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10 Styling Tricks for Petite Women to Look Taller in 2020

Yes, we do want to subscribe to the mentality of loving our bodies despite it all. But, for petite women, altitude can be a severe hurdle when it comes to fashion and style, and what we always have in purpose is to win the challenge of reaching out vertically. The question is: can we overcome it?

Maybe yes, maybe not.

Height, behind all, stops growing within the age of 12 and 15. So, that will depend on wherewith old you are now. But gratefulness to fashion specialists-slash-magicians, petite women can now build an illusion of looking taller than their actual height. Just follow these styling tricks and worry no more of being vertically challenged.

10 Styling Tricks for Petite Women to Look Taller in 2020

Stick with Thin Belts

When it comes to wearing belts, choose the thinnest that you can find. It is because thin belts will define your natural waist in the most pleasing way possible. Wide belts, on the other hand, will make you appear cut in half which adds to your height problem.

Wear Flared Jeans

Styling Tricks

Jeans with a flare at the bottom, especially those slim fit through the leg and with hems that hit the shoes, fools the eye in making your legs look longer than other cuts of jeans. For the ultimate trick, pair it with the length of the waist top, or a folding-in top.

V-Necks for Victory

V-necks draw the eye of onlookers upward to your profile. It also elongates the neck making the image of a stretched torso.

Go High Waist

If you want to elongate your legs – or, at least to look like it – wear high-waisted shorts, skirts, and trousers. Going with a high waist makes your legs look longer by getting some space in your upper body.

Prefer Heels with Low-Cut Vamp

Styling Tricks

The ensuing time you go to a footwear shop, choose heels with a deep-cut vamp. Shoes with low-cut vamps elongate your legs particularly if you are wearing skirts, shorts, and clothes. To have an optimum high-legged result, look for a pair of footwear that matches your skin tone.

Say Yes to Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes create long lines that make you look tall. The good thing is, it would not be so hard to search for clothes with vertical stripes as they never go out of fashion and easily available.

Rock Out with Maxi Dress or Skirt

Styling Tricks

Like burned jeans, maxi dresses and skirts touch the shoes which give you the illusion of looking taller. Just be assured that the hemline doesn’t go as considerably down as it makes tripping. You can pair it with a tuck-in fitted top or a cropped coat so as not to drown you with fabric.

Go for Monochrome Palette

Choosing a monochrome scheme for your outfit can accentuate your features and help create the illusion of height. Just make sure of the contrast between shades rather than colors, and the rule is that the darker, the better. Go dark in the lower half of the body, and keep it lighter on top.

Keep Your Accessories Simple

One of the tricks in looking taller is to bring awareness of the viewer upward. The more they look upward, the taller the person looks. Therefore, steer clear of anything that draws their eyes below your heart. Elude wearing bulky accessories because petite women don’t have large necks.

Keep it Fit

Styling Tricks

The fit of your clothes is essential. It goes for the same when you are petite. Tighter and closer fitting clothing helps you to seem taller as it shows your outline. Loose-fitting clothes, on the other hand, drown your figure, which makes you look smaller than you are.

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