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What Is Strawberry Girl Makeup? Things You Need To Know Spruce Up Your Summer Look

Hailey Bieber brings another makeup aesthetic! She is taking the internet by storm with her fresh Strawberry Girl makeup. You can call it an earthy version of the hyper-feminine coquette aesthetic doing rounds this season.

The beauty of this makeup trend lies in its freshness and its “natural” look. You know, a subtle touch of pink and red blush and the magic of bronzer have always been there.

However, with this aesthetic being popular, this feminine way of makeup emerged as a way to connect to happier times, indulge in some nostalgic vibe, and flaunt a polished look. 

Do you want to know more about this makeup style? Here is a comprehensive guide for you!

What Is Strawberry Girl Makeup?

How do your golden hour selfies look? The gentle kiss of the Sun and the natural glow of your skin make these photos serene. This is what the perfect Strawberry Girl makeup looks like!

Also, have you ever rubbed a slice of strawberry on the apple of your cheeks? Don’t you feel the organic touch of red adorable? With this makeup style, you are trying to emulate that flushed skin appeal.

So, primarily, this makeup is about adding a touch of pink or red blush to your cheeks and applying bronzer to accentuate your features. 

Decoding The Strawberry Girl Makeup

There is a little prep work before you get the perfectly finished Strawberry Girl look. You can take some cues from Hailey Bieber, the ultimate strawberry girl. 

Get The Base Right 

In her TikTok video, she used Peptide Glazing Fluid and Glazing Milk from Rhode to prepare a dewy and hydrated base.

If you don’t have access to these Rhode essentials, you can always try niacinamide serums that will give your skin instant luminosity. For your undereye areas, you will need an under-eye brightener. 

However, you must not overdo the use of this under-eye brightener or concealer. Apply it only to areas around your eyes and lips where you need to hide the imperfections. 

The Much-Needed Touch Of Blush 

You need a red or pink blush to add the much-adored flushed effect to your skin. To ensure seamless blending, you must go for a creamy formula. It is easy to apply with fingertips or a makeup sponge. 

While applying the blush, you must start from your cheekbones and then slowly move toward your hairline for a winged finish.

You can even create a triangular effect by adding the same touch of blush to your forehead and around the outer corners of your eyes

For some added dimension to your cheeks, you can add a subtle touch of brown blush in the middle along with the chosen red or pink blush.  

Also, don’t forget to give your nose tip and lips a subtle touch of blush to make the Sunkissed effect more believable. 

Do you want to do something more with your Strawberry Girl makeup? You can always use a highlighter on your cheekbones, nose tip, and nose bridge, as these are the areas where the Sun will naturally hit your face when you are outdoors. 

Bronzer And Faux Freckles 

You will need a bronzer for the lived-in effect of your makeup. So, apply the bronzer sparingly on your nose tip, bridge area, and near the jawline.

You can even apply bronzer to contour or sculpt your face. The touch of a bronzer is also a smart trick that brings all the focus to your facial features. 

Freckles are important for the Strawberry Girl makeup, as freckles make it more believable. So, if you have not got them naturally, you can use faux freckle pens to create the perfect finish.

However, there is a difference of opinions regarding this craze for faux freckles. Let’s know why!

How Important Are Faux Freckles For The Perfect Strawberry Girl Makeup? 

Initially, the freckles trend was about inclusivity. It was meant to embrace or even highlight the natural freckles on your skin. However, today, people are more into faking it by using faux freckle pens. 

The strategic placement of freckles under the eyes gives an impression that you spend long hours outdoors. It’s quite romantic to picture a girl spending her summer afternoon in the strawberry garden picking the juiciest fruits. 

Having said that, with the rising craze for freckles, you will also find people wearing semi-permanent freckle tattoos. Now, makeup aesthetic is altogether a subjective thing. It can never be a one-formula-fits-all thing.

So, it is better to avoid the question of how beautiful or unflattering one looks with freckles. For me, the concern is that freckles became important in the makeup scenario as a measure of accepting your natural beauty.

However, by faking it, you will be denying the concept of “keeping it natural.” So, having faux freckles actually defeats the purpose. 

Keep Your Eye Makeup Soft 

You have to keep your eye makeup low-key for the perfect Strawberry Girl look. At max, you can use a soft brown or black eye pencil to define your lash lines. Also, a gentle touch of bronzer on the eyelids will work fine.

However, be a little attentive and give your eyebrows a groomed effect. Remember that your eyebrows do not need to look extremely bushy or have to be sculpted. You cannot take that natural vibe away from this food-inspired makeup.

Now, let’s talk about your eyelashes. You have to make them look fluttery for the soft effect you are trying to create. Use your mascara to lengthen your eyelashes and separate them subtly.

Finish Your Lips Right 

Be a minimalist while doing makeup for your lips in the Strawberry Girl style. You can just leave them as is with a touch of natural lip gloss. Further, you can wear soft pink or berry lipstick to add a touch of color to your makeup. 

Building Your Strawberry Girl Makeup Kit 

It’s time to build the perfect Strawberry Girl makeup kit for you. Here is a quick look at the essentials you will need.

Niacinamide Serum For The Instant Glow

As I have mentioned earlier, a niacinamide serum will set the base right and give your skin the perfect glow. 

