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Soft Summer Outfit Ideas to Enter Your Soft Girl Era 

It seems like everyone is in their soft era right now. So, as the warm seasons approach, why not tap into our soft summer era? This was the first thought that led me to create these soft summer outfit ideas!  

This was my first cue to begin my first soft summer collection!  

In this excerpt below, I will discuss different outfit ideas that are not only good for summer but also comfortable.  

Who Is a Soft Girl?  

A soft girl is an elegant lady who prioritizes self-care and mental health over others. It could also mean a woman who is very demure and doesn’t raise her voice. Soft girls have a calm disposition and are mostly introverted.  

Therefore, tapping into a soft girl era this summer would be the opposite of the “hot girl summer era.” Alongside the above-mentioned traits, a soft girl summer would also mean finding your inner peace but making it aesthetically pleasing.  

What better way to do so other than dressing up in the personality you would love to exude?  

Soft Girl Summer Outfit Ideas  

Here are some of the soft girl summer ideas you should flaunt this summer season. From frolicking sundresses to dainty crop tops, we have got it all covered!  

So, without any further ado, let’s begin! 

Outfit No. 1: Let’s Start with a Little Comfortable Pick   

Summers are the time to flaunt our vibrant collection, but with the heat and the humidity, it was almost impossible not to dress comfortably.   

So, here is your first outfit pick for your soft-girl summer era!  

Upper layer: A half-sleeved ribbed henley top.  

Bottom layer: Lose high-waisted khaki pants.  

Accessories: A headband or bandana to keep the locks from sticking to your sweating forehead and a thick belt to keep the pants up.  

Shoes: Vans or canvas.  

There you have it, and the perfect Sunday “running the errand comfortable look.”  

Outfit No 2: A Day for Frolicking  

If you are a fan of movies like “Pride & Prejudice,” “Tuck Everlasting,” and “Beauty & Beast,” or you are excited about the recent Netflix sensation “Bridgerton,” then dresses are certainly your thing.  

So, if you want a soft summer outfit idea to frolic through the summer fields, it would be the following:  

Dress: Empire-waistline flowy dresses, organza dresses (or other comfortable summer material) with puffed sleeves, satin slip dresses, and linen maxi dresses. (Disclaimer: You do not need all the variations; just two will do.)  

Upper Layer: Tank top with a frilled neckline, corset tops, cropped t-shirt, off shoulder tops with lace work on the front.  

Lower Half: Asymmetrical dresses, maxi skirts, satin flowy skirts.  

Shoes: lace flip flops, slip sandals, and strappy block heels.  

Accessories: Corset belts and Chunky belts. Pro tip: With a good, fitted corset belt, you can turn any loose dress into an empire waistline.  

Outfit 3: Soft Girl Corporate Summer Look  

In a busy working schedule, we cannot always have days of frolicking and jumping around. Although we would love to bask in the summer sun all day long, some of us have jobs.  

However, that doesn’t mean we have to stay away from looking at our best soft summer self. So, here is a soft summer outfit idea which can also match the corporate theme.  

Upper Layer: Lose half sleeved t-shirt. You can either go for a minimalist style, or choose subtle graffiti, corset tops (paired with a chic blazer on top), floral tops with statement sleeves and light shoulder pads.  

Lower Half: Midi formal skirts or loosely tailored trousers. Depending on your outfit, you can also get a pair of vans.  

Shoes: Pumps of a softer pastel shade (lilac, baby pink, lemon yellow), strappy sandals, pastel colored Mary Janes.

Although your shoes must match the dress’s tone and shade. Try not to add too many harsh colors, this can create an imbalance in the softness of your look.  

Accessories: Crochet or beaded bags, tote bags, and belts that match your outfit.  

Outfit 4: The Signature Cute Summer Look  

We seriously cannot go through a summer without a cute summer look. Something which makes us feel like a girl all over again!  

Light-feminine, and everything soft at its best! For this outfit, you will need!  

Upper Layer: Corset top, tube top, halter tops, cropped t-shirts.  

Bottom Layer: Flowy miniskirts, check skirts, asymmetrical skirts, denim high-waisted shots.  

Shoes: Vans with monochrome socks.  

Outer layer: If you are wearing a tube top, you will need an outer layer. For this, you can either get an oversized denim jacket or a soft front tie cardigan (if the heavy denim is too much for the heat).

