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Summer Outfit Ideas Inspired By Mermaidcore Aesthetics: Shopping Right And Building The Best Wardrobe

Summer outfit ideas this season show a heavy inspiration from mermaidcore fashion. The aesthetic derived from the love for the underwater world and the fantasy characters living there use colors, patterns, and detailing perfect for the season.    

Mermaidcore outfits are versatile, and once you build the wardrobe right, you will have the essentials for your casual coffee dates and glammed-up parties. So, do you want to make your summer fashion more creative and fun?

Here is a comprehensive guide on this feminine fashion aesthetic and how it influences summer fashion this season. 

Why Is Mermaidcore Inspiring The Latest Summer Outfit Ideas?

When you think of summer, you get transported to the seashores with tranquil water soothing your eyes. The sea is also the home to many mystical creatures like selkies and mermaids.

No wonder that summer outfit ideas this season are heavily inspired by the graceful and magical mermaids of the sea. 

The Use Of Soft Colors

As the mercury shoots up, we look for the use of softer or neutral shades in our clothes. In mermaidcore, you will see the use of a lot of soft blues and greens, aligning with the calm ecosystem underwater. Further, mermaidcore outfits have shades of pink and violet for a distinct visual appeal. 

The Underlined Femininity

Mermaidcore is very similar to soft-girl or coquette aesthetics. Be it a mermaidcore crochet gown or a simple dress in soft pink, every outfit exudes a distinctly feminine charm.

Further, to celebrate the sensuality of this mythical creature, you will find the use of translucent fabrics in these outfits. 

In addition, to give every outfit a contemporary touch, you will notice a lot of experiments in the cuts and detailing. 

Intricacy Of Design

To keep the sense of intrigue alive and emulate the fantasy word underwater, there is a lot of use of sequins and glitters in mermaidcore outfits. Pearls and seashells are also widely used in these outfits to emulate the perfect marine vibe. 

Social Media And Celebrity Influence

Dua Lipa has become the poster girl for mermaidcore since she played Mermaid Barbie in Great Gerwig’s Barbie.

She exuded the sexiest mermaid vibe in a see-through dress for the Los Angeles premiere of the movie. Further, she perfectly complemented her mermaid outfit with sliver lingerie and mules. 

She also shared a sneak peek into her album photoshoot, where she looked like the most gorgeous mermaidcore girl in a glittery gold outfit.

On the social media front, it’s TikTok that’s making mermaidcore huge. As of today, the hashtag has completed more than 14 billion views.

The influence of this aesthetic has gone much beyond the outfits, and you will see its presence in the accessories, makeup, and hairstyles.  

There is no dearth of influences if you want to emulate the mermaidcore aesthetics in your daily dose of fashion.

In fact, you can celebrate the resurgence of Y2K fashion and mermaidcore, taking inspiration from movies like Aquamarine

“Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch” is another reference point that you should not miss to build your summer wardrobe in mermaid style.

Making things more interesting for you, mermaidcore has come up with a sister aesthetic, Sirencore. It celebrates a darker feminine side with corset tops, slip dresses, and fishnet tights

Mermaidcore Summer Outfit Ideas: How Social Media Is Making It Big?

The elements of mystery and fantasy are not new in fashion. Further, for the last few years, there has been a growing inclination towards nostalgia.

So, there is no wonder that mermaidcore has been picked as the aesthetic to romanticize your summer fashion this season.

Further, mermaidcore allows us to escape to happier days, and it’s about Bon La Vie or the good life. Also, its inherent serenity helps create a wardrobe perfect for summer. The renewed love for mermaidcore started pouring in since the release of “The Little Mermaid” last year. 

The reign of dazzling and glittery outfits and Caribbean-style flowing gowns chart the course of mermaidcore fashion this summer.

In addition, there is an abundance of metallic or chromatic shades in the outfits, jazzing up your evening look for the summer. 

With so many elements backing the mermaidcore aesthetic this season, there is no wonder that there is a spike for it on Pinterest and TikTok.

Everyone suddenly wants to be the next mermaid, and they are combing back their hair and accessorizing their outfits with shells and pearls to have a dolled-up look. 

Mermaidcore Aesthetics And Summer Outfit Ideas You Will Love

If you are so far with us, you know how and why mermaidcore is such a huge thing this season. It’s time to find out how you can build a perfect wardrobe inspired by mermaid outfits. 

1. Knit Halter Neck Mini Dress

If you want to flaunt your curves and have a flowy silhouette, you must go for a knit halter neck mini dress. Dua Lipa wore it right in red.

However, if you want to remain true to the mermaid color theme, you can choose shades like pink, white, soft blue, or green. 

2. See-Through Maxi Slip Dress

Again, for this slip dress, you can take inspiration from Dua Lipa’s outfit at Barbie’s LA premiere last year. Her slip dress had a metallic finish. However, if you want, you can get a gown tailored with sheer or translucent fabric.

If you want to further celebrate your sensuality, you can go for a maxi slip dress with a side slit or slits on both sides. 

3. Fishnet Leggings

Be the perfect mermaid and make a distinct style statement by wearing fishnet leggings this season. You can wear these leggings with a mini dress or skirt and shorts.

Fishnet leggings are also prominently present in the Sirencore aesthetic, which is the sister aesthetic of mermaidcore. 

Sirencore aesthetic is more sensuous and appealing than mermaidcore. However, both these aesthetics celebrate different aspects of femininity. 

4. Asymmetrical Hem Skirt

Nothing is easier than embracing the mermaid in you than wearing an asymmetrical hem skirt. Be a little careful with the choice of the colors.

