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Stylish Men’s Outfit For A Night Out

No matter the day of the week, spending the evening away from your residence can be fun and exciting, whether it’s a dinner date or nightclubbing. Regardless of what you’ve planned for the upcoming night out, you certainly need to dress up, not your basic t-shirt and jeans. Unfortunately, most men don’t know what outfit to wear to a night out or have absolutely nothing in their closet for night outs.

While there isn’t any specific dress code for night outs, you must ensure you dress sharp for the occasion, whether you choose a perfect tuxedo fit for a stunning formal look or casual party wear.

However, each night out demands a different approach when it comes to the outfit. Selecting the right outfit for your specific night out will make you stand out and feel confident hitting the town. To make it easier for you, here are some of the top stylish outfit combinations for different night-outs:

Details About Stylish Men’s Outfit For A Night Out

1. What To Wear To A Restaurant

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If your night out involves going to a fancy restaurant, you want to dress up in a way that makes you appear well-put together and sharp. That implies choosing a smart casual outfit that appears more formal but not a suit and tie. The best thing about smart casual is that it makes the perfect dress code for dining and won’t make you appear out of place.

Your smart casual outfit can include a casual blazer made of wool or till and an earthy or neutral shade for a more laid-back look. Instead of jeans, wear chinos or other more stylish pants. Select white leather sneakers, Chelsea boots, two tone dress shoes, suede shoes, or a pair of loafers for your footwear.

2. What To Wear To The Club

What To Wear To The Club

For night clubbing, you want to dress up in a simple yet stylish outfit. Must haves for your club night outfit include a high-quality black t-shirt paired with jeans for legwear and simple black sneakers. Make sure you choose black, raw, or gray jeans to match your sneakers. Sticking to a dark color palette will ensure you don’t look completely trashed in the morning after a night of dancing in a darkly-lit rave cave.

If you prefer a look with a bit more depth, you can choose a button-up shirt with a striking monochromatic pattern and dark jeans down below and leather boots or shoes based on the venue.

You can top things off with accessories like a watch, bracelet, and rings to add interest to your outfit. And finally, throw on a multi-pocketed jacket for keeping your wallet and phone.

3. What To Wear On A Date Night

The key to dressing up for a date night is striking a sophisticated balance between nonchalant and smart. Your look should impress your date and show you made an effort without coming off as a try-hard.

Go for a quarter zip, roll neck, or a polo paired with sleek pants. You can add a smart overshirt or a casual jacket for a more elevated look. For your footwear, wear quality Derby or Chelsea boots.


If you’re not sure what to wear on a night out, you can choose from the outfit combinations above, depending on the occasion and venue.