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Spring Fashion Trends to Invest in Now

Every classic spring fashion statement started out as a trend. Even the little black dress and the crop pant were once “hot new things” that evolved into must-haves for every style maven’s closet.

Spotting the trends that will stand the test of time early is a skill that’ll save you lots of dough over the long term — it’s the real secret to budget spring fashion. Because you’ll end up with a closet stocked with classic pieces you can wear over and over, and you won’t feel compelled to replace those silly trendy pieces every time the season changes.

I’m pretty excited about the style trends of 2018 because so many of the hot pieces are poised to become full-on classics. See this list of five spring trends that are poised to become future classics. Wear them now for on-point looks, and then wear them next season to show off your sophisticated style sense.

Spring Fashion Trends to Invest in Now:

Anorak Jacket :

Spring Fashion

I’ve always loved lightweight trench coats for spring, particularly a lighter colored version. But this year, there’s a new kid in the jacket circles that’s turning heads. The anorak jacket is showing up everywhere, and it’s a perfect piece to toss on over your outfit on cool spring days. With waterproofing and a flatter, drawstring waist, a nice anorak will keep you dry and stylish at the same time.

Chambray Top :

Denim never really goes out of style, but all-denim outfits are definitely having a moment. Take a cue from the trend and invest in a nice chambray top.

This season, you can style that new chambray top with your favorite jeans for a celeb-inspired street style, and channel your inner Kim Kardashian or Julianne Moore. Next season, wear that top over a colorful tank or tee, or as an extra layer over a spring dress with an edgy pair of combat boots.

Bold Solid Colors :

Vibrant hues are popular this spring and you have many colors available to spice up your wardrobe. Just take a stroll through the mall to see what I mean. But be warned: you might need sunglasses for all the reds, corals and yellows you’ll find.

This season, if you follow the trends, you’ll wear these bright colors together — say a yellow pant paired with a coral bag. Next season, when bold color combos die out, you’ll be stocked with colorful statement pieces that you can pair with denim, white or neutral tones.

Checks and Plaid :

Checkered and plaid prints blew up last fall and are still running high. Today, you can safely invest in a checked blazer or, if you’re feeling like a statement-maker, a pair of plaid trousers. Wear either piece with loafers for daytime outfits, and then slip into a pair of pumps for the evening. You’ll find this season’s trendy prints to be amazingly versatile, which is a solid trait of any spring fashion classic.

Sheer Panels :

Tops and dresses with sheer panels are cropping up in your favorite stores this spring, and the more subdued styles will continue to be wearable next season too. Choose styles that don’t show off too much, like tops with sheer sleeves — you’re not trying to be Cher after all. Alternatively, layer your flirty pieces to tone them down. A fully sheer top over a cami, for example, looks fabulous.

Definitely avoid tops, dresses, and handbags with clear plastic panels. These are likely to be a one-season wonder that you won’t want to wear or carry, next year. Remember the fate of the old jelly sandal? Yeah, that’s what’s going to happen to that clear plastic handbag.

Investing in trends wisely is an old trick of the seasoned fashionista. I call it the “cost per wear” philosophy, meaning the more wears you get out of a piece, the more value it has to you. Super trendy pieces tend to have a shorter lifespan, and so you should spend less on them. Classics that can be worn again and again in different outfits and for different occasions — those are the pieces worthy of a higher price tag.

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