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6 Steps to Buying the Perfect College Wardrobe

The perfect college wardrobe isn’t the same for everyone! Due to different styles and tastes, some of these options may not be perfect for you. Still, here are some tips for buying the best wardrobe for you, as well as some staples that you won’t want to be without on campus!

Here are 6 Steps to Buying the Perfect College Wardrobe:

Consider Comfort

Consider Comfort

It’s easy to want to be the most stylish person on campus, but it’s also important to consider the college environment. Between classes, part-time jobs, homework, studying, and socializing, college can be tiring! Don’t become so hooked on looking your best that you avoid choosing some comfortable clothes as well. Choose leggings, hoodies, and t-shirts along with your fancier clothes. They’ll come in handy during finals!

A Few Staples

A Few Staples

There are a few pieces you’ll need in your wardrobe regardless of your style. Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll want to make sure to purchase:

  • A coordinating or neutral backpack, so it matches the rest of your clothes
  • Black leggings (they go with everything)
  • A few pairs of sturdy jeans
  • A couple of pairs of shorts or cutoffs
  • A sweater for those cozy study sessions
  • A hoodie for fall nights
  • Tops: make sure to purchase a few casual t-shirts as well as some blouses
  • Business attire (you might need to dress it up on occasion).
  • Sturdy, comfortable shoes (you’ll be walking a lot)
  • Accessories – including jewelry, water bottles, and more.

Whatever you prefer when it comes to style, these pieces will be extremely useful on campus.

School Pride Gear

Your campus bookstore will most likely sell a variety of clothing with school logos on them. It’s 100% acceptable to purchase school pride hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and just about anything else! After all, you might as well show everyone how proud you are to be there!

Pair your school pride sweatpants with a neutral hoodie, or choose a school-logo baseball cap to go with any of your outfits. This is the time to wear your university proudly!

Walk it Out

You’ll be walking a lot, whether you live on campus or not. Make sure to buy comfortable, supportive shoes! While there are many options and styles to match your wardrobe always keep a pair of running shoes or other comfortable walkers on hand for those days with long, spread-out classes.

Consider the Climate


If you’re going to school near your hometown, you won’t have to worry about anticipating the weather. You’ll already know how the seasons go! But if you’re moving to a new state or a new part of your current state for school, you might have to change up how you dress during the different seasons.

Consider the place you’ll be going to school. If the area often gets lots of snow, purchase some gloves, hats, and other winter gear as well as your usual styles. If you’re going to be attending school in a warmer climate, ditch your long-sleeved sweaters for more sensible gear.

You’ll have to deal with the extremes no matter where you’re going to school, so make sure that you’re packing for those extremes as well as for the time between. You won’t regret taking a heavier winter coat or warmer socks!

Save Space

Of course, dorms don’t have large closets. You’ll have to consolidate your wardrobe choices and purchase only what you’ll use because otherwise, you’ll run out of space quickly. One way to do this is to make smarter choices for the clothes you plan to bring.

For example, choose neutrals or colors that can be easily matched. With a few different shirt patterns and multiple pairs of jeans and leggings, you’ll be able to switch your outfits around throughout the week. Take too little and you’ll end up doing laundry often, so make sure to strike a balance between style and space!


Your college wardrobe is the first step towards a more productive and memorable semester. Always make sure to have the staples on hand, but experiment with styles and options as well. You can change your style at any time, but now is the perfect moment to try things you never thought you would! You may find a style you’ll love for a lifetime!

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