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4 Tips To Spice Up Your Homecoming Look

Homecoming has been a tradition in many high schools and colleges. It usually happens in September or October to mark the beginning of a school year. The celebration typically involves a dance, football game, movie night, parade, and several exciting activities.

For girls, you know pretty well that’s not the end of the story; you should prepare for the homecoming night by buying a dress, shoes, and other fashion accessories, doing manicures and pedicures and wearing makeup.

Remember, homecomings typically involve intense photo sessions and interaction with the alumni and current students. Thus, it pays to look your best.

Here Are Four Prime Tips To Spice Up Your Homecoming Look:

Homecoming Look Tips

It’s not always a one-day event. In some schools, it can span several days and usually up to a week. So, it calls for adequate preparation to maintain incredibly perfect looks the entire period. With that in mind, below are four tips to spice up your homecoming look:

1. Pick A Statement Dress

First things first; your dress is probably the most noticeable fashion piece you’ll wear. Thus, picking one with the proper fabric, colors, and details are essential.

Typically, homecoming is a time to step out of your comfort zone. Try not to wear one of your everyday dresses from your closet. Think of purchasing popular homecoming dresses that perfectly project your signature style.

When choosing the perfect dress for your homecoming, consider the following factors:

A. Your Body Type

There are different dresses specifically designed for pear, hourglass, apple, inverted triangle, rectangle, athletic, plus size, and other body shapes. Ideally, the dress you pick should complement your body type. This fashion rule has been stated over and over again, but it’s worth repeating. Therefore, consider your body type when choosing your dress for the event.

B. Fabric And Color

Secondly, consider the fabric. Luxurious fabrics like sequin, jacquard, velvet, satin, and luxe are excellent choices for homecoming dresses. As for the color, you’d want to go bold. Homecoming isn’t a business meeting. Therefore, consider ditching the recommended neutral hues for such occasions.

A homecoming should typically be full of rich, saturated colors, like red, blue, purple, emerald green, magenta, fuchsia, silver, and peach. You can also color coordinate by picking two matching colors, like yellow and gold. Such eye-catching shades guarantee a memorable homecoming entrance.

C. Shape

Another critical choice criterion for your homecoming dress is the shape. Go for the timeless ball gown, which features a fitted bodice and flare skirt, if you want to feel like a fairytale princess.

Alternatively, you can wear a mermaid gown hugging your body closely from the bust to the knee. This style perfectly brings out your enchanting body shape, especially at the hips, and you’ll steal the show with it.

D. Cut

You’d also want a fashionable cut to splash some bit of skin here and there. For instance, an off-the-shoulder prom dress helps you flaunt a ton of skin around your upper-bust region and arms, given their typical tiny sleeves and unique neckline.

You may also consider forgoing the traditional long hemline and wearing a short dress with the hemline mid-thigh to show off your pretty legs. Another sexy and daring option is the midriff-baring style that leaves your abs out. It’s your go-to choice if you’ve been hitting the gym and feel confident about your flat non-layered tummy.

2. Match Your Shoes With Your Overall Look

The shoes you wear can indeed make or break your outfit. Picking the right homecoming shoes involves two crucial considerations; style and comfort. Regarding style, the shoes you wear must match your overall look.

If you’re wearing a short dress, heels are recommendable because they help create the illusion that your legs are long, which is widely admired. But there are different types of heels, including ankle boots, strappy sandals, knee-high boots, and espadrilles. All these are feasible options; just ensure they match your dress hue.

If you have a long gown, you may want to wear flats or peep toe sandals, as they’re comfortable and versatile. Whatever shoe you wear, make sure it doesn’t cause a strain on your heels. Remember, homecoming features several activities requiring constant movement. Wearing a pair of shoes you can’t comfortably walk around with will be a mess.

3. Wear A Stunning Makeup Look

Your face’s appearance is part and parcel of your homecoming look. An excellent option is to go for a summer glow, making your face look sun-kissed and radiant. It helps enhance the vibes for the day. For an extra pop of color, you can go bold with bright blue eyeliner, pretty purple eyeshadow, or any other bold shade. Just make sure it matches your dress hue.

You may also want to do classic cat-eye makeup to perfectly define your brows and add glamour to your face. As for the lips, you can try red. It never goes out of style. Choose the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone, and you’ll have nailed it. Whatever makeup style you choose, do it professionally for a more collected look.

4. Complete Your Look With Accessories

Adding accessories is another fun part of pulling off a fantastic homecoming look. The first one you’d not want to miss is a clutch bag. A jeweled clutch is perfect for adding some sparkle to your dress. But if you aim to be sleek and subtle, you may want a neutral-colored metallic clutch.

Another option is the crossbody bag. It’s bigger than the clutch bag, enabling you to keep your belongings close to your side at all times. But due to their size, you may want to be a bit more thorough in picking the fabric and color to ensure it doesn’t clash with your dress.

You can also accessorize your looks with earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, or bangles. The key here is to keep it simple by choosing one focus piece and then layering it. For instance, you can wear a glam ring and stack it with a few thin ones. Layering is typically flashier than wearing one jewelry piece.


Homecoming is a perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and wear incredibly fashionable outfits. Hopefully, this guide gives helpful insights into what to wear for the occasion.

However, style is subjective, and you’re always free to experiment with different outfit ideas until you get the perfect fit. Stretch your creativity to the limits. Be yourself, and everyone will appreciate your look during the next homecoming.

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