Under Eye Brightener

An under-eye brightener will cover the dark circles, and it will make the imperfections appear less visible. 

Red And Pink Blush Cream 

Get a cream or stick blush in pink or red to create the much-loved flushed effect on your cheeks. You can apply the same on your lips. 

Shimmery Peach Highlighter

Do you want to glam up your Strawberry Girl look? You will need a shimmery peach highlighter in your makeup kit.

You need to apply this highlighter on your cheekbones. 

Faux Freckle Pen

Get a freckle pen and place the faux freckles strategically under your eyes. Be a little careful, as you don’t need to overdo it. 

Peach Lipstick or Lipgloss 

With a touch of blush to your lips, you can leave them as is. You will just need to wear a lip balm to create the hydrated effect. 

Further, if you want a matte finish for your lips, you can choose a peach of soft pink lipstick. To glam it up, go for a lipgloss. 

Brown Brown Pencil 

If you consider Hailey Bieber’s video as the Gospel of your Strawberry Girl makeup, you will know how important grooming your eyebrows is.

So, you will need a soft brown brow pencil in your makeup kit. 


The Strawberry Girl makeup is incomplete without a touch of bronzer powder or a bronzer cream. 

Strawberry Girl Makeup Vs. Latte Makeup

Latte and Strawberry Girl makeup are both very much in trend this summer. Despite being food-backed makeup trends, these two are different.

I find the Latte makeup aesthetic is more modest than the vivacity of the Strawberry Girl aesthetic. It has a cool effect contrary to the warmth of the Strawberry Girl look. 

To be more specific, the dominating shades in these aesthetics are different. In Latte makeup, you will see the use of different shades of brown. However, in Strawberry Girl makeup, as you already know, pink and red rule supreme.

Despite the difference in color tones, there is a similarity between these aesthetics. First, thanks to the minimalist nature of these trends, you can easily come up with your own interpretations.

Further, both come from a philosophy of simplicity of life and building a connection to happier times. 

Different Strawberry Girl Makeup Looks You Can Try

Despite the dominance of red and pink, the Strawberry Girl makeup looks are not monotonous. Do you want to explore the looks you can create with the spirit of the Strawberry Girl aesthetic intact?

1. Nude Eyes, Faux Freckles, Berry Lips 

This is a classic combination for a Strawberry Girl look. Keep your eyes nude yet well-defined. Further, apply lipstick emulating the beautiful berries. 

In this look, faux freckles add the perfect finishing touch with a believable lived in effect. 

2. Glossy Lips And Nude Eyes 

To add an extra dose of freshness to your look, you can choose a glossy lip tint in red or pink. Complement these lips with nude eye makeup.

For your cheeks, choose a pink or red blush as usual. 

3. Strawberry Girl Look With White Eyeliner

A little creativity will do no harm if you want to give the usual Strawberry Girl look a personal touch. Also, the trick I am going to share here will especially work if you have hooded eyes. 

Apply a white eye pencil around the inner edges of your eyes to promote adequate reflection of light. As a result, your eyes will appear bigger. 

4. All Pink Strawberry Girl Look

Keep it soft and youthful by designing a Strawberry Girl look in all pink. Keep your eyes nude by just defining your lash lines and eyelashes. Then, go for a touch of pink on your cheeks and choose a matte pink shade for the lips. 

5. Strawberry Girl Look With Winged Eyes 

You can infuse some retro charm into your Strawberry girl look with a twist in your eye makeup. Keep the basics intact. Additionally, take gel black or brown eyeliner to create a winged effect around the outer edges of your eyes. 

6. Strawberry Girl Look With Red Lips

It’s time to augment the glam quotient of your Strawberry Girl look. Instead of the softer shades of pink, you can try dark red lips. The touch of red will render the makeup more elegant.

If you want your lips to have a matte finish, go for a wine red lipstick. For a glossy finish, wear a red lip gloss. 

7. Strawberry Girl Look With Strawberry Stickers

Do you want to make your Strawberry Girl look hyper-feminine? Along with a touch of red or pink blush, you can also wear strawberry stickers under your eyes. These stickers can replace the faux freckles and make the overall makeup dreamier. 

8. Strawberry Girl Makeup With Dramatic Eyes 

If you go by the rule book, there is no room for being over dramatic with your eyes. In fact, as I said, the trick is to keep it as minimalistic as possible. 

However, if you want to have a personalized take on this makeup aesthetic, you can try finishing your eyes with glittery pink, silver, or even a touch of lavender. 

Final Words 

The everyday Strawberry Girl makeup, aligned with the true philosophy of the aesthetic, focuses on creating a clean, fresh, and elegant look.

With the right touch of pink and red, this makeup style helps you flaunt flushed cheeks and the perfect sunkissed effect. 

So, do you want to give your summer makeup a fresh new lease of life? You can explore the different Strawberry Girl looks I have discussed in this guide.

Also, do you have more insights about this makeup aesthetic and how to perfect it? Don’t forget to share them with us.

Further, in the Strawberry Girl look, there is a lot of emphasis on creating a glowy finish that looks natural. If you want to ace it, you have to be particular about your skincare. Just follow the usual cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and exfoliation regime.

Moreover, occasional facial massages are the best way to boost the blood flow in your skin and get a naturally flushed effect.

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