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Street Style Minimalist Fashion – Can the Two Aesthetic Blend?

Whenever we hear the term minimalist, we are reminded of an air of sophistication. So, is there any way we could mix and match the elegance of minimalist fashion, and the groove of street style fashion? Moreover, can we create something called a street style minimalist fashion?  

The simple answer is yes!  

Blending the signature principle of the two-fan favorite fashion style was an exciting journey. However, it could also be a challenge keeping the sustainable side of minimalist fashion in mind.

After all, we cannot break our banks, to achieve looks. The trick is to get the best quality at a reasonable price.

Make use of the items I already had in my cupboard and find the best places to shop for some ne addition.  

As I went down the rabbit hole of the best street-style minimalist fashion look, I realized how little I knew about it!  

So, to understand it better, the first step was to understand the primary elements of the two styles.  

First, we will discuss them individually and then blend them together!  

Principle Elements of Minimalist Fashion  

The principle will depend on the following:  

Silhouettes for Minimalist Fashion  

Silhouettes are mostly a balance. If the upper body has a lose fitted shirt, the pants are tight cigarette trousers, and vice versa.  

Colors for Minimalist Fashion  

Neutral is king when it comes to this aesthetic. One doesn’t add too much vibrancy or dark shades which attract too much attention.

However, the best part is you can choose any color that suits you. Although neutral, there is an array of colors to choose from.  

Layering for Minimalist Fashion  

Layering is big in minimalist fashion; it helps create good silhouettes when it comes to people. The layering colors are often monochromatic or complimentary to each other. It’s not quite the opposite of the color wheel.  

Makeup & Hair  

Minimalist makeup had a surge in popularity due to TikTok in 2023. It gives you an effortless no makeup, makeup look.

It involves less flash of colors, neutral shades of brushes, and lip shades. Plus, the colors are often monochromatic. This also gave rose to 3 in one: lips, cheeks, and eye tints.  

Principle Elements of Street Style Fashion  

When it comes to street style fashion, one might find some similarities and start contrasting with minimalist fashion.  

Silhouettes of Street Fashion  

The ordinary silhouettes are either excessively loose fitted clothes, or very tight (body hugging) outfits. The air is mostly casual, and one wouldn’t pick this as a professional corporate look.  

Colors for Street Fashion  

The color is mostly dark (black at most times) or a vibrant palette, which is very eye catchy. Other than white & black, one doesn’t see muted colors in this aesthetic.

However, what color you wear can highly depend in your personal color theory

Layers of Street Fashion  

Layers are less because of practicality. One would dawn a street style look while running simple errands on the street. Comfort is more important than layers.

However, signature street style layers include casual blazers, and denim jackets. For winter one might also choose cropped cardigan.  

Makeup & Hair  

For makeup, street style fashion has less sleek buns (a signature for minimalist fashion) and more messy buns. Street style falls into the category of smart casuals, which means a lot of easy hairstyles.

For makeup, however, one can play between the no-makeup makeup look or full glam, depending on what you are wearing.  

What Are the Similarities  

To create the best street-style minimalist fashion, we must first understand the similarities between the two.  

On the one hand, both minimalist & street styles have a simple and clean feel.   

Although the color schemes might change, monochromatic is a similarity you will find in both.  

Comfort is equally relevant for both. Plus, functionality is also an important factor.   

The casual style choices for both have staples like t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.   

One is to let people show their individual styles, and the other is to reflect the person who wears it. Moreover, they are both about expressing yourself.  

Both are very popular clothing & fashion choices in the 21st century.   

And probably, they could be excellent at complementing each other!  

That is exactly what we will discuss now!  

Staple Looks of Street Style Minimalist Fashion  

Underneath, we will be discussing some of the staple street-style minimalist fashion, which will be accurate for every occasion!  

Street style minimalist fashion is characterized by minimal outfits best suited for casual occasions. For example, you wouldn’t be wearing them for your corporate job but for a Sunday brunch with your friends.  

