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What Are The Best Steampunk Fashion Trends For Women This Season? (10+ Styles)

Steampunk fashion is the ultimate aesthetic that fuses the past with the present. There is hardly any other aesthetic that brings the essentials of the Victorian Era and mixes them with an industrial approach.

To be more specific, you have corset tops and Victorian-era outfits on the one hand and mechanical elements like cogs and gears on the other hand. So, it has a whiff of formal dressing with the right dose of modern fashion. 

Like many other fashion aesthetics, steampunk was also born with the rise of science fiction literature. You can especially see the presence of this aesthetic in the novels of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. 

With time, steampunk fashion became omnipresent, and it was present in every form. You can find many videos, comics, and movies promoting this way of dressing. 

What Is Steampunk Fashion?

To define, steampunk fashion promotes a way of dressing that depicts a world that is still ruled by steam engines.

You can trace back to the presence of steampunk fashion in the Victorian era. However, the coinage came much later, in 1987. Novelist  K. W. Jeter was the man to come up with the term.

With him coining the term, the first wave of American steampunk fashion began. In the 1990s, steampunk became an important fanboy culture.

As mentioned, the way of dressing gathered a lot of influence from graphic novels and science fiction novels. 

Steampunk fashion is very popular because of its diverse elements. It’s gritty, and it beautifully fuses a futuristic approach with the idea of an imaginary world.

So, the bubbling creative energy in you may find the truest expression with this style of dressing. 

What Are The Best Steampunk Fashion Styles For Women In 2024?

The elements in steampunk fashion for women are diverse. You will see corsets or garments cinched at the waist. So, many women find this style of dressing flattering for their silhouette. 

However, this season, there are some noticeable elevations in the steampunk fashion essentials. If you want to know about fashion icons making steampunk fashion popular, you can take cues from biggies like Lady Gaga, Helen Bonan Carter, and  Kate Lambert. 

Are you in for exploring some of the coolest ways to channel this fashion aesthetic in your daily dose of fashion? Here we go! 

1. Layered Skirts

You are wrong to think that layered skirts only define boho fashion. They are also very much present in the steampunk way of dressing.

The layered skirts symbolize the free flow of imagination in this fashion aesthetic. Also, thanks to the texture and layer, a layered skirt complements women with different body types.

You can accessorize your flared skirt with a leather belt or some frills to make it more suitable for steampunk fashion.

Wear your layered skirt with a corset top or a regular tee to get ready for any casual outing. You can even attach leather suspenders to the skirt to take your fashion a few notches higher.

Choose cowgirl-style or classic leather boots to complement your outfit. 

2. Steampunk Jumpsuits With Corsets 

When it comes to casual dressing, something can be as comfortable as a jumpsuit. This quintessential casual outfit is also present in steampunk fashion.

However, steampunk-style jumpsuits are unique because of the corset bodice.

A jumpsuit inspired by steampunk fashion also has a lot of lacework, leather detailing, and fringes. You can wear the jumpsuit with heels and boots to make a distinct fashion statement. 

3. Victorian Style Coats And Jackets

Coats and jackets are very important when it comes to steampunk styling. As the outermost layer of our outfit, it defines your silhouette and creates the ultimate feel. Make sure that your coat or jacket is form-fitting, and it’s best to have a corset-design design. 

Steampunk jackets are known for their detailing. You can add lacework, metallic detailing, buckles, or leather fringes to your coat to ace the style.

You can wear this jacket with any usual top and shorts to get ready for a steampunk-themed party. 

4. Lace Outfits With Leather Detailing

Steampunk styling is all about bringing contrasting elements together. Just as it fuses the vintage charm of the Victorian era with a futuristic approach, you can also pick a lace outfit with leather detailing. 

You can take any regular lace dress and get some leather detailing attached to it, creating the effect of a leather coatie.

Further, you can always mix and match with your way of dressing. Wear a lace top with leather shorts or skirts with garters. 

Choose boots as your footwear to complement this combination of leather and lace in your outfit. 

5. Ruffled Dresses

Ruffled dresses are the order of steampunk fashion. The layered tailoring of these dresses keeps the intrigue of steampunk styling alive.

While choosing a ruffled dress, make sure that it has a corset bodice, and you can further accessorize it with a leather waistbelt.

Based on the occasion you need to attend, you can wear a ruffled dress with boots or high heels. Be careful with your hairstyle and let it remain true according to the steampunk way of dressing. 

6. Victorian Style Coat

I just mentioned that Helen Bonan Carter is a fashion icon when it comes to bringing steampunk fashion into your regular dressing.

Also, it’s time we break the myth that the steampunk style is only for casual dressing and special occasions.

With a Victorian-style coat in your closet, you can definitely incorporate the steampunk style into your formal fashion. To make it more authentic, you can take cues from the Alice in Wonderland actress. 

For one of her appearances, she chose a Victorian-style coat with cuffs and a lapel. The cuffs made the coat form-fitting, flattering her figure.

You can wear this coat with a button-down shirt and skirt to complete your look for any business meeting. 

7. Corset With Dress

You can give a steampunk twist to your usual outfits if you know the right art of styling. You can wear a regular midi or maxi dress with a corset.

Further, while heading to a special occasion or evening party, you can wear your silk or satin outfit with a corset. In these ways, you can use a corset as the perfect layering element. 

You can try the same tactic with your regular tops and tunics. 

8. Midi Dresses With Asymmetrical Hem

An asymmetrical hem can be an essential element in steampunk outfits to denote the idea of a dystopic world ingrained in this fashion aesthetic.

How about wearing a midi dress with an asymmetrical hem to keep your steampunk fashion effortlessly stylish? You can further accessorize your midi dress with a faux leather corset vest to add some definition to your silhouette.

Boots and Gladiator shoes will be the best footwear to complement your midi dress with an asymmetrical hemline. 

9. Coats With A High-Low Hem

Have you seen Angelina Jolie as Maleficent? I am not asking you to keep your look gothic. However, you can always take some inspiration from Maleficent’s outfits

Wear a long coat in dark shades like black or blackish brown with a high-low hem. The longer hem at the back will juxtapose the futuristic elements with Victorian opulence. 

Wear the long coat with leather boots or high heels, and go for smokey eye makeup to be the perfect femme fatale. 

10. Bodysuits With Stockings

Do you want to make a bold style statement and ace steampunk fashion? You can wear a corset-style bodysuit with stockings. The corset style of the bodysuit will give your bust the right amount of plunge to celebrate your sensuality.

You can wear this bodysuit with high leather boots to keep the overall fashion very eclectic. To be more specific, with the leather boots, a touch of Western or cowgirl fashion becomes very prominent in your style. 

Also, don’t forget a cowgirl hat or a wide-brimmed hat to complete your look. 

11. Flared Gown With A Corset Bodice

If you want Victorian aesthetics to have the last say while trying steampunk fashion for your daily styling, Wear a flared gown with a long train.

However, make sure that the bodice has a corset style to remain true to the steampunk vibe. 

This gown can be your ultimate go-to outfit for any special occasion. You can even be creative with your hairstyle by using dry flowers and other accessories that you usually find in boho fashion

Final Words 

Seldom will you come across a fashion aesthetic like steampunk fashion. It has the grit and gravity of the Victorian era with some out-of-the-box elements that talk about the post-apocalyptic timespan. 

Further, thanks to a lot of scope for accessorizing, you can be as creative as you want with your way of dressing while choosing this style. 

So, are you willing to adapt this style to your regular fashion? Explore the ideas I have shared. Do you have any other ideas to ace the steampunk style with a modern twist this season? Don’t forget to share!
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