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Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing Mini Pleated Skirts

Mini skirts have always been a controversial topic for decades. Decency, modesty, and how good of a woman you are have always been associated with how you dress, and many people did not appreciate short, skin-showing clothes. However, this generation is more welcoming and open-minded about this type of clothing. In fact, the mini skirt is one of the prominent fashion trends that you will likely see over the next few years.

Just like any type of clothing, mini skirts are also categorized into different styles. Depending on what you feel wearing and what you’re comfortable with, you can choose from various mini skirt styles to fit your needs. Mini pleated skirts are among those you cannot miss in the busy streets of New York City, and they will continue to go more prominent after a few years.

Not every woman enjoys the idea of wearing a mini pleated skirt, but we are here to provide you with reasons why you should, along with some outfit ideas you might love for different events and occasions.

1. It accentuates your figure

1. It accentuates your figure

Stitch-down mini pleated skirts are one of the most fitting and flattering skirts you could ever wear. While many plus-size women avoid mini skirts, pleated mini skirts are flattering for every body shape and size. If you have a large stomach or experiencing bad bloat, you should definitely go for pleated mini skirts. Otherwise, you can show off your hard-earned body figure.

2. It’s a versatile skirt

From casual to formal outfits, mini pleated skirts can do it all. Whether you’re trying to achieve a chic schoolgirl look or a professional business look, you will only need proper styling to achieve whatever look you desire. If you’re new to mini pleated skirts, you might want to buy one to two skirts in neutral colors and explore other designs only after you’re well adjusted to mini skirts.

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Pleats can be found in different types of clothing and surely look good, but they were not made solely for aesthetic purposes. While they provide more volume and design, these pleats also provide an easier movement for those who wear them. Compared to skirts without pleats, especially mini skirts, movement may be constricted depending on the fabric used.  With pleats, there is an added room so you can move comfortably.

 4. You can avoid faux pas

Wearing mini skirts can be a faux pas waiting to happen, especially on a windy day. Fortunately, most pleated mini skirts come with inset shorts to provide you protection. The best thing about these shorts is you can barely notice them. While you can wear your shorts, they can be visible on certain fabrics. Also, many pleated mini skirts come with two or more zippers or locks, in case the other one breaks after a good meal.

5. You will always look fashionable

There’s something about pleated mini skirts that will make you look presentable no matter what. Even you’re born in the ‘80s, ‘90s, or ‘20s, any generation would relate to the mini-skirt trend. Pleated mini skirts have been a massive part of the fashion industry despite the controversies they went through.

Now that you know why you should start wearing mini pleated skirts, here are some of the bests you can try whether you’re a long-time user of mini-skirts or not. Check them out!

6. Bloomflo Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt

Nothing beats a plaid pleated mini skirt that screams a youthful schoolgirl vibe. Having a classic skirt like this is a must, especially if you’re only starting to explore mini skirts. It also comes with inset shorts for protection. You can easily pair this with crop tops, sweatshirts, and even your favorite shirt. Just make sure to tuck it in for the best look.

7. Niji Smile Mini Pleated Skirt

A plain pleated mini skirt is one of the best buys you can find, as it is one of the most versatile bottoms you will have. May it is for a casual cute look, a semi-formal university look, and even a professional business look, you can make it work as long as you style it correctly. This skirt is available in plain and plaid colors, all of which are easy to pull off.

8. Merongshop Pleated Tennis Mini Skirt

If you are looking for an affordable and quality tennis skirt or just looking for a cute and comfortable mini skirt, you should check out this product. Whether you’re going for a sporty look or a classic girl next door look, this mini skirt is perfect for you. Aside from a wide range of colors, you can choose from, each skirt comes with a button and zip closure for a failproof closure.

9. Cincine Pleated Denim Skirt

Denim skirts have been a trendsetter on their own, but having pleated denim skirts are heaven for denim lovers. We all know how difficult it can be to move when wearing fitted denim jeans and skirts, but this pleated denim skirt can turn that bad experience around. This comfortable and sexy skirt comes with inset shorts to protect you, and it’s also stretchable, but you can choose from three sizes that will suit you best.

10. Isaaca Asymmetric Pleated Mini A-Line Mini Skirt

10. Isaaca Asymmetric Pleated Mini A-Line Mini Skirt

You can use this beautiful a-line mini skirt for professional work events and smart casual gatherings. It is also perfect for autumn and winter outfits, as you can choose from four neutral colors. Each skirt features a belt and inset shorts to provide you a failsafe bottom. This mini skirt is best worn with a plain, neutral-colored knitted cardigan with boots.

Final Thoughts

Pleated mini skirts are the hottest trend of summer 2021, and this is a trend you should never miss. Despite the pandemic restrictions, many countries and cities are starting to ease restrictions, and you will have all the time in the world to flaunt your newfound fashion style. If you’re not used to wearing short, showy clothes, it might take time for you to adjust. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to ignore what others might think of you. Wear anything you desire, and wear them with confidence.

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