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Are You Looking For The Best Statement Sweaters? (13+ Styles)

Be it fall or winter, sweaters have emerged as much beyond layering essentials. They keep you comfy and can elevate the appeal of your overall ensemble without much effort.

From the basic knitted ones to those with a lot of detailing, statement sweaters are always our go-to fall/winter essentials.

Cozy sweaters are versatile, and you can wear them with your favorite jeans and other choice of bottoms. Further, there are plenty of options if you want to explore different tailoring and structures of sweaters.

Do you want to explore different styles of sweaters that will help you make a fashion statement? Here are many options for you.

Best Statement Sweaters You Can Pick This Season 

If you have a look at an Anthropologie sweater or a sweater from any other renowned fashion house, you will find a lot of variations in the designs and materials.

For example, you can wear a simple ribbed sweater made of wool or pick a sweater with a more elaborate design and made of something unusual for a sweater material, like jacquard. 

So, if you choose your fashion sweater right, you can have an essential for your casual outing and something to complement your winter ball dresses.

1. Tie Front Statement Sweaters

Do you have a penchant for risque fashion? Do you want to have the best night outfits ideas? You can choose a tie-front statement sweater to elevate your autumn or winter fashion. 

Further, if you want to explore statement sleeve sweaters, you can go for one with longer or oversized sleeves. Oversized sleeves, associated with cozy girl fashion aesthetics, are very much in vogue these days.

You can wear the tie-front statement sweater as a standalone top or as a short layering jacket over a tank top. 

This tie-front statement sweater will look great with a pair of denim jeans and heeled shoes. You can even wear it with a leather denim skirt. 

2. Oversized Statement Sweaters

Are you looking for fashionable oversized sweaters? These are true game-changers when it comes to fall or winter fashion. The baggy style of the sweaters keeps you cozy, and you can experiment a lot with the styling of these sweaters.

Along with the usual waist-length statement sweaters, you can pick oversized sweater dresses or cropped sweaters.

You can wear these oversized sweaters with shorts or full-length pants. Further, you can wear statement necklaces with sweaters and accessorize them with a leather belt to add a fun twist to your fashion for the day. In addition, oversized sweaters are great for lounging. So, if you want to remain cooped up for the entire day and need comfy winterwear, go for an oversized sweater. 

You can get an oversized sweater in different materials. From cashmere wool to merino wool and crochet, you have a lot of options in materials to pick and choose from. 

3. Merino Wool Statement Sweaters

Merino wool sweaters stand out due to the distinct finish they flaunt. Further, these sweaters come with a whiff of luxury. They are even very soft to the touch. 

These sweaters are cozy. However, they are also breathable. So, even if you have a long day ahead, you can pick a style without worries.

Amidst different styles, you can pick the most basic style with a high neck and full sleeves. Team the sweater with a pair of simple denim jeans or a floral skirt to put your best foot forward. 

4. Peplum-Style Statement Sweaters

Are you bored of wearing the usual statement sweaters with a straight hemline and regular structure? You can try a peplum style for sure. The peplum style of the sweater is great for women of different body types. Further, cinched at the waist, peplum style statement sweaters are great for accentuating your bust.

Peplum-style sweaters make excellent standalone tops for winter and autumn. They are also versatile if you are wondering how you can complement them with the right bottomwear. 

You can go for the regular denim jeans. However, if you want to elevate the style quotient, you can club the peplum-style sweater top with leather pants and cowboy boots. You can even wear a cowboy hat to create the perfect “Weestern fashion vibe.”

5. Fair Isle Statement Sweaters

How about trying a variety that has been there in the fashion scene for around 100 years and still ruling the trends? What can be better than the Fair Isle statement sweaters?

These classy winter essentials grab attention because of their colorful nature. Also, each piece depicts a distinct style of design weaved through various rows.

Despite the contemporary twists added by many big brands of late, the Fair Isle sweaters have always retained their old-worldly charm, and you can identify them amidst a crowd of other varieties.

These sweaters look great with denim jeans and chinos. You can even wear them over a skirt. If you want to keep the country vibe of these sweaters alive, you can pair them with high boots or jute hats. 

6. Cable-Knit Statement Sweaters

This is another variety of statement sweaters that have been popular for quite some time now. The signature knitting style of these sweaters lends them a distinct texture. 

Using the special knitting structure, designers create vertical or horizontal rows on the sweaters. You will also find a lot of embroidery work or detailing using wool of contrasting or complementary shades.

Cable-knit sweaters look brilliant with minimalistic bottomwear. So, to complete your look in a cable-knit sweater, you must pick a pair of denim jeans or well-fitted trousers as your bottom wear. 

7. Poncho-Style Statement Sweaters

Do you want to keep your overall look very feminine? You can try poncho-style sweaters. The free form of the poncho sweater does not restrict your styling options. Also, these sweaters offer you freedom of movement when you wear them for the longest time.

Poncho-style statement sweaters are great for layering your tops. Also, you can wear it as a standalone top with your skirt or trousers.