1. Button Up with Denim  

Although button-ups are a staple for minimalist fashion, especially if you want to dress formally, you could match them with your casual look.  

The trick is to switch your trousers with casual denim. More props if you could find a ripped one. You know the kind, which is not distressed a tacky but have tasteful cuts here and there.  

Add a black sling bag to the mix, and you have your perfect look!  

Bonus, if you want to make your look more street style, rather than going for a neutral color button up, go for a subtle pattern.  

2. Baby Crop Tee with Tailored Trousers  

If you are someone who loves their baby tee with weird graphics on it but still wants to look more adult, then this is the perfect match.  

Since cropped tees have a tighter silhouette, pick loose-fitting tailored trousers. Pair them with white vans, and your smart-casual capsule is complete.  

A messy hair bun looks great with this look, and a Y2K shoulder bag will perfectly complement this look.  

3. Add a Blazer  

If your overall look is not minimalist enough, then simply add a blazer to the mix. It seriously looks good with any street-style look.  

Pair a black blazer with a ribbed slip dress and add white chunky boots with it.  

You can also add a blazer with a plain black T-shirt and skinny jeans.  

If you want to add a blazer to an evening look, then pair it with a no-shoulder LBD (Or any colored dress). This can be paired best with classy pumps.  

It can add depth to the outfit if the blazer is slightly oversized. We all need a slightly oversized blazer in our closet.

Whenever we are feeling meh about an outfit then adding a blazer can make you look 10 times more put together.  

4. Athleisure Minimalism  

Athleisure is a common sub-section of street-style fashion. However, how can you mix this element with minimalist fashion? Here are some of the common solutions!  

For an athleisure minimalist wardrobe capsule, you will need the following:  

  • A pair of good quality leggings, preferably black, as they go with everything.  
  • Biker shorts as they give that effortless “going out for errands” chic look!  
  • Henley t-shirts because they are an accurate blend of smart minimalist & casual street styles.  
  • Oversized hoodies in neutral shades to add that element of minimalism.  
  • Caps or bucket hats.  
  • Canvas boots, vans, and even chunky sneakers are a part of this capsule. However, when it comes to shoes, try to buy mostly neutral shades, as they go well with both aesthetics.  
  • Pair of black rimless shades and gold or silver hoops.  

You can now make a few patterns of clothing with these items.  

5. Camel Coats (Long)  

If there is a staple for the street-style minimalist fashion look, it must be camel coats. Or, you can get a slightly cooler tone and go for taupe!  

They are great for hiding imperfections when you do not have the energy to dress up but still want to look put together.  

The best part about these coats is their versatility. You can pair them with anything you want. Some of the mu favorite patterns are:  

Camel coat – short, ribbed dress – sneakers.  

Leggings – pullover hoodie – camel coat – white chunky boots.  

Black button up – denim mom jeans – camel coat – boots  

Camel coat – turtleneck – dark denim pants – boots with heels.  

These are some of the effortless chic looks you can achieve with your street-style minimalist fashion.  

6. Slip Dress  

A slip dress is an item that can go with every occasion (if you know how to style it). Do not believe me?  

Here is how I style my slip dress for both AM, PM, and functionality!  

Slip dress – corset belt – pump heels – blazer.  

Over-the-shoulder fanny bag – slip dress – cropped cardigan.  

Slip dress – plain front tie top – chunky boots.  

Button up tied in front – slip dress – vans  

Slip dress – an oversized blazer.  

These are just a few of the patterns. Trust me when I say this, versatility of a slip dress in terms of street style minimalist fashion are endless.  

7. Oversized Button up – Leather Jacket  

Another blend of minimalist style and street fashion is the classic leather jacket.  

I saw this look in the Spring 2023 collection (Paris Fashion Week), and it has been stuck with me since.  

I saw someone with black shorts (yes…shots), an oversized indigo shirt, and a leather jacket. The shirt sleeves gave a sultry peak underneath the jacket. That became the best street-style minimalist fashion ensemble.  

I knew I had to recreate the same with a pair of black chunky boots!  

