signature straight cut of the pants renders it classy.

You will look smart in these traveler pants if you team them with a shirt in a solid pattern. You can even keep the shirt tucked in for a polished look. 

5. Hemp Pants

Hemp is super light. So, when it’s about rocking summer fashion, hemp pants are an instant favorite. These pants also have a stylish design. 

Wear your hemp pants with a shirt in a contrasting shade to fetch compliments for your fashion choices this season. 

6. Striped Cotton Pants

Striped cotton pants can be your best buddies when you are lounging at home, or you are out for a casual walk in the evening. Super comfortable and stylish, these pants match the vibe of street fashion.

Consider wearing these striped pants with a black or white solid pattern shirt. 

7. Mild Wash Denim Jeans

Even if it is summer, you cannot write off those mild-wash denim jeans lying in your closet. On days when the mercury has not shot very high, you can pick a pair and wear it with a T-shirt or shirt of your choice. 

Along with mild-wash denim jeans, mild-wash denim shorts can also be your perfect pick to complement a comfortable and classy summer shirt. 

8. Linen Gurkha Trousers 

Gurkha trousers with an adjustable waist are a perfect pick for your wardrobes if comfort and a proper fit are your top priorities. Further, the distinct design around the waistline makes it stand out. 

Consider pairing these Gurkha trousers with striped shirts or polo T-shirts for a smart casual look. 

Best Summer Outfit Men (Cool Casual Shirts For This Summer)

It is hard to imagine men’s summer wardrobes without those comfortable button-down shirts in various patterns. You can try the shirts in solid patterns, prints, checks, or stripes. These shirts are also versatile as you can wear them for various occasions.

Further, these shirts are perfect to ace your summer outfit layering technique. You can wear any of them over your comfortable T-shirt and team it with shorts, chinos, or denim jeans to finish your look. 

1. Solid Pattern Summer Shirts

Summer shirts in a solid pattern can be the ideal choice to add a refreshing touch to your wardrobe. You will not have to worry about the choice of bottom wear for these solid shirts.

From cool shorts to classy trousers, all types of bottom wear will be a perfect match for these shirts. 

2. Teal Blue And White Vertical Stripes Summer Shirt

Indulge in sheer comfort by wearing a white cotton shirt with teal blue vertical stripes. The blue stripes on the white shirt will create perfect visual contrast. 

Based on the occasion, you can team your teal blue and white shirt with shorts or cargo pants

3. Blue, Pink, And Beige Stripe Shirt

Beige is a soothing color if you want to beat the heat in style this summer. The color gets some distinct character with the use of pink and blue stripes. 

Keep your choice of bottom wear minimalistic, as your shirt will already have many colors. 

4. Blue Ombre Shirt

Inspired by the aquatic world, blue can be the color of your summer fashion. So, you can wear this blue ombre shirt with black or white trousers. 

Keep your choice of footwear cool and comfortable with your choice of outfit. You can try casual sneakers or loafers to step out in style. 

5. Floral Printed Shirt

You can match the spirit of summer perfectly by wearing a maroon or red floral printed shirt. These shirts are also the best choice as the outer layer for your T-shirt. 

Black jeans or straight-cut trousers will be the best choice to complete your look while heading to a casual outing. 

6. Leafy Printed Shirt

How about spending the sunny summer days by the beach? A green or blue leafy-printed shirt will be an excellent pick to complete your holiday packing. You can also wear this shirt for coffee dates or casual movie outings.

Are you looking for a perfect bottom wear to go with this leafy printed shirt? You can try beige chinos or mild-wash denim jeans

7. Greige And Blue Striped Shirt

For anyone with a penchant for classy or minimalist fashion, greige is the new white. These classy shades find the perfect complement in different shades of blue. So, to walk the alley of classy fashion, wear a greige shirt adorned with blue stripes.

This combination also has a nautical touch, which will align with the ongoing fashion trends this summer. 

8. White, Red And Blue Checks Shirt

You must have seen tons of summer shirts with red and blue checks on a white base. This pattern is also common in formal button-down shirts. 

A pair of black chinos will look good with this shirt, and you can even use the shirt for layering a white or black T-shirt.

To keep the overall style cool and comfortable, you can consider pairing it with shorts or chinos. 

9. Blue Houndstooth Shirt

If you love dressing up and showing your classy side, a blue shirt with a houndstooth pattern can be your wardrobe hero. The minimalist design of the shirt makes it a perfect match for denim jeans and straight-cut trousers.

Black moccasins or mules will be a good choice to complement your outfits. 

10. Cream Dot-Printed Shirt

Are you in for some serious retro vibe this season? You can add a cream color shirt with blue dot prints to your closet.

The light shade of the shirt makes it ideal for summer, and it allows you to be creative with your choice of bottom wear.

You can team this shirt with black or brown chinos and brown loafers to put your best foot forward. 

Wrapping Up!

To find the best summer outfit men, you have to consider its design, color, fabric, and fit. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the use of smart fabrics has also emerged as a factor to consider when choosing the right summer outfits. 

If you are planning to give your summer wardrobe a complete overhaul this season, you can check out the outfit ideas I have discussed in this guide.

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