Are you someone with a penchant for opulent fashion? You can go for a poncho with a lot of frills or lace detailing along the sleeves or hemline.

You will even find poncho-style sweater dresses, almost creating the illusion of kaftans. So, if you want to be creative with your fashion statement, there is nothing to stop you.

8. Asymmetrical Knit Statement Sweaters

It’s time to raise the mercury this winter. How about picking an asymmetrical statement sweater top with a one-shoulder style? The bold style of the sweater will help you flaunt your well-toned collar bones, and you can complement it with different styles of bottomwear. 

This style of sweater is suitable for autumn, and you can even wear it on the warmer days of the winter. Try teaming it with a pair of shorts or dungarees to keep the cool vibe alive.

In footwear, a pair of casual sneakers or peep-toe shoes will be the best choice when you are wearing this statement sweater with jeans or shorts. However, if you want to ooze some serious sex appeal, you can go for Gladiator shoes or high heels with lace-up detailing continuing to your thighs. 

9. Cropped Statement Sweaters With Faux Fur

Are you trying to add some understated elegance to your winter ensemble? How about wearing a cropped sweater with faux fur detailing?

The cropped style of the sweater will give you a happening look, and you can further club it with denim or leather shorts. Are you picking this faux fur sweater as your party outfit? Complement it with a black mini-skirt and a necklace to get party-ready. 

10. Turtleneck Statement Sweaters

It’s hard to avoid the allure of retro fashion. If we especially try to decode the fashion trends of the 70s, we will come across many elements that are still relevant to date. One of the most prominent trends of the 70s was groovy fashion.

Today, when you have a look at what celebs are wearing or how runway fashion is projecting the highlights of the season, you will always find turtleneck sweaters and tops are huge.

You can wear a turtleneck top with a pair of denim shorts or jeans. Further, you can pick a turtleneck sweater dress to look fashionable for any occasion.

11. Statement Sweaters With Cutout Detailing At the Front

Are you planning to give your winter fashion some fun twist? Do you want your style to be smoking hot with the right amount of display of your cleavage and plunging neckline?

It’s time you choose a statement sweater with a single cutout or multiple cutouts at the front. These sweaters are great for evening parties or a romantic date night in autumn.

You can be as creative as you want with the styling of this sweater. Team it with slim-fit denim jeans or leather pants to put your best foot forward.

The entire ensemble will look good with leather boots or vintage-style closed-toe shoes. Further, if you need to add that extra dose of style to the appearance or the much-needed comfort, you can layer the sweater with a sleeveless leather jacket or shrug.

12. Jacquard Statement Sweaters

The jacquard sweaters are different from the usual woollen-knit or crochet sweaters. The overall knit is dense, and these sweaters have a different finish. Further, these sweaters have some distinct vintage appeal, and they look prettier with traditional embroidery and applique work.

Jacquard sweaters are very soft to the touch. Also, the tight knitting and properties of the jacquard fabric ensure optimal comfort on the coldest days of the winter.

If you have a jacquard sweater or cardigan, you can wear it with a skirt or a pair of leather pants. 

13. Sequinned Statement Sweaters

Are you in for some glammed-up look this winter? Are you heading to an evening party? Who said that you need to leave your sweater behind when you can have one detailed with jazzy sequins?

A sequinned sweater looks great with leather shorts and mini skirts. You can even complement it with a metallic skirt.

Do you need some ideas about your footwear to complement this ensemble? You can pick stone-studded heels or stilettos to put your best foot forward. 

14. Knotted Ribbed Sweaters 

Do you want to flaunt a sexy look for a casual occasion or party? You can wear a knotted ribbed sweater top. The design of this sweater top is bold, and it’s not suitable for those coldest days in the winter. Knotted and ribbed sweater tops look good with jeans and trousers. 

However, you will also find sweater dresses in this style, and you can wear them for indoor parties by complementing them with high leather boots and other accessories.

15. Fringed Statement Sweaters 

Fringe detailing is common and loved when it comes to women’s apparel. So, how can you ignore sweaters that come with fringes along the neckline and sleeves? You can especially pick a high-neck or turtle-neck cable-knit sweater with a lot of fringes all over. The overall design of the sweater has a vintage appeal, and it looks great with mild-wash jeans or chinos.

Do you want to wear a fringed cable-knit sweater as a smart casual? Wear it over a formal shirt and club it up with a pair of well-fitted trousers. Don’t forget to tuck in the sweater to complete your look.

To keep the overall vibe formal, you can pick a pair of peep-toe shoes or high heels. However, while picking this style, make sure that you are choosing a sweater in a classy, neutral, or dark shade. 

Final Words 

If you know, you know. Also, you can be as creative as you want if you want to have the best statement sweaters in your closet for this winter.

While picking a particular sweater, keep the occasion in mind, and unless it’s a glam party or something very dramatic, keep the other elements in your ensemble minimalistic to keep all the focus on your sweater. 

Do you like the types of sweater designs I have shared here, or do you have some other variations in your mind? Don’t forget to share!

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