If you are wearing a tube top with a denim high-waisted shot, you can always pair it with a white oversized button-up as the top layer.  

Outfit 5: The Short Dress Dilemma  

Although we know long dresses are in now because of all the Bridgerton craze, some still love the Y2K short dress soft girl summer vibe!  

So, here is how you can ace the Y2K look:  

Dress: Mini bodycon with spaghetti straps or bell bodycon dresses with empire waistline & half puffy sleeve. Organza dresses with summer prints like strawberries, sunflowers, and dandelions, even halter top dresses.  

Shoes: Strappy heels, combat boots, and vans.  

Accessories: Dainty jewelry with gold & silver accents.  

Outfit 6: Soft Girl Summer Picnic  

When we think of a summer picnic, dresses are always a staple. However, sometimes, when we are out on a picnic with friends, we want to be comfortable.  

I do not know about you, but when I am out on a picnic, I want to play some badminton and flowy skirts are not very “games friendly.” So, here is how to ace my soft summer look without a dress:  

Top Layer: Satin printed tank top, front tie or laced cropped top, puffed sleeved cropped top, and half-sleeved sweater vest (for the days it gets a little chilly during the days of summer showers).  

Bottom Layer: Baggy jeans or wide leg trousers.  

Shoes: Canvas shoes and white vans.  

Accessories: To add the romantic touch to a wide leg of jean, add a bow to your hair. For bags like Y2K, they are curved-shaped and have a single thick top handle bag.

However, if you are literally using this outfit idea to go to a summer picnic, then carry a crochet bag to fit more items. Afterall, you must be practical as well.  

Outfit 7: The Evening Outfit  

Whenever we think about the soft girl aesthetic flashes of summer mornings come to our mind. However, what about the evening outings? Romantic summer dates? Drinks with the girls, or just an evening for yourself?  

For creating the perfect soft girl summer evening outfit, you will need:  

Dress: Bodycon maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline and pastel color satin slip dresses.  

Go for summer prints to up your soft girl game.  

Shoes: Strappy heels or sandals (if you want to be more comfortable).  

Accessories: For jewelry you can for pearls. This item can elevate your simple clothing, adding that soft feminine allure.  

Color Theory of Soft Summer  

If you know anything about fashion color theories, then you should know that one color scheme suits different skin tones differently.  

So, here are the color theories of soft summer outfit ideas that can bring that extra softness in.  

Soft Summer is one of the seasonal color palettes in color analysis, characterized by muted, cool, and soft hues.   

People with this palette often have low contrast in their natural coloring and look best in gentle, understated colors that complement their softer appearance.   

Here are some key points and tips for creating fashion outfits based on the soft summer outfit ideas, and its color theory.  

Core Characteristics of Soft Summer  

Temperature: Cool to neutral  

Intensity: Soft, muted  

Contrast: Low to medium  

Key Colors  

Here are the top colors you should pick.  

Neutrals: Cool grays, taupe, soft navy, slate blue, soft white  

Base Colors: Soft rose, dusty pink, lavender, soft mauve, teal, sage green, soft plum  

Accents: Misty blue, soft coral, dusty aqua, muted turquoise, heather purple  

Tips for Building Outfits  

Here is how you can use these colors to build a soft summer outfit idea.  

1. Monochromatic Looks  

Utilize different shades of a single color for a cohesive and elegant outfit. For instance, pairing a dusty pink blouse with a mauve skirt creates a soft, harmonious look.  

2. Analogous Color Schemes  

Combine colors next to each other on the color wheel. A soft teal sweater with a sage green scarf provides a gentle, nature-inspired palette.  

3. Soft Neutrals with Pops of Color   

Use neutral tones as a base and add a pop of muted color. For example, a soft navy dress with a dusty rose cardigan adds interest without overwhelming.  

4. Layering Textures  

Incorporate different textures to add depth to your outfits. A heather gray wool sweater paired with a silky misty blue scarf can create visual interest while staying within the soft summer palette.  

5. Accessories  

Choose accessories in soft, muted tones. Jewelry in brushed silver or rose gold and scarves in gentle shades can enhance your overall look without creating too much contrast.  

Soft Summer outfits are all about embracing subtlety and elegance. By sticking to this palette’s cool, muted, and soft hues, you can create outfits that complement your natural coloring and convey a sense of understated sophistication. 

Did you try any of these outfits? Do let us know your soft summer outfit ideas in the comment section below. 

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