Street Style Minimalist Fashion – Must-Haves  

When we say must haves, we do not mean to buy everything at the store! Trust me, minimalist must haves are quite “minimal” (…no pun intended).  

Constructing a street-style minimal outfit entails gathering timeless and versatile items that add versatility to your wardrobe.  

From tops to bottoms, shoes, accessories, and even hair and makeup essentials, here’s a comprehensive list to help you create the perfect minimalist wardrobe.  

Trust me, you do not need to buy too many items to create the perfect street-style minimalist fashion capsule.  


  • White T-shirt: This is the thing we were looking for. It’s classic and beautiful, and you can wear it for different occasions, from regular to casual.  
  • Black Crewneck Sweater: Depending on your style preferences, this sweater can be both trendy and laid-back. Try it for layering in the cooler months.  
  • Striped Long-Sleeve Top: Some quirky accents are important, but the core point is to keep the minimalistic style.  
  • Oversized Knit Sweater: Perfect for this casual chic, laid-back look for your cold weather.  
  • Button-down blouse: If you want to achieve a refined look that is not perceptible, choose a white blouse or a neutral shade.  


  • High-Waisted Black Skinny Jeans: They are complimentary, comfy, and compatible with each other. You can dress them up or down for various occasions.  
  • Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Not only do they provide a touch of a relaxed, grunge style, but they also blend in smoothly with other minimalist pieces and outfits.  
  • High-Waisted Denim Shorts: This dress is well-suited for warmer climates and can be paired with any minimalist top.  
  • Black Tailored Trousers: Something as essential as a part of your wardrobe to complete the neat minimalist look.  
  • Midi Black Skirt: Choose A-line or pencil cuts for versatility and a touch of sophistication.  


  • Trench Coat: A toast to the everlasting elegance of minimalist classic pieces, which can elevate any street style fashion.   
  • Leather Moto Jacket: With their edgy and modish look, they are the perfect partner for every occasion.  
  • Denim Jacket: This apparel can be smart casual and add a carefree touch to any plaid outfit.  


  • White Sneakers are cozy and fashionable. They are fine for everyday wear and a great partner for a casual corporate look.   
  • Black Ankle Boots: A shoe that works perfectly either way: whether it’s a formal or an informal style. Plus, it is sensible, and won’t kill your ankles. We can always rely on a sensible footwear choice!  
  • Strappy Sandals: For a basic color palette that is contemporary and versatile, go for a color that can work with many outfits.  
  • Loafers: Use black or wheat leather loafers to add elegance to a laid-back street style minimalist fashion.    
  • Platform Sneakers: Both high and sharp, they are an essential outfit that does not give up on comfort and usefulness.  


  • Minimalist Gold/Silver Jewelry Set: A fine necklace, some earrings, and a bangle give you the finishing touches.   
  • Oversized Sunglasses: If you want to give your outfit some class, choose a classic black or turquoise pair.  
  • Structured Tote Bag: Choose a brown or black leather bag for elegance, but the tote will add the casualness   
  • Crossbody Bag: If you are looking for a convenient option that is also stylish, these are absolutely the best.   
  • Classic Watch: This is an age-old fashion element that elevates any look, whether chic, simple, luxurious, or extravagant.   

Hair and Makeup  

  • Sleek Ponytail Holders are also the best way to create a well-polished, sophisticated look for street style minimalist fashion.  
  • Neutral Eyeshadow Palette: Choose brown, taupe, and beiges, which are perfect for a clean, simplistic eye look.  
  • Nude Lipstick or Lip Gloss: Complement to its previous monochromatic palette color with a hint of color.   
  • Mascara: An item necessary to give a fresh touch to your makeup.  
  • Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream: This makes the skin appear lighter but natural for a dewy-looking complexion.  

Hopefully, we were able to offer every kind of street-style minimalist fashion idea that you can think about!  

Do share your minimalist street style wardrobe capsule and the looks you create with them.  

The comment section is always open to add new suggestions for our readers! 

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