Blue and green will be the ideal shades for these skirts, and go for a skirt of at least midi-length to let the movement come through your outfit.

You can wear the asymmetrical hem skirt with a bralette or a bikini top. However, don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with anklets, cute earrings, or seashell earrings. 

5. Off-Shoulder Net Dress

How about infusing some Barbie charm into your mermaid outfit this season? You can choose a lace or net off-shoulder dress in blue or green to get your fashion game on point. This dress will be perfect for evening parties and special occasions.

Styling these net dresses is super easy. You can wear them with Mary Jane or ballerina shoes and hyper-feminine hairstyles to put your best foot forward. 

6. Mini Slip Dress

Slip dresses, being very popular this season, show a lot of variety. You can rev up your wardrobe collection with a mini slip dress in shades of blue or green. This slip dress will be ideal for casual hangouts as well as cocktail parties and events. 

7. Bikini Tops

Look chic by wearing a bikini top with an asymmetrical hem skirt or flared pants. To keep the mermaid vibe intact, you can go for a lace or ribbon detailing on the top.

8. Ruffle Dress

Exude the perfect mermaid vibe and emulate the graceful movements of the sea waves by getting ready in a ruffle dress. The ruffles, appearing like sea waves, will be the highlight of your outfit.

Further, when you are choosing a ruffle dress, you need to be a little careful about the choice of colors in your ruffle dress.

It is best if you choose an outfit in powder blue or pink shade. 

9. Sequinned Crop Top

Getting ready for a glam party is going to be easier for you if you add a sequinned crop top to your wardrobe collection. Team this sequin crop top with denim shorts or metallic pants to complete your party look.

For accessorizing, you can choose pearl strings or shell necklaces. 

10. Pink Or Blue Onepiece 

Are you taking a dive into the pool to beat the heat? Are you enjoying a beach party in full swing? It’s time you get into a pink or blue one-piece and enjoy your time in the water. 

Is Boho Chic Back In Summer Outfit Ideas In 2024?

Yes, boho chic is back in summer outfit ideas this season. However, I don’t think that this went out of fashion ever since it happened.

Comfort and individuality are very prominent in boho-chic outfits and you have a lot of versatile outfits to choose from.

Do you want to have ideas about the best boho chic outfits for summer this season? Let’s explore!

White Floral Dress

In summer, a flared floral dress in white is the embrace of comfort that you need. From afternoon coffee dates to small evening gatherings, these outfits are perfect for all occasions. You can accessorize the dress with natural-inspired jewelry, straw hats, and ballerina shoes. 

Handkerchief Top

Celebrate the ultimate boho vibe by wearing a handkerchief top in a tie and dye pattern. These tops look great with denim shorts and jeans. 

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are the quintessential elements in boho fashion. It does not matter which era of fashion you are inspired by. A graphic tee with fringe pants, cargo pants, or capris will be a great combination to try this summer. 

Distressed Jeans 

Distressed jeans with a mild wash align with the boho vibe without making it very grungy or punky. 

Button-Down Shirts 

A simple button-down shirt in white or any neutral shade will be the best choice to rev up your boho-chic fashion this season. This shirt will look good with shorts or skirts. 

What Are The Best Mediterranean Summer Outfit Ideas? 

Mediterranean fashion this summer is effortless without compromising on the glam quotient. These outfits take you to days when you love savoring gelatos, taking strolls on breezy afternoons, and clicking sun-kissed photos.

The most dominating factor in Mediterranean fashion is comfort. So, from the choice of fabrics to the choice of shades and patterns, you will see a cool vibe. The forms are free-flowing, and the designs are simple, making fashion fuss-free for you.

Here, I have curated some Mediterranean summer outfit ideas for you so that you can enjoy the perfect fusion of style and comfort.

Nautical Stripes

A combination of white and blue in stripes will be the ultimate choice to ace Mediterranean fashion this summer. You can team up this shirt with high-waist shorts or a midi skirt to walk in style. 


A linen or cotton sundress will be your best friend if you are taking summer outfit ideas from Mediterranean fashion.

You can choose a sundress in white or go for soothing shades like pastel pink, blue, or green to elevate your fashion quotient. 

Palazzo Pants

It’s hard to find a bottom wear that is as comfortable as palazzo pants. It’s time you indulge in sheer comfort and enjoy the Mediterranean vibe by wearing palazzo pants with geometrical patterns and tropical prints. 

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are quintessential Mediterranean summer outfits. It has ease and movement with the oomph factor as it perfectly accentuates the curves. Further, wrap dresses are perfect for women of all body types.

Accessorize your wrap dress with a sleek pearl necklace or shell necklaces and earrings. 

Maxi Skirts 

Soak in the perfect Mediterranean vibe by wearing a floral maxi skirt with a button-down shirt or tank top. The flowy maxi skirt will match the vibe of the Mediterranean weather, and it will look good with a tank top or bralette. 

Summing Up

Summer outfit ideas this season are heavily inspired by mermaidcore. Softer hues and feminine designs make these outfits perfect for the season.

The influence of mermaidcore on summer outfits has also become prominent due to the increasing craze for this way of dressing on social media and in popular culture.

Along with mermaidcore, boho chic fashion and the Mediterranean way of dressing are also ruling the summer outfit trends.

So, if you want to build the perfect summer wardrobe, you can check out the outfit ideas I have shared here.

Also, please share with us if you have additional insights on the rise of mermaidcore fashion this season and what the most in-trend outfits are!

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