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Winter is a challenging time for hunters, and it requires special hunter safety training if you want to have a successful hunt during the colder months. Changing climatic conditions should not hinder you from pursuing your outdoor hobbies. Here are some top tips for winter hunting during the wintertime. You will discover that life will continue as usual despite the cold climatic conditions.

5 Tips for A Successful Winter Hunting

1. Make sure your firearm is clean :

The first step to prepare for winter hunting is to make sure you thoroughly clean your gun. A clean gun is actually key for successful winter hunting. If the gun is not clean, it could malfunction during your hunt as everything that’s cold tends to expand, making every action that little bit tighter. Don’t forget to wipe gun oil clean, too. If you add grime and dirt to extremely cold temperatures, it causes expansion and malfunctioning. No lubrication in cold weather! A clean gun will always increase the efficiency of its performance. Just keep it clean and you are not going to regret it.

2. Dress in layers :

The dressing is key to a successful winter hunt. You don’t want the cold out there to put you down. The first rule of dressing for winter hunting is to dress in layers. The day is sure to start out very cold and then gradually warm up as the day moves on. Dress with a base layer that will remove moisture from your skin, then a middle layer for insulation to keep the heat in and finally a top layer for insulation.

If temperatures are extremely cold, make sure you have a heavy insulated coat, too. Overall, layers mean you can add or remove clothing to be in better control of your body’s temperature. You may get to a point when it is a bit warm and you wish to reduce the number of layers. Also invest in high-performance fibers for the utmost lightness, agility, freedom of movement and effectiveness. You don’t want the clothing to overburden you while on the hunt.

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3. Always be ready for the extreme :

Be sure to check the weather report and always prepare for the worst case. To hunt safely in cold weather, you should always be over-prepared. So, know the weather, make sure you have a complete survival kit and always tell people where you are winter hunting and when you plan to return. Keeping everyone informed is good for your personal security.

Three important things to consider for your survival kit include signaling, shelter, and fire. Have some means for starting a fire and not just matches which could get wet. Tinder-like cotton balls that are soaked in petroleum jelly or even dryer lint work well. Always remember to take your phone with you and a compass as a backup. Leave your hunting plan with someone and let them know when you plan to get back. This level of preparedness will definitely take your winter hunting to the next level.

4. Always listen to your body :


Winter Hunt

Hypothermia is a reality during winter hunting. Always listen to your body. It’s most common when you become wet and stay wet. That’s why it’s important to layer your clothing and keep yourself dry. If you do start to shiver, add layers and start a fire to warm up. Try to get to shelter as soon as you can. Don’t assume anybody’s conditions because they may end up affecting your health. Keep your body safe especially against extreme cold climatic conditions.

5. Don’t forget to ACTT :

Don’t forget the basics for safe hunting, which include:

  • Assume every gun has been loaded
  • Control your muzzle and point the gun in a safe direction
  • Keep your trigger finger outside the guard of the trigger
  • Be sure of your target

Winter hunting is immense fun, but you need to be prepared if you want to be safe.

In summary, all these tips will help you in winter hunting. You want to be successful in your pursuit but still, stay safe. Use these tips and your hunting will continue as